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NEWS: Janeiro (06/02 - 12/02) - 06 Semana de 2022

Cyber Security and Information Security News - Daily Updates !!


Azure Active Directory Recycle Bin Won’t Save You in a Cyber Disaster

Crypto Ransomware Tallied at Least $602M But Actual Figures Could Be Higher: Chainalysis

Data Breach Exposes Booking Details of 19 Million Customers

DeFi Increasingly Popular Tool for Laundering Money, Study Finds

DHL now tops the list of popular brands most imitated by cybercriminals

Fake Windows 11 installer coming after passwords, credit cards and crypto wallets

How RAT Malware Is Using Telegram to Evade Detection

How the metaverse could shape cybersecurity in 2022

How to frame meaningful security conversations with the corporate board

Looks Like A Movie But It’s A Real $3.6 Billion Stolen Crytpo Bust

Major SAP vulnerability requires urgent patch to prevent HTTP request smuggling attacks

New Report Reveals 80% of Cybersecurity Professionals Faced Ransomware Attacks Last Year

Notorious Maze Ransomware Gang Closes Up Shop And Releases Decryption Keys

Russia Takes Down 4 Carding Sites With Over $260 Million in Crypto Turnover

Russia tensions have not increased cyberattacks on Estonia

US security and intelligence agencies prep for potential Russian hacking threats

Valentine's Day 2022 Scam Warning: Experts Tell People To Beware Of Phishing Emails On The Eve Of Celebrations

Valentine’s Day a hot bed for cybercriminals

What Is Magniber Ransomware? How to Prevent It From Attacking Your PC


$1.3 billion lost to romance scams in the past five years: FTC

2,650% surge in email attacks against ICO in 2021, data reveals

AI can spot biometric spoofing attacks with ease

Amazon steps in to close exposed FlexBooker bucket after December data breach

Apple fixes actively exploited iOS, macOS zero-day (CVE-2022-22620)

Australian, US and UK security forces unite to call out ransomware attacks

Binance Warns Crypto Investors of SMS Phishing Scam

CISA urges orgs to patch actively exploited Windows SeriousSAM bug

Cloud security training is pivotal as demand for cloud services explode

Companies, institutions reported 146 ransomware attacks to Japanese police in 2021

Coveware 2021 Q4 Ransomware Report Issued

Cybercriminals are extorting huge sums of crypto in ransomware attacks as they go after bigger and bigger targets, Chainalysis says

Email is often the main access vector

Former NFL Player Gets Five Years for Healthcare Fraud

Get updating: Apple releases iOS 15.3.1 patch for 'actively exploited' security flaw

Hackers Planted Fake Digital Evidence on Devices of Indian Activists and Lawyers

Half of Global Emails Were Spam in 2021

How automation can help security teams mitigate phishing attacks

How Healthcare Organizations Can Maximize Their Cyber Insurance Strategies In 2022

How to prepare your organization for this year’s cybersecurity incidents

If Financial Service CISO’s set just three priorities this year, best make it these

Joint advisory warns of global increase in sophisticated ransomware

Log4j exploitation risk is not as high as first thought, cyber MGA says

NetWalker ransomware gang member sentenced to 7 years in prison

No, that email from Equifax is not a scam. You are entitled to free credit monitoring for four years

North Korean hackers are allegedly sending out phishing emails impersonating S. Korea’s National Election Commission

Over US$600mln of crypto paid to ransomware attackers for second year running

Ransomware crew dumps stolen Optionis files online

Spanish Cops Bust SIM Swap Fraud Gang

Spanish police arrest suspects in SIM-swapping ring

The most common cyber gaps threatening supply chain security

These cybercriminals plant criminal evidence on human rights defender, lawyer devices

Why identity and access management strategies need a booster


Almost $1.3bn Paid to Ransomware Actors Since 2020

Attackers aren’t finished using Log4Shell, says Microsoft and FTC

Attackers Increasingly Adopting Regsvr32 Utility Execution Via Office Documents

CISA Alert (AA22-040A): 2021 Trends Show Increased Globalized Threat of Ransomware

CISA, FBI, NSA Issue Advisory on Severe Increase in Ransomware Attacks

CISOs Reveal Biggest Challenges for Security Teams

COVID Does Not Spread to Computers

Critical RCE flaws in PHP Everywhere WordPress plugin affect thousands of sites

Donation site for Ottawa truckers’ ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest exposed donors’ data

FBI: SIM Swapping Attacks Have Surged Five-Fold

FritzFrog botnet grows 10x, hits healthcare, edu, and govt systems

FritzFrog botnet returns to attack healthcare, education, government sectors

FritzFrog P2P Botnet Attacking Healthcare, Education and Government Sectors

Hone your cybersecurity skills with this certification bundle

How Does An IPv6 Proxy Work & How Enterprises Can Get Benefit?

How to Protect Corporate Mobile Devices

Linux malware attacks are on the rise, and businesses aren't ready for it

Low code applications are essential for cybersecurity development in applications

New Ransomware Warning for Critical Infrastructure Providers

One year after it started, LendUs discloses that they had a breach

PHP Everywhere code execution bugs impact thousands of WordPress websites

Ransomware attacks, and ransom payments, are rampant among critical infrastructure organizations

Ransomware group claims to have stolen data on 260,000 patients from Jax Spine and Pain Centers; victim remains silent

Russian Threat Actors Targeting Infrastructure

Spain dismantles SIM swapping group who emptied bank accounts

Spyware, ransomware and Nation-state hacking: Q&A from a recent interview

Tech Transactions & Data Privacy 2022 Report: Ransomware Reporting Requirements: A Look Forward into Evolving Security Incident Notification Rules

This password-stealing malware posed as a Windows 11 download

Threat actors compromised +500 Magento-based e-stores with e-skimmers

Tips to mitigate public-key cryptography risk in a quantum computing world

US citizens lost more than $68M to SIM swap attacks in 2021, FBI warns

Zero trust adoption will continue to mature

Why the C-suite should focus on understanding cybersecurity and investing appropriately


78% of organizations expect to produce or consume SBOMs in 2022

94 billion threats blocked in 2021, says Trend Micro

2021 was the most prolific year on record for data breaches

APAC firms need to build trust, brace for more third-party attacks

Banks Warned to Prepare for Possible Russian-Sponsored Cyber Attack

Brute-forcing passwords, ProxyLogon exploits were some of 2021's most popular attack methods

CISA warns admins to patch maximum severity SAP vulnerability

Congress pressures more agencies to end use of facial recognition after debacle

Cyber-attack at Vodafone Portugal knocks mobile network services offline

Cyber-Threats at the Beijing Winter Olympics (Interview)

Cybercriminals Swarm Windows Utility Regsvr32 to Spread Malware

Data Breach Alert: Suncoast Skin Solutions

Data Breach at iRISE Florida Spine and Joint Institute, LLC

Data breach at Ohlone College compromises students', staff personal information

Data breach exposes Georgia voters' registration information

End of 2021 witnessed an explosion of RDP brute-force attacks

Fake Windows 11 upgrade installers infect you with RedLine malware

FBI warns: SIM-swapping attacks are rocketing, don't brag about your crypto online

Greater IT Connection Means Greater Ransomware Risk on the Mainframe

Home Workers More Likely to Be Concerned About Security

How cybercriminals are using malware to target Linux-based operating systems

How to protect yourself from a data breach

'Increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks' prompt joint alert from UK, US, and Australia

Latest Phishing Kits Allow Multi-Factor Authentication Bypass

Lazarus hackers target defense industry with fake Lockheed Martin job offers

Meta and Chime sue Nigerians behind Facebook, Instagram phishing

Mitigate Ransomware Risks With Modern Log Management

MoleRats APT Flaunts New Trojan in Latest Cyberespionage Campaign

News Corp Cyber Attack by Alleged Chinese Hackers Targets Wall Street Journal Reporters

Not running so fast: Puma hit by cyberattack

PHP Everywhere RCE flaws threaten thousands of WordPress sites

Preventing software security vulnerabilities with automation

Puma Data Breach Affects Nearly Half Of Firm's Workforce After Kronos Ransomware Attack

Ransomware dev releases Egregor, Maze master decryption keys

Ransomware is a big, big global problem

Ransomware warning: Attacks are rising, and they'll keep coming if victims keep paying

Romance Fraud Losses Increased by 91% During COVID-19

Russia Cracks Down on 4 Dark Web Marketplaces for Stolen Credit Cards

Sequestros e estelionato: golpes por apps de namoro crescem no país

Survey: Hackers usually seek financial information in healthcare attacks

The old-new cyber threat: Ransom DDoS - opinion

This malware is reading your email just 30 minutes after infecting your PC

UK Foreign Office Subjected to "Serious Cybersecurity Incident"

U.S. Arrests Two and Seizes $3.6 Billion Cryptocurrency Stolen in 2016 Bitfinex Hack

Zambrius, o hacker português que dominava o mundo informático aos 16 anos

Wave of MageCart attacks target hundreds of outdated Magento sites

Why security strategies need a new perspective


3 key elements of a strong cybersecurity program

A Quarter of New Online Accounts Are Fake - Report

As Russia's cyberattacks on Ukraine mount, the risk of impact in other countries rises

Ataque hacker derruba sites do governo do RS

Azure Blob Data Breach Reveals Student Information

Back To Basics: Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Job

Bouncing back from ransomware attacks with resilience

Business Services Provider Discloses Ransomware Attack

China Suspected of News Corp Cyberespionage Attack

Chinese telecom Hytera charged for allegedly recruiting Motorola employees to steal trade secrets

Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo hit by DDoS attack

Companies should embrace multi-factor authentication

Cyber Terrorism Is a Growing Threat & Governments Must Take Action

Data Breach Alert: Medical Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Data Breach Alert: Radius Financial Group, Inc.

Data Breach Alert: St. Lucie County's Drug Screening Lab

Data Breaches Affected Nearly 6 Billion Accounts in 2021

Data from Wash. Licensing System Breach May Be on 'Dark Web'

Data of Puma Employees Stolen in Kronos Ransomware Attack

Department of Justice (DOJ) seizes $3.6 billion in crypto from 2016 Bitfinex hack, arrests New York couple

Disaster recovery is critical for business continuity

Enterprise data safety during the Great Resignation

ESET Research releases T3 2021 Threat Report summarising key cybersecurity research

Five Tough Questions CEOs Should Be Asking Their CISOs

Fuel Troubles Continue in Europe as Oil Terminals in Netherlands and Belgium Suffer Cyber Attacks; Unclear if Breaches Are Coordinated

Google Chrome users at risk of cyber attack, government warns

Google has auto enrolled 150 million users in 2-step verification

Google sees 50% security boost for 150M users after 2FA enroll

Hackers have begun adapting to wider use of multi-factor authentication

Hackers que invadiram sistemas de informação da Caixa emitiram 3,7 mil cartões de crédito e rombo pode chegar a R$ 137 milhões, aponta PF

Here is how you can keep yourself safe online

Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT) bypassing traditional security defenses

How a Texas hack changed the ransomware business forever

Identity theft protection services market to surpass $24B by 2032

Is Neglect Driving the Surge in Cybersecurity Breaches?

Justice Dept. announces $3.6B crypto seizure, 2 arrests

Kimsuki hackers use commodity RATs with custom Gold Dragon malware

Kingston Police warn of cybercriminals using shipping delays as bait

Kronos ransomware attack results in a data breach at Puma

Law Enforcement Blowback, Cyber Insurance Renewals Powering Anti-Ransomware Success

Medusa Android Banking Trojan Spreading Through Flubot's Attacks Network

Microsoft 365 Phishing Attack Makes Comeback

Microsoft Takes Aim at Malicious Office Macros

NetWalker ransomware affiliate sentenced to 80 months in prison

North Korea denies cyberattack allegations, slams US as 'hacking empire'

NZ Uniforms reports possible data breach as 'precaution' after ransomware attack

Over 6,000 Memorial Hermann patients’ information leaked in contractor’s data breach, vendor says

Palestine-Aligned Hackers Use New NimbleMamba Implant in Recent Attacks

Pay to play PrivateLoader spreads Smokeloader, Redline, Vidar malware

Por 'diversão', hacker derruba páginas do governo do RS

Privacy, data breach searches up more than 20% in 2021: Google

Qbot needs only 30 minutes to steal your credentials, emails

Ransomware gangs focus on ‘Big Game’ attacks

'Roaming Mantis' Android Malware Targeting Europeans via Smishing Campaigns

Russia Arrests Third Cybercrime Group

Safer Internet Day: How much of a risk are data breaches?

SaferInternetDay: Porn Sites Face Legal Duty to Verify Age of UK Users

School District CISO Quits Over Handling of Data Breach

Several Malware Families Using Pay-Per-Install Service to Expand Their Targets

Sites do governo do RS ficam fora do ar após ataque hacker

The Average Ransomware Payment In Q4 Was Over $322,000

U.S. arrests couple for allegedly laundering $4.5 bln in crypto tied to Bitfinex hack

US married couple arrested for allegedly conspiring to launder $4.5bn in bitcoin

Vodafone Portugal 4G and 5G services down after cyberattack

Vodafone Portugal hit by hackers, says no client data breach

Washington State Department of Licensing hit by suspected data breach

Why cybersecurity and anti-fraud teams need to collaborate

You've still not patched it? Hackers are using these old software flaws to deliver ransomware


Attacks against health plans up nearly 35%

Contextualizing supply chain risks in a SaaS environment

Crypto Firm Meter Loses $4.4m in Cyber-Heist

Cybersecurity Considerations for Web3

Do NFT Loopholes Uncover NFT Security Issues?

Ethical hackers face tough sanction under Jamaican law

European Police Flag 500+ Pieces of Terrorist Content

FBI: Watch out for LockBit 2.0 ransomware, here's how to reduce the risk to your network

Free decryptor released for TargetCompany ransomware victims

From DevOps to DevSecOps with Security Automation

Google Cloud hypervisor modified to detect cryptominers without agents

Google Cloud launches agentless cryptojacking malware scanner

Hackers Backdoored Systems at China's National Games Just Before Competition

Hackers breached a server of National Games of China days before the event

IoT/connected Device Discovery and Security Auditing in Corporate Networks

Manage data effectively with this Amazon database training bundle

Medusa malware ramps up Android SMS phishing attacks

MFA still offers the best chance of keeping data secure

Microsoft disables the ms-appinstaller protocol because it was abused to spread malware

Microsoft: Enterprise MFA adoption still low

Microsoft fixes Windows Active Directory bug caused by Jan updates

Microsoft: Security threats are rising but companies are still ignoring strong authentication

Microsoft: These hackers are targeting emergency response and security organizations in Ukraine

Microsoft: We've switched off this 'critical' MSIX protocol handler but we're working to bring it back

Modified AirTags pose big privacy concerns, especially for Android users

More than half of Canadian ransomware victims paid the ransom demands in 2021 – study

Most breaches largely caused by staff working from home

NaaS market to reach $1,18,709.3 million by 2027

New CapraRAT Android Malware Targets Indian Government and Military Personnel

New Cyber Safety Review Board Will Tackle Log4j Debacle First

Ransomware attack on Swissport aviation firm causes flight delays

Ransomware gangs are changing their tactics. That could prove very expensive for some victims

Ransomware groups and APT actors laser-focused on financial services

Roaming Mantis Android malware campaign sets sights on Europe

Russian Gamaredon APT is targeting Ukraine since October

Swissport Ransomware Attack Delayed Flights

The four types of remote workers your security awareness program must address

UK Adds New Offenses to Online Safety Bill

We’ll See More Data Exfiltration and Data Leak Threats


4 banking habits that can prevent scams

$4.4 million stolen in attack on blockchain infrastructure Meter

American hacker says he keeps turning off internet in North Korea

Australia: Nine Radio employees hit by Frontier cyber breach

Binance Phishing Attack Is Underway, CEO ‘CZ’ Warns

Chinese Hackers Target Taiwanese Financial Institutions with a new Stealthy Backdoor

Covid Related Phishing Scams See Massive Increase in January

Credit freeze effective against identity theft

Deepfakes: Should we be concerned about this terrifying new form of cyber abuse?

Defending the NHS from cyber-attacks in 2022

Emerging 5th Dimension of War: Cyber Reaches Red Alert Zone

Fraudsters most active during peak business hours: HDFC Bank study

Gardai vow to continue global fight against Russian hackers behind HSE cyber attack as cyber cops join with FBI

Gloucester City Council cyber attack disrupts university consultation

Government Contractors Targeted in Ongoing "Fake Bid" Credential Phishing Campaign

Hackers hit Fortune 500 service provider, data of over 500k people leaked

India: Police twitter account hacked, probe ordered

Law enforcement action push ransomware gangs to surgical attacks

Nation-State Cyber-Attack Tools Enter Black Market, With Rise In Ransomware As A Service

News Corp. says China likely behind hack of emails and documents

Phishing, vishing or smishing? These are the terms you need to know to keep you safe from online fraudsters

Please, Mum! WhatsApp fraudsters pose as loved ones to steal money

Pollution data permanently lost because of cyber attack

Ransomware attack hits Morley; +500,000 individuals impacted

Ukraine accuses Russian hackers of cyber attack

‘We Don’t Want These Kinds of People’: NSO Employees Pay the Price for Pegasus Spyware Scandal

NEWS: Janeiro (30/01 - 05/02) - 05 Semana de 2022

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