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NEWS: Fevereiro (21/02 - 27/02) - 8 Semana de 2021

Cybersecurity News !!! Day by Day !!!


Avoiding the bait of a phishing expedition - Business Mirror

Here’s how hackers are able to crack your passwords - Ktar News

Mexico, favorite of hackers in Latin America - Explica

Npower Will Not Use the App That Was Exploited by Hackers Anymore - TechNadu

NSA, Microsoft promote a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity - Bleeping Computer

Secondary school pays ransom after being hit by a cyber attack - NL Times

T-Mobile Announces Data Breach Following SIM Swap Cataclysm - TechNadu

Why Do Chief Security Officers Leave Jobs So Often? - Government Technology

Why would the DMV bar an adult from his scheduled driving test? Roadshow - East Bay Times


45,000 patients at Covenant HealthCare potentially exposed by data breach - ABC 12

Berlin resident jailed for threatening to bomb NHS hospital unless Bitcoin ransom was paid - ZD Net

Chinese Hackers Target Tibetans with Malicious Firefox Extension - InfoSecurity

Closing the data divide: How to create harmony among data scientists and privacy advocates - Help Net Security

Comparing different AI approaches to email security - Information Age

Cyberattack rate per healthcare organisation up 37% in 2020: Report - India TV

Cybercrime groups are selling their hacking skills. Some countries are buying - ZD Net

Cyberpunk 2077 Developers get locked out of their systems after Ransomware attack - The Sports Rush

Data breach investigation in Indian Army - The Telegraph India

FBI Investigating Michigan School District Hack - InfoSecurity

Go malware is now common, having been adopted by both APTs and e-crime groups - ZD Net

Govt must help business tackle ransomware - Innovation AUS

Hackers hold jeweller’s Instagram account to ransom - Retail Jeweller

Hackers Leaked Secret Details of This Military Spy Plane - Popular Mechanics

Healthcare Cyber Attacks Rise by 55%, Over 26 Million in the U.S. Impacted - CPO Magazine

Healthcare security services firms tackle ransomware spike - TechTarget

ICS threat landscape highlights - Help Net Security

Identity Theft Attacks Channeled Millions in Jobless Claims to Inmates - TechNadu

LastPass for Android Is Using Seven Trackers and Several Risky Permissions - TechNadu

Lazarus Targets Defense Companies with ThreatNeedle Malware - ThreatPost

Legal firm to have accidentally leaked 15,000 cases via the cloud - Devops Online

Malicious Firefox extension allowed hackers to hijack Gmail accounts - Bleeping Computer

Massive rise in threats across expanding attack surfaces - Help Net Security

North Dakota hospital informs 1,500 patients of data breach - Becker's Health IT

Notices to go out to 1.3 million Washingtonians affected by unemployment data breach - The Seattle Times

Npower Ditches App After Credential Stuffing Attacks - InfoSecurity

Npower shuts down mobile app following data breach - Computing CO UK

Npower takes down app after customer data breach - Dorset Echo

One in four people use work passwords for consumer websites - Help Net Security

Oxford University lab with COVID-19 research links targeted by hackers - ZD Net

Oxford University says Covid-19 lab hacked, research not affected - Live Mint

Ransomware gang hacks Ecuador's largest private bank, Ministry of Finance - Bleeping Computer

Ryuk ransomware now self-spreads to other Windows LAN devices - Bleeping Computer

The rise of non-English language spear phishing emails - Help Net Security

TikTok Agrees to Pay $92 Million in Class-Action Settlement - TechNadu

TikTok agrees to pay $92 million to settle teen privacy class-action lawsuit - ZD Net

USA Third Most Affected by Stalkerware - InfoSecurity


Amazon data breach fears: 'Millions of people's security' at risk – Insiders raise alarm - Express

Attackers are looking to exploit critical VMware vCenter Server RCE flaw, patch ASAP! - Help Net Security

Attackers disrupting COVID-19 efforts and critical supply chains - Help Net Security

C-level executives driving the adoption of MACH across their organizations - Help Net Security

Cloud, data amongst APAC digital skills most needed - ZD Net

Facebook bans Myanmar military-controlled accounts from its platforms - ZD Net

Five factors driving investment in IDV - Help Net Security

Hacking for Dollars: North Korean Cybercrime - Security Boulevard

Most Security Pros Think a WAF is High Maintenance - Security Boulevard

Newly Discovered APT Group “LazyScripter” Was Actively Spreading Malware Since 2018 - TechNadu

Russian Hackers Targeted Ukraine Authorities With Supply-Chain Malware Attack - The Hacker News

The Top Free Tools for Sysadmins in 2021 - The Hacker News

Twitter Discloses Four Networks of State-affiliated Information Operations - CISO Mag

Users largely unaware of the privacy implications of location tracking - Help Net Security

XDR: Next-Level Prevention and Detection - Security Boulevard

Why enterprises need rugged devices with integrated endpoint management systems - Help Net Security


2021 will be the year of hybrid working: How can CTOs keep staff secure and productive? - Help Net Security

Airplane manufacturer Bombardier has disclosed a security breach, data leaked online - Security Affairs

Bitcoin Slips 17% to $45,000 as Caution Sweeps Over Crypto - E Hacking News

Breach Clarity Data Breach Report: Week of Feb. 22 - Security Boulevard

COVID pandemic causes spike in cyberattacks against hospitals, medical companies - ZD Net

Everything You Need to Know About Evolving Threat of Ransomware - The Hacker News

FedEx and DHL Express Hit with Phishing Attacks - E Hacking News

Google’s ‘Password Checkup’ Is Soon to Empower Android Users - TechNadu

Heavily used Node.js package has a code injection vulnerability - Bleeping Computer

LazyScripter hackers target airlines with remote access trojans - Bleeping Computer

Legal Firm Leaks 15,000 Cases Via the Cloud - InfoSecurity

Medical Data of 500,000 French Residents Leaked Online - InfoSecurity

Most businesses see state-sponsored cyberattacks as a major threat - Help Net Security

NASA and the FAA were also breached by the SolarWinds hackers - Bleeping Computer

NPC probes data breach in lending app - Business Mirror

Over 8 million COVID-19 test results leaked online - Bleeping Computer

Ransomware Attacks Double Against Global Universities - InfoSecurity

Ransomware gang extorts jet maker Bombardier after Accellion breach - Bleeping Computer

Researchers propose more secure and private mobile contact tracing - Help Net Security

Russian Networks Accused of Carrying Out Massive Cyberattack on Ukraine - CISO Mag

Security by Design Implementation Insights - InfoSecurity

Start Options, B2G founder indicted for alleged digital currency, investor fraud - ZD Net

Talos Says ‘Gamaredon’ May Be Something Bigger Than an APT - TechNadu

The Hidden Costs and Challenges of Log Data Storage Using a SIEM - Security Boulevard

Third-party risk management programs still largely a checkbox exercise - Help Net Security

Trolling, Sexual Harassment and Murder Threats: The Dark Social Web - InfoSecurity

U.S. municipalities are the perfect target for cybercriminals in 2021 - Help Net Security

Water Plant Infrastructure Hackers Go Kinetic - Security Boulevard


Accellion FTA attacks, extortion attempts might be the work of FIN11 - Help Net Security

Adversaries exploit supply chains, double down on COVID-19 and ransomware - Help Net Security

Chief Legal Officers face mounting compliance, privacy and cybersecurity obligations - Help Net Security

Cloud Infrastructure Misconfigurations Take 25 Days to Fix - TechNadu

Experts Find a Way to Learn What You're Typing During Video Calls - The Hacker News

Firefox 86 gets a privacy boost with Total Cookie Protection - Bleeping Computer

FIN11 cybercrime group is behind recent wave of attacks on FTA servers - Security Affairs

Flash version distributed in China after EOL is installing adware - ZD Net

Google adds Password Checkup support to Android autofill - Bleeping Computer

Google's Password Checkup feature coming to Android - ZD Net

IBM addressed flaws in Java Runtime, Planning Analytics Workspace, Kenexa LMS - Security Affairs

IBM issues patches for Java Runtime, Planning Analytics Workspace, Kenexa LMS - ZD Net

Images Deleted on ‘Keybase’ Chat Are Still Retrievable - TechNadu

Keybase patches bug that kept pictures in cleartext storage on Mac, Windows clients - ZD Net

NurseryCam daycare cam service shut down after security breach - Security Affairs

PCI SSC releases PCI Secure Software Lifecycle (SLC) Standard 1.1 - Help Net Security

Physical cyber threats: What do criminals leave when they break in? - Help Net Security

Ransomware: Sharp rise in attacks against universities as learning goes online - ZD Net

Report: The Trouble With Cloud Security - Security Boulevard

Scammers Are Now Tricking Texans Through Impersonated Calls - TechNadu

Shadow Attacks Let Attackers Replace Content in Digitally Signed PDFs - The Hacker News

These hackers sell network logins to the highest bidder. And ransomware gangs are buying - ZD Net

Top cloud infrastructure risks faced by real-world organizations - Help Net Security

Transport for NSW confirms data taken in Accellion breach - ZD Net

Twitter removes accounts of Russian government-backed actors - Bleeping Computer

Ukraine: DDoS attacks on govt sites originated from Russia - Bleeping Computer

Worldwide zero trust security market size to reach $51.6 billion by 2026 - Help Net Security


10 COVID-19-related lessons for future-ready cybersecurity - Help Net Security

30,000 Macs infected with new Silver Sparrow malware - ZD Net

An attacker was able to siphon audio feeds from multiple Clubhouse rooms - Security Affairs

BBC Reports Theft of 105 Electrical Devices - InfoSecurity

Chinese hackers cloned attack tool belonging to NSA’s Equation Group - ZD Net

Chinese Hackers Had Access to a U.S. Hacking Tool Years Before It Was Leaked Online - The Hacker News

Chinese hackers used NSA exploit years before Shadow Brokers leak - Bleeping Computer

Criminals leveraging shift to remote work to develop targeted attacks - Help Net Security

Data protection fines could be pushed to 2022 in Brazil - ZD Net

Database encryption: Protecting the crown jewels - Help Net Security

Exploring DevOps adoption among database pros - Help Net Security

Georgetown County has yet to recover from a sophisticated cyber attack - Security Affairs

Global Accellion data breaches linked to Clop ransomware gang - Bleeping Computer

How do I select a network monitoring solution for my business? - Help Net Security

How to Fight Business Email Compromise (BEC) with Email Authentication? - The Hacker News

Microphones, smartphones, laptops among items stolen from BBC - ComputerWeekly

New Silver Sparrow malware infects 30,000 Macs for unknown purpose - Bleeping Computer

NSA Equation Group tool was used by Chinese hackers years before it was leaked online - Security Affairs

Powerhouse VPN products can be abused for large-scale DDoS attacks - ZD Net

Python programming language hurries out update to tackle remote code vulnerability - ZD Net

Researchers uncovered a new Malware Builder dubbed APOMacroSploit - Security Affairs

RMIT claims 'significant progress' in bouncing back from Friday's IT outage - ZD Net

SHAREit fixes security bugs in app with 1 billion downloads - Bleeping Computer

Stored XSS bug in Apple iCloud domain disclosed by bug bounty hunter - ZD Net

Texas electric company warns of scammers threatening to cut power - Bleeping Computer

The state of multicloud adoption, its drivers, and the technologies enabling it - Help Net Security


A Phishing Scam Targeting Postmates Drivers Pretends to Represent the Company to Empty Out Victims’ Accounts - Gizmodo

Everything You Need To Know About A Computer Virus - Mfidie

Far Cry 6 Beta Invites Are Phishing Scams, Says Ubisoft - Lowyat

Got A ‘Day Of Hack’ Email With Your Password? Here’s 3 Things To Do Now - Forbes

Kroger: Some pharmacy customer data impacted in vendor hack - Independent

Lakehead University shuts down campus network after cyberattack - Bleeping Computer

North Korea Accused Of Trying To ‘Hack’ Pfizer To Obtain Vaccine Data - Phil Sports News

There's a danger that hackers are becoming smarter than you - Digital Journal

Top Biden Adviser Suggests Russia Could See U.S. Response To SolarWinds Hack Within 'Weeks' - RadioFreeEurope

Warning: Google Alerts abused to push fake Adobe Flash updater - Bleeping Computer

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