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NEWS: Abril (11/04 - 17/04) - 15 Semana de 2021


6 out of 11 EU agencies running Solarwinds Orion software were hacked - Security Affairs

Codecov Informs of a Supply Chain Hack That Goes 2.5 Months Back - TechNadu

Major BGP leak disrupts thousands of networks globally - Bleeping Computer

Turkey Bans All Cryptocurrency Transactions Citing Irreparable Damage Risks - TechNadu

What are the different roles within cybersecurity? - The Hacker News


49% of employees prefer a hybrid work arrangement - Help Net Security

Adapting Security Awareness to the Post-Pandemic World - Security Boulevard

Amex cards removed from Google Pay due to expired certificate - Bleeping Computer

Clubhouse Exclusivity Applies to Membership, Not Data - Security Boulevard

Consumers worry about the cybersecurity of connected vehicles - Help Net Security

Critical RCE can allow attackers to compromise Juniper Networks devices - Security Affairs

Cyberattack on UK university knocks out online learning, Teams and Zoom - ZD Net

Google backs new security standard for smartphone VPN apps - ZD Net

Google Project Zero testing 30-day grace period on bug details to boost user patching - ZD Net

HackBoss malware poses as hacker tools on Telegram to steal digital coins - Bleeping Computer

Infection Monkey: Open source tool allows zero trust assessment of AWS environments - Help Net Security

Keyfactor to Acquire PrimeKey to Advance Certificate Automation - Security Boulevard

Mandatory Windows 10 update causing DNS and shared folder issues - Bleeping Computer

Mass Monitoring of Remote Workers Drives Shadow IT Risk - InfoSecurity

Microsoft Edge's update server is down - shows error code 7 - Bleeping Computer

Mozilla to start disabling FTP next week with removal set for Firefox 90 - ZD Net

Popular Codecov code coverage tool hacked to steal dev credentials - Bleeping Computer

Protecting the human attack surface from the next ransomware attack - Help Net Security

Russia-linked APT SVR actively targets these 5 flaws - Security Affairs

Severe Bugs Reported in EtherNet/IP Stack for Industrial Systems - The Hacker News

Social Media Access in Pakistan Completely Blocked by Government- TechNadu

Swinburne University confirms over 5,000 individuals affected in data breach - ZD Net

SysAdmin of Billion-Dollar Hacking Group Gets 10-Year Sentence - The Hacker News

The enterprise eGRC market is expected to grow - Help Net Security

The parallels of pandemic response and IoT security - Help Net Security

US Indicts SecondEye Operators - InfoSecurity


48% of IT leaders accelerated automation projects - Help Net Security

Advice for aspiring threat hunters, investigators, and researchers from the old town folk - Help Net Security

Australian government prefers education over prosecution to deter cyberbullying - ZDNet

CISOs Must Focus on People and Technologies Amid Rising Attacks - InfoSecurity

Enterprise Data Encryption Use Reaches Historic Highs - Security Boulevard

Europe's Data Protection Guardians Green Light EU-UK Data Flows - InfoSecurity

For the second time in a week, a Google Chromium zero-day released online - Security Affairs

Global Attacker Dwell Time Drops to Just 24 Days - InfoSecurity

Google releases Chrome 90 with HTTPS by default and security fixes - ZDNet

Interpol Arrested Two Child Abusers Who Uploaded Content on the Dark Web - TechNadu

Heartbreak and Hacking: Dating Apps in the Pandemic - Security Boulevard

Houston Rockets Hit by the “Babuk” Ransomware Gang - TechNadu

Machine learning-powered cybersecurity depends on good data and experience - Help Net Security

Malware Variants: More Sophisticated, Prevalent and Evolving in 2021 - The Hacker News

Man Gets 10 Years for Multimillion-Dollar Medicare Fraud Scheme - InfoSecurity

Open source security, license compliance, and maintenance issues are pervasive in every industry - Help Net Security

The future of touchless visitor management lies with biometrics - Help Net Security

The impact of the pandemic on AML compliance and fraud strategies - Help Net Security

Victorian government earmarks AU$30m to lift hospital cyber capabilities - ZDNet

Why Traditional Cybersecurity Tools Cannot Defend Against Zero-Day and No Signature Attacks - Security Boulevard

YIKES! Hackers flood the web with 100,000 pages offering malicious PDFs - The Hacker News


100+ critical IT policies every company needs, ready for download - ZDNet

330 million people across 10 countries were victims of cybercrime in 2020 - Help Net Security

ASIO boss says he's not concerned with Australian Parliament's March outage - ZDNet

Cyber criminals are installing cryptojacking malware on unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers - ZDNet

DDoS attack activity: 10 million-plus attacks and 22% increase in attack frequency - Help Net Security

Despite higher workloads, risk managers have high levels of job satisfaction - Help Net Security

Detection capabilities improve, but ransomware surges on - Help Net Security

FBI blasts away web shells on US servers in wake of Exchange vulnerabilities - ZDNet

FBI removes web shells from hacked Microsoft Exchange servers - Help Net Security

FBI silently removed web shells planted on Microsoft Exchange servers in the US - Security Affairs

FireEye: 650 new threat groups were tracked in 2020 - Security Affairs

'FLoC off!' Vivaldi declares as it says no to Google's tracking system - ZDNet

Get your firm to say goodbye to password headaches - Help Net Security

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now protects unmanaged BYO devices - ZDNet

New JavaScript Exploit Can Now Carry Out DDR4 Rowhammer Attacks - The Hacker News

New WhatsApp Bugs Could've Let Attackers Hack Your Phone Remotely - The Hacker News

Ransomware Attack Creates Cheese Shortages in Netherlands - ThreatPost

Security Bug Allows Attackers to Brick Kubernetes Clusters - ThreatPost

Security crucial as 5G connects more industries, devices - ZDNet

Semiconductor restraints will shake up auto maker supply chains: Nvidia CEO - ZDNet

Sweden blames Russia for Swedish Sports Confederation hack - Security Affairs


Adobe fixes critical vulnerabilities in Photoshop and Digital Editions - Bleeping Computer

Aruba brings new security integrations to its Edge Services Platform - ZDNet

Brave browser disables Google's FLoC tracking system - ZDNet

Broadcom moves its Symantec, CA software portfolios to Google Cloud - ZDNet

Cybersecurity guide for the hospitality industry - Help Net Security

Cybersecurity: Victims are spotting cyber attacks much more quickly - but there's a catch - ZDNet

Microsoft April 2021 Patch Tuesday fixes 108 flaws, 5 zero-days - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft fixes 2 critical Exchange Server flaws reported by the NSA - Security Affairs

NAME:WRECK DNS vulnerabilities affect over 100 million devices - Bleeping Computer

New DNS vulnerabilities have the potential to impact millions of devices - Help Net Security

NSA Discovers New Vulnerabilities Affecting Microsoft Exchange Servers - The Hacker News

QBot malware is back replacing IcedID in malspam campaigns - Bleeping Computer

Samsung's new Galaxy Quantum 2 uses quantum cryptography to secure apps - ZDNet

These new vulnerabilities put millions of IoT devices at risk, so patch now - ZDNet

Update Your Chrome Browser to Patch 2 New In-the-Wild 0-Day Exploits - The Hacker News

XDR and MDR: What’s the difference and why does it matter? - Help Net Security

Watch out for this W-2 phishing scam targeting the 2021 tax season - Bleeping Computer


Biden Nominates More Ex-NSA Officials to Top Cybersecurity Roles - InfoSecurity

Billions of smartphone owners will soon be authorising payments using facial recognition - ZDNet

Brits Still Confused by Multi-Factor Authentication - InfoSecurity

Criminals spread malware using website contact forms with Google URLs - ZDNet

Critical security alert: If you haven't patched this old VPN vulnerability, assume your network is compromised - ZDNet

CS:GO, Valve Source games vulnerable to hacking using Steam invites - Bleeping Computer

Cyber-criminals Increasingly Leveraging Debates About Travel During #COVID19 to Launch Attacks - InfoSecurity

Dutch supermarkets run out of cheese after ransomware attack - Bleeping Computer

Europol: “Virtually All” Crime Now Has a Digital Element - InfoSecurity

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge zero-day vulnerability shared on Twitter - Bleeping Computer

Iran Nuclear Facility Suffers Cyber-Attack - InfoSecurity

Man Arrested After Failed AWS Bomb Plot - InfoSecurity

Over 90% of Organizations Hit by a Mobile Malware Attack in 2020 - InfoSecurity

PayPal rolls out new fraud management tools for merchants - ZDNet

The benefits of cyber threat intelligence - Help Net Security

The SOC is blind to the attackable surface - Help Net Security

UK Sports Teams Boycott Social Media - InfoSecurity

Using Salesforce? Here are 5 security and compliance considerations - Help Net Security

Who do I pay to get the 'phone' removed from my iPhone? - ZDNet

Windows 10 is getting a 'Windows Tools' control panel for power users - Bleeping Computer


45 Million Egyptian Facebook Users Impacted in Data Leak: Reports - Egyptian Streets

Accellion Cyber Attack on the UC Network Prompts New Personal Safety Measures - The Guardian University of California, San Diego

Another huge data breach, another stony silence from Facebook - The Guardian

Clubhouse calls report on data breach 'misleading and false' - The Economic Times

Cybersecurity executives see increase in attempted credential theft - Calcalist Tech

Data breach issues signal to companies to update their data - Digital Journal

Malware creators used Facebook ads to trick users into downloading this fake Clubhouse app for Windows - Tech HindustanTimes

Man loses BTC worth $1M to fake Trezor app - Coin Geek data breach: Personal details of over seven lakh users up for sale on Hackers forums – Here is what we know so far - OP India

Ransomware: The internet's biggest security crisis is getting worse. We need a way out - ZDNet

Upstox Alerts Users of Data Breach; Says Funds, Securities Remain Safe - Gadgets 360

NEWS: Abril (04/04 - 10/04) - 14 Semana de 2021

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Apenas um amante da tecnologia e da Segurança da Informação. Hacker ? Até que prove ao contrário não.. Profissional ? Sim.. Mais de 20 anos no mercado de Segurança da Informação sempre atuando em grandes Empresas.


Levantando a bandeira de que hacker é um profissional e especialista naquilo que ele faz. Hacker é um especialista, um pesquisador, um profissional como outro qualquer.

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