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NEWS: Agosto (14/08 - 20/08) - 33 Semana de 2022

Cyber Security and Information Security News - Daily Updates !! Weekly Review


Apple Alerts Users About Security Problems In Their Macs, iPads, And iPhones

Bangladesh: Government alerts IT infrastructures, key offices over DDoS cyber-attack

Carousell Scam Tricks Victims Into Clicking Phishing Links, Unauthorised Transactions Made From Bank Accounts

Department of Social Services warns of EBT phishing scheme

Flashpoint’s report shows data theft incidents take place frequently due to hacking

Google blocks world’s largest web DDoS cyber attack ever

How Secure Is Microsoft OneDrive?

How the banking and financial industries are gearing up against phishing

Iran Targets Members Of Advocacy Group On US Soil

Ransomware Group Threatens Security Firm Entrust to Leak stolen data by August 20 2022

Ransomware-as-a-Service: SaaS' Evil Twin

Researcher warns against iPhone Apps of Meta, Instagram, TikTok over data breach

Spanish Banking Trojan Attacks Various Industry Verticals

Watch out for new credit card scams


4 Common Automotive Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

265 Brands Impersonated in Credential Phishing Attacks in the First Half of 2022

Alternatives to facial recognition authentication

Apple Warns of Critical Security Risk in Safari For iPhones, iPads and Macs

Ataque hacker: Prefeitura do Rio tem site temporário com informações para população

Brasseler USA Announces Data Breach

British utility providing water to 1.6mn consumers target of cyber crime

Businesses Found to Neglect Cybersecurity Until it is Too Late

CISA adds 7 vulnerabilities to list of bugs exploited by hackers

Critical Amazon Ring Vulnerability Could Expose Camera Recordings

Cyber-attack on WSI gains access to personal data of North Dakotans

Cyber Tops Staff Retention as Biggest Business Risk

Dangerous iPhone, iPad & Mac threat – Update devices now

Documento indica que ataque hacker ao TCE-PR foi grave e mostrou falta de segurança do sistema

DoNot Team Hackers Updated its Malware Toolkit with Improved Capabilities

Estonia Repels Biggest Cyber-Attack Since 2007

Exploiting stolen session cookies to bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA)

FBI prevents Nebraska hospital cyber attack

Global ransomware survey reveals one in three organisations see malicious insiders as a route for ransomware

Google Cloud Blocks Record DDoS attack of 46 Million Requests Per Second

Google: Here's how we blocked the largest web DDoS attack ever

Google registra o maior ataque HTTPS DDoS da história

Grandoreiro banking malware targets manufacturers in Spain, Mexico

HC3 alerts to social engineering risk, rise in vishing attacks on healthcare

How A Hardware Crypto Wallet Protects Against Hackers

How to strengthen the human element of cybersecurity

iPhone Users Urged to Update to Patch 2 Zero-Days

LockBit Claims Entrust Ransomware Attack

Mailchimp data breach took down DigitalOcean's email services

Major city car dealership hit by huge data theft cyber attack

Most hopeless cyber attack ever still works

New Amazon Ring Vulnerability Could Have Exposed All Your Camera Recordings

Russian APT29 hackers abuse Azure services to hack Microsoft 365 users

Russian hackers plan to release data stolen from McKinney hospital onto dark web

Scammers extend phishing campaigns via IP range filtering to avoid detection

School Districts Share ‘Lesson Plan’ for Boosting Cybersecurity

Self-Driving Vehicles: A Serious Security Risk?

TikTok monitora o usuário do iOS fora do app, diz pesquisador

UK Carrier Claims to Block One Million Vishing Calls Per Day


A recently leaked data from 2021 Airtel's data breach, shows 18k people having same password

Aceitera General Dehezas discloses ransomware attack

Almost one million people affected by medical billing ransomware attack

Amazon fixes Ring Android app flaw exposing camera recordings

Android malware apps with 2 million installs found on Google Play

Apple fixes exploited zero-days: Update your devices! (CVE-2022-32894, CVE-2022-32893)

APT41 group: 4 malicious campaigns, 13 victims, new tools and techniques

ATMZOW JS Sniffer Campaign Linked to Hancitor Malware

Before paying a ransom, hacked companies should consider their ethics and values

Beyond Compliance: The New Mandate To Harden Government Software

BlackByte ransomware gang returns with new multitier ransom strategy

Business Email Compromise Attack Tactics

China-backed APT41 Hackers Targeted 13 Organisations Worldwide Last Year

CISA and FBI Warn of Zeppelin Ransomware Threat to Healthcare Organizations

Con artists use Amazon’s name and confusing tactics to bypass company defenses

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Says Companies Violate Federal Law by Not Protecting Consumer Data

Data security as a layer in defense in depth against ransomware

Employees intentionally leaked data in 25% of healthcare breaches: study

Florida Orthopaedic Institute Reaches $4M Settlement Over Data Breach

FortiGuard Labs reports Ransomware variants almost double in six months

Fremont County, Colo., Offices Close After Cyber Attack

Google blocks largest HTTPS DDoS attack 'reported to date'

Google Play malware: If you've downloaded these malicious apps, delete them immediately

Hackers Deploy Bumblebee Loader to Breach Target Networks

Hackers Using Bumblebee Loader to Compromise Active Directory Services

ID documents and contact details exposed in Vodacom fibre reseller data breach

IoT: The huge cybersecurity blind spot that’s costing millions

iPay88 data breach: KiplePay offering free card replacements to affected customers

Know your phishing, from your vishing or smishing

LockBit claims ransomware attack on security giant Entrust

Mailchimp breach shines new light on digital identity, supply chain risk

Manx Care faces £170k fine over patient data breach

More than 5 million Twitter accounts impacted by recent data breach

Novant Health data breach exposes protected patient information

Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 Publishes 2022 Response Report

Penetration Testing or Vulnerability Scanning? What's the Difference?

PwC Survey Finds C-Level Execs View Cybersecurity as Biggest Risk

Quarter of All Gambling Sites Hit by DDoS Attacks in June

Ransomware attacks increase by 60%; FBI encourages safe cyber practices

Reasons Why Healthcare Industry is the Biggest Target for Cyber Attacks

Researchers Detail Evasive DarkTortilla Crypter Used to Deliver Malware

SFERRA Fine Linens, LLC - Notice of Data Breach

Task Force Gives SMBs Blueprint to Defend Against Ransomware

The factors driving today’s accelerated zero trust adoption

Top 5 ransomware attacks that shock the world

Twilio data breach exposed the phone numbers of 1,900 Signal users

Use Microsoft OneDrive? Here’s a phishing attack you need to know about

WestJet app data breach reveals other people's personal information

Whitworth University urges patience after data breach, reported ransomware attack: ‘This process does take time’


35 malicious apps found on Google Play Store, installed by 2m users

A dozen PyPI packages turn Discord into an info-stealing backdoor

Apex Capital blames malware attack for ‘unplanned system outage’

Apple security updates fix 2 zero-days used to hack iPhones, Macs

Atlantic Dialysis Management Services, LLC Announces Data Breach Possibly Stemming from Ransomware Attack

Bug Bounty Giant Slams Quality of Vendor Patching

Calls for international support to fight ‘uncontrollable’ ransomware surge in developing countries

Cambridge Water targeted by criminals in cyber attack

CISA Warns of Hackers Exploiting Multiple Vulnerabilities in the Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Crypto hack losses top $2 billion as crime shifts amid market decline

Cyber Attack Shuts Down BRP

Cybercriminals Developing BugDrop Malware to Bypass Android Security Features

DigitalOcean Leaves Mailchimp After Email Security Scare

Everything You Need to Know About the LockBit Ransomware Family

Google fixes fifth Chrome zero-day bug exploited this year

Hacker disrupts systems at Forsyth County medical office

Hacker exposes revenge posters

Hackers na mira de Joe Biden: essa empresa está ‘roubando’ clientes da Microsoft e a ação pode ‘explodir’ graças a um acordo milionário com governo dos EUA

Hackers roubam US$ 6 milhões em skins de “CS:GO”

How attackers are exploiting corporate IoT

How Russian Information Operations Are Trying to Win the War

Identity Scams Soar to Make 2021 a Record Year

Incident of the Week: Signal users directly targeted in Twilio phishing attack

Incident response in the cloud can be simple if you are prepared

Kiplepay Cautions Users on Potential Data Breach Due to iPay88’s Incident

Malicious Browser Extensions Targeted Over a Million Users So Far This Year

Malware devs already bypassed Android 13's new security feature

Microsoft makes tamper protection for macOS endpoints widely available

Morrie’s Auto Group Confirms Data Breach Affecting Former Employees

MSPs and MSSPs Be Advised, New Ransomware Variants Have Nearly Doubled in Six Months, Fortinet reports

New Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability Being Exploited in the Wild

North Korean hackers use signed macOS malware to target IT job seekers

Nurse responsible for major monkeypox data breach in Perth

Organizations Struggle to Fend Off Cloud and Web Attacks

PF apreende R$ 3 milhões em ​criptomoedas de hacker que derrubou o ConecteSUS em 2021

Ransomware is still on the rise. Here's what you need to do to stay safe from hackers

Researchers Link Multi-Year Mass Credential Theft Campaign to Chinese Hackers

Response-based attacks make up 41% of all email-based scams

RubyGems Mandates MFA for Top-100 Package Maintainers

Seaborgium targets sensitive industries in several countries

Sistemas da Prefeitura do Rio chegam ao 3º dia fora do ar após ataque hacker; veja os serviços afetados

Spy group abuses Microsoft OneDrive to steal credentials in hack-and-leak campaigns

To Pay Or Not To Pay: Ransomware Negotiation Tactics

UK water company hit by cyber attack

Ukraine nuclear operator's website hit by cyber attack

USBs Still a Major OT Infection Vector

WA Health sorry over monkeypox data breach

WestJet customers report data breach, leaked personal information

What is challenging successful DevSecOps adoption?


5G traz novos riscos de insegurança digital, alerta cientista

1,900 Signal users exposed following Twilio breach

ÆPIC and SQUIP Vulnerabilities Found in Intel and AMD Processors

Após ataque hacker, datacenter da Prefeitura do Rio segue fora do ar

As Black Hat security conference turns 25, a lesson: security doesn’t have an end point

Ataque hacker tira do ar sistemas da prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro

BazarCall attack increasingly used by ransomware threat actors

Biden's three-headed cybersecurity team

Bipartisan legislation supports state and local cybersecurity

Breaking down silos and adopting a 'whole-of-state' cybersecurity approach

CISO salaries balloon, likely spurred by demand

Confused cyber criminals have hacked a water company in a bizarre case of mistaken identity

CS:GO trading site hacked to steal $6 million worth of skins

Cyber Sessions: No more hiding from cybersecurity

DEFCON: Electrovolt Exploits Against Electron Desktop Apps Exposed

DEFCON: How US Teen RickRolled His High School District

Defence gauging cyber security landscape for cyberspace warfare support

DigitalOcean customers affected by Mailchimp “security incident”

FBI, CISA warn of Zeppelin ransomware targeting healthcare

Google releases Android 13 with improved privacy and security features

Hacker cobrou resgate para devolver dados da ANP, que segue fora do ar

Hackers are finding ways around multi-factor authentication. Here's what to watch for

Hackers attack UK water supplier but extort wrong company

Healthcare Provider Issues Warning After Tracking Pixels Leak Patient Data

Honeywell Cybersecurity Research Reveals 52% of Cyber Threats Targeted at Removable Media

How aware are organizations of the importance of endpoint management security?

Malicious browser extensions targeted almost 7 million people

Matter protocol: Secure, reliable interoperability for smart home devices

Microsoft Disrupts Russian Cyber-Espionage Group Seaborgium

Microsoft Warns About Phishing Attacks by Russia-linked Hackers

New Attack Weaponizes PLCs to Hack Enterprise and OT Networks

New Evil PLC Attack Weaponizes PLCs to Breach OT and Enterprise Networks

New MailChimp breach exposed DigitalOcean customer email addresses

Overcoming the roadblocks to passwordless authentication

Pentagon put microgrid technology to the test at DEF CON, drawing on hackers' ingenuity

PF faz operação contra hackers que derrubaram ConecteSUS no ano passado