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DAILY NEWS: Abril (16/04 - 22/04) - 16 Semana de 2023

Cyber Security and Information Security News --- Daily Updates !! Weekly Resume


Airman accused of leaking Pentagon documents previously shared other classified information: Report

Billions of Google users warned over dangerous ‘info email’ – don’t let your bank be emptied

ChatGPT Can be Tricked To Write Malware When You Act as a Developer Mode

CISA Adds 3 Actively Exploited Flaws to KEV Catalog, including Critical PaperCut Bug

Don’t Fall for the Latest iPhone Phishing Scam

EvilExtractor malware activity spikes in Europe and the U.S.

First-Ever Cyber Attack Via Kubernetes RBAC to Create Backdoor on Clusters

Gateway Casinos Confirms Cyberattack on Ontario IT Infrastructure

Gateway Casino Sudbury remains closed following cybersecurity incident

Google ads push BumbleBee malware used by ransomware gangs

Google reveals 7 common signs you may already be a victim of bank-raid attack – check your inbox now

Hacker keep off: Password tips to secure business accounts

Hackers Breach American Bar Association, Millions of Logins Potentially Stolen

How Businesses Can Improve Data Security

How to prevent your printer from getting hacked

ICICI Bank refutes data breach allegation; here's what we know so far

Indian insurance regulator suffers cyber attack, insurers data at risk

Lazarus X_TRADER Hack Impacts Critical Infrastructure Beyond 3CX Breach

Netflix scam: Why you should not respond to email asking for payment details and how to stay safe

Optus sued by ‘vulnerable’ victims of data breach

Ransomware attacks hit an all-time in March 2023

SafeMoon hacker agrees to return 80% of stolen funds: Finance Redefined

Senate to probe data breach in goverment agencies

Sudanese hackers knock offline websites of major Israeli airport, electric company

Tank storage company Vopak hacked, Ransomware groups report

There are already a few infected computers: experts warn against new malware, and warn of new dangers

Thousands impacted by Council programme data breach

UK's new emergency phone alert system 'vulnerable to cyber criminals'


3CX Cyber Attack: It Was The Aftermath of Another Supply-Chain Attack

3CX hack highlights risk of cascading software supply-chain compromises

14 Kubernetes and Cloud Security Challenges and How to Solve Them

A malicious campaign by Daggerfly hits major African telecom services providers

ABS Wavesight, ActZero alliance to boost cyber-security service

Anti-poaching tech vulnerable to cyber attacks, study finds

Billions of Google users warned over ‘1% attack’ that could leave your bank empty – there’s a click you must never make

Billions of WhatsApp users must avoid three huge mistakes – check app to be safe

Binance Holdings PayPal Invoice, UPS, iCloud, Costco, Walmart, & Kohl’s— Top Scams and Phishing Attempts This Week

Can electric vehicles be hacked?

Capita: Data Was Taken in March Cyber Incident

Capita Warns Customer Data May Have Been Stolen in Cyber Attack

China building cyber weapons to hijack enemy satellites, says US leak

China Developing Anti-Satellite Weapons - Report

Cisco and VMware Release Security Updates to Patch Critical Flaws in their Products

Cisco fixed critical flaws in the Industrial Network Director and Modeling Labs solutions

Combatting Corporate Cyber Attacks: Strategies for Protecting Your Business in the New Threat Landscape

Controle de tráfego aéreo europeu diz que ataque de hackers pró-Rússia não afeta voos

Cyber attack led to data breach

Cyber attack strikes the City of Ballwin's servers, disrupts online payment portals

Cyber Experts Predict More Harmful Cyberattacks in Ukraine

CyberMaxx Releases First Quarter Ransomware Research Report

CYBERUK23: Five Takeaways From the NCSC Conference on the UK's Cyber Strategy

Defi protocol “Unlock” hacked for 20 Ethereum

European air traffic control agency's website under cyber attack from pro-Russian hackers: Report

GhostToken Flaw Could Let Attackers Hide Malicious Apps in Google Cloud Platform

Good Friday Agreement paved way for Northern Ireland’s emergence as a global cybersecurity hub

Government Agencies Release Blueprint for Secure Smart Cities

Government launches new cyber security measures

Hackers steal ‘goldmine of personal data’ in cyber attack

How Does Identity Transport Across Privacy Jurisdictions?

How SMEs Can Secure the Remote Workforce

Hybrid Workers Make the Attack Surface More Complex

ICICI Bank Data Leak – Millions of Records with Sensitive Data Exposed

Inaugural Langevin Symposium addresses cybersecurity and cyberwarfare

Industrial Cybersecurity Market Size worth USD 29.41 Billion by 2027 | Fortune Business Insights

Intro to phishing: simulating attacks to build resiliency

Is your bank account safe? Mass layoffs weaken cybersecurity across finance sector

Kubernetes RBAC Exploited in Large-Scale Campaign for Cryptocurrency Mining

Latitude leak reveals personal financial data

More Russian cyber-attacks targeting Finland, agencies say

Most interesting products to see at RSA Conference 2023

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) denies system linked to massive data breach

National Cyber Security Centre tells Government departments to avoid TikTok on official devices

N.K. Hackers Employ Matryoshka Doll-Style Cascading Supply Chain Attack on 3CX

‘Operation cookie monster’ and other cybersecurity news to know this month

Optus data breach class action launched by Slater and Gordon

Prioritising cybersecurity is the only way to stop threat actors from barging in

Pro-Russian hackers stage attack against Europe’s air-traffic control agency

Prototype cyber tech has revolutionary potential

Rentomojo cyber attack: Company informs customers financial data is safe

Scammers using social media to dupe people into becoming money mules

Secureworks has discovered malware in online advertising

Spear Wilderman Facing Class Action Over 2021 Data Breach

Taoiseach insists Government has to follow cyber security advice to restrict use of TikTok on official devices

The CSO guide to top security conferences

The Expert View: Accelerating cyber-security maturity in a time of economic uncertainty

The New Risks ChatGPT Poses to Cybersecurity

The staying power of shadow IT, and how to combat risks related to it

The strong link between cyber threat intelligence and digital risk protection

TIM expands into the cybersecurity market with the acquisition of TS-Way

Top three factors leading to burnout at work

Types of Fraud in Banking

UK cyber chief recognises Northern Ireland as global cyber security hub

UK Cyber Security Council Identifiy Key Inhibitors to Cyber-diversity

UK Government launches new cyber security measures

UK Government puts critical infrastructure and services on heightened alert for cyber attacks

University websites using MediaWiki, TWiki hacked to serve Fortnite spam

Use of Generative AI Poses Risk to Companies

‘We Are Not Under Any Cyber Attack’: Bolt Slams ‘Malicious’ Rumours Of App Being Hacked

What Does Top-Notch Managed IT Security Look Like?


3CX hack caused by trading software supply chain attack

A 2023 Mantra: Think of Cybersecurity Risk as Business Risk

Accurate, Useful Risk Scoring Demands Business Risk Observability

Analyzing Malware using FREE Online Tools

Beyond Traditional Security: NDR's Pivotal Role in Safeguarding OT Networks

Capita confirms hackers stole data in recent cyberattack

ChatGPT-Related Malicious URLs on the Rise

ChatGPT's Data Protection Blind Spots and How Security Teams Can Solve Them

CISOs struggling to protect sensitive data records

Critical Infrastructure Firms Concerned Over Insider Threat

Cyber Attack on SD Worx Shuts Down HR Services for UK and Ireland Customers

Cyber insurer launches InsurSec solution to help SMBs improve security, risk management

CYBERUK23: Russian Cyber Offensive Exhibits ‘Unprecedented’ Speed and Agility

CYBERUK23: UK Strengthens Cybersecurity Audits for Government Agencies

Daggerfly APT Targets African Telecoms Firm With New MgBot Malware

Daggerfly Cyberattack Campaign Hits African Telecom Services Providers

Data Security Best-Practice in a World of Evolving Risks and Regulations

Experts disclosed two critical flaws in Alibaba cloud database services

Five Eye nations release new guidance on smart city cybersecurity

Fortra Sheds Light on GoAnywhere MFT Zero-Day Exploit Used in Ransomware Attacks

Google TAG warns of Russia-linked APT groups targeting Ukraine

Government launches new cyber security measures to tackle ever growing threats

Hacker do Team Xecutor terá de pagar parte de seu salário “para sempre” para a Nintendo em indenização

How companies are struggling to build and run effective cybersecurity programs

How to update your router's firmware (and why you should be doing it regularly)

IT and business services market shows resilience with positive growth outlook

Lazarus Group Adds Linux Malware to Arsenal in Operation Dream Job

Lazarus hackers now push Linux malware via fake job offers

Microsoft 365 outage blocks access to web apps and services

Ministros e altos oficiais do governo usam aplicativos chineses que roubam dados dos usuários

North Korean Hacker Suspected in 3CX Software Supply Chain Attack

NSO Group Used 3 Zero-Click iPhone Exploits Against Human Rights Defenders

Outdated cybersecurity practices leave door open for criminals

Recycled Network Devices Exposing Corporate Secrets

Small Business Interest in Cyber-Hygiene is Waning

The biggest data security blind spot: Authorization

The Global Cyber Security In Energy Market size is expected to reach $15.8 billion by 2028, rising at a market growth of 10.8% CAGR during the forecast period

The K-12 guide to multi-layered cybersecurity

Trigona Ransomware targets Microsoft SQL servers

Two Critical Flaws Found in Alibaba Cloud's PostgreSQL Databases

Valid Certificadora restabelece sistema após tentativa de ataque hacker

VMware fixes vRealize bug that let attackers run code as root

Xage’s new IAM offering provides multilayer authentication for ICS/OT

Windows secrets extraction: a summary


5 free online cybersecurity resources for small businesses

17 House members, 585 staff among victims of D.C. Health Link breach, director will say

A Hacker Has Stolen $10 Million in Ethereum and No One Knows How

A shocking number of businesses aren't getting their data back after a ransomware attack

A Year of Armed Conflict: Lessons to Be Learned for Cybersecurity

AI is being exploited to create more convincing scams

Announcing Mandiant Executive Cybersecurity Services

Are public USB charging stations to be trusted?

Black Basta hacker group claims responsibility for a cyber attack on Capita

BlackBerry Unveils AI-Based Cybersecurity Tool, Hannover Messe 2023

BlackCat (ALPHV) Gang Claims Ransomware Attack on NCR Data Center

Blind Eagle Cyber Espionage Group Strikes Again: New Attack Chain Uncovered

Clavister : Arrow Electronics and Clavister Expand Collaboration in the Swedish Cyber Security Market

Coro raises $75M at a $575M valuation to grow its all-in-one cybersecurity platform

Critical Flaws in vm2 JavaScript Library Can Lead to Remote Code Execution

Cyber-attack Detection Time Lowest on Record

Cyber Security & Risk Management 2023

Cyber: towards stronger EU capabilities for effective operational cooperation, solidarity and resilience

Cybersecurity agencies publish new guidance on safe software design: Here's why it matters

CYBERUK23: NCSC Urges International Collaboration to Build Cyber Resilience

Darwinium upgrades its payment fraud protection platform

Data Security in the Digital Age: Cybersecurity Companies Offer Solutions

DC Health Link Data Breach Caused by Human Error

Digital asset phishing scams shot up 40% in 2022: report

Enterprises Exposed to Hacker Attacks Due to Failure to Wipe Discarded Routers

Expel Publishes New Research on the Cybersecurity Challenges Facing British Organisations

Fighting Password Fatigue Means Retiring Passwords for Good

Glasgow NatWest customers issued warning over email scam draining bank accounts

Global Cyber Security Market Size [2023-2030] to Reach USD 424.97 Billion and Exhibit a CAGR of 13.8%

Global finance firms take part in NATO cyber attack simulation

Google Chrome Hit by Second Zero-Day Attack - Urgent Patch Update Released

Google patches another actively exploited Chrome zero-day

Google TAG Warns of Russian Hackers Conducting Phishing Attacks in Ukraine

Hackers targeting businesses through weak links in supply chain

Hackers Using Old Nokia 3310 Phone to Steal Cars

Increase in ransomware attacks and human error as main cause of cloud data breaches globally: Thales Data Threat Report

Iranian Government-Backed Hackers Targeting U.S. Energy and Transit Systems

Israeli firm NSO’s spyware again hacking iPhones: Report

Korea seeks legislation against phishing attacks

Lacework adds vulnerability risk management to its flagship offering

Legion Hacker Tool Used to Steal Data from Poorly Protected Websites

Lloydspharmacy vows to take action after media reports of customer data breach

March 2023 broke ransomware attack records with 459 incidents

Marsh McClennan releases new cyber security report