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Principais notícias da semana - 20 a 26 de Abril de 2020


Hackers drain $25 million in assets from dForce

Maze Ransomware Attack Hits Cognizant


Cyberattackers Ramp Up to 1.5M COVID-19 Emails Per Day

Oil and Gas Firms Targeted With Agent Tesla Spyware

RCE Exploit Released for IBM Data Risk Manager


IOS MAIL Vulnerability.. You’ve Got (0-click) Mail!

New iOS zero-days actively used against high-profile targets

Apple Patches Two iOS Zero-Days Abused for Years


New Zoom vulnerability lets hackers record any meeting anonymously

COVID-19 cyber espionage saw Chinese ministry targeted by Ocean Lotus: FireEye

Windows 10 KB4549951 update fails to install, causes BSODs

Public Sector Ransomware Attacks Rage On: Can Your Organization Repel Them?

Skype Phishing Attack Targets Remote Workers’ Passwords


Exercise tech firm Kinomap leaks 40GB database with 42M records

Hackers set up fake NHS website to spread malware

Nintendo accounts hacked: 160,000 accounts accessed by hackers


Security alert: 'Dramatic' increase in cyberattacks says WHO, after passwords leaked online

VictoryGate cryptominer infected 35,000 devices via USB drives

Hackers deface church service on Zoom with child abuse content


Dark web hackers selling 400,000 South Korean & US payment card data

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