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NEWS: Janeiro (10/01 - 16/01) - 2 Semana de 2021

NEWS: Janeiro (17/01 - 23/01) - 3 Semana de 2021


DuckDuckGo surpasses 100 million daily search queries for the first time - ZD Net

How to Disagree/Refuse the New WhatsApp Privacy Policy If You’ve Already Accepted It? – Is Something Like That Even Possible? - TechNadu

Iconic BugTraq security mailing list shuts down after 27 years - ZD Net

Strengthen Your Cloud! CISA Warns Organizations Amid Rising Attacks - CISO Magazine

The “Joker’s Stash” Carding Marketplace Announced Its Shutdown - Tech Nadu

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency Was Hit by Ransomware - TechNadu

Two kids found a screensaver bypass in Linux Mint - Security Affairs

WhatsApp Won’t Suspend or Delete Your Account on Feb 8, 2021 – Controversial Privacy Policy Delayed by Three Months - Tech Nadu


Automated “Classiscam” Operation Made $6.5m in 2020 - InfoSecurity Magazine

Cisco says its RV routers will no longer receive updates - Security Affairs

Dutch Energy Supplier Blames Cyber Intrusion on Data Breaches Suffered by Other Companies - Hot for Security

Fraudulent attempt purchase value decreased by $10 in 2020 compared to 2019 - Help Net Security

Fujitsu: High Risk of COVID19 Vaccine Disinformation Campaigns - InfoSecurity Magazine

More than 10mil users installed Android apps that showed out-of-context ads - ZD Net

Oracle announces new low-code service for app developers - Express Computer

Phishers count on remotely hosted images to bypass email filters - Help Net Security

ProtonVPN Introduces Holistic Online Protection Tool Called ‘NetShield’ - TechNadu

Quick Heal invest $2 mn in Israel based cybersecurity startup - Express Computer

Resident Evil Developer Capcom Became a Victim of Ransomware Attack - E Hacking News

Revenue for 5G enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region to reach $13.9B by 2024 - Help Net Security

Russian-Signature Scheme “Classiscam” Now Expanding to Europe - TechNadu

SolarWinds Supply Chain Hack: Investigation Update - DataBreach Today

Soon, Quantum Computing Could Break Your Encryption - Security Boulevard

Understanding third-party hacks in the aftermath of the SolarWinds breach - Help Net Security

Undisclosed Apache Velocity XSS vulnerability impacts GOV sites - Bleeping Computer

Unprotected Server Exposes Scraped Data of 214 Mn Social Media Users - CISO Magazine

What analytics can unveil about bot mitigation tactics - Help Net Security


43% of financial services orgs plan to increase private cloud investments - Help Net Security

Australian Home Affairs Minister takes issue with EU Electronic Communications Code - ZD Net

Banking Organizations May Face New Breach Notification Requirements from US Regulatory Bodies - Hot For Security

Capital projects delayed or put on hold due to pandemic - Help Net Security

European Regulator: Covid19 Vaccine Data Leaked Online - InfoSecurity Magazine

Experts Uncover Malware Attacks Against Colombian Government and Companies - The Hacker News

Explainers: What is an RDP attack? - CISO Magazine

‘EU data protection watchdogs can file complaints against FB’ - Express Computer

Five resilience, availability, and data protection principles for Kubernetes - Continuity Central

Google’s coding competition ‘Hash Code 2021’ goes virtual - Express Computer

Healthcare IT teams battle with technical challenges to ensure network resilience and security - Help Net Security

McAfee and ASUS extend exclusive PC security service - Express Computer

Minimizing cyberattacks by managing the lifecycle of non-human workers - Help Net Security

Most containers are running as root, which increases runtime security risk - Help Net Security

Object Versus File Storage: Why Security is a Key Consideration - Security Boulevard

Ring trials customer video end-to-end encryption for smart doorbells - ZD Net

Satisfaction With WAFs at Only 40 Percent - Security Boulevard

Sophisticated hacker targeted Android, Windows users: Google - Express Computer

Telegram CEO says 2.5 cr new users joined in last 72 hours - Express Computer

Windows 10 bug corrupts your hard drive on seeing this file's icon - Bleeping Computer


‘42% of firms will continue to invest in cybersecurity’ - The Hindu

Agility Recovery expands business continuity offerings with RecoveryPlanner acquisition - Continuity Central

Cybereason to Adopt Intel’s PC Hardware Ransomware Solution - InfoSecurity Magazine

Data collection cheat sheet: how Parler, Twitter, Facebook, MeWe’s data policies compare - Security Affairs

Data industry trends to watch in 2021 - Help Net Security

Deepfakes: A Growing Cybersecurity Concern - CISO Magazine

Europol Has Taken Down the “DarkMarket” Dark Web Marketplace - TechNadu

Four Steps to Mitigate Future Healthcare Cyberattacks - Security Boulevard

Healthcare Hit by 187 Million Monthly Web App Attacks in 2020 - InfoSecurity Magazine

Intel Adds Hardware-Enabled Ransomware Detection to 11th Gen vPro Chips - The Hacker News

Massive IT-employee disconnect hindering remote productivity - Help Net Security

Microsoft’s First ‘Patch Tuesday’ of the Year Brings Fix for Defender Zero-Day - TechNadu

Organizations advised to consider water hygiene in business continuity plans - Continuity Central

SOC analysts overloaded, but role more important than ever - Help Net Security

The future history of medical device cybersecurity - Help Net Security

The REvil Ransomware Gang Threatens to Publish Celebrity Surgery Photos - TechNadu


Accellion hack behind Reserve Bank of NZ data breach - ITNews

Addressing the lack of knowledge around pen testing - Help Net Security

Chinese Startup Leaks Social Profiles of 214 Million Users - InfoSecurity Magazine

Colombian energy, metal firms under fire in new Trojan attack wave - ZD Net

Cybersecurity teams are struggling with burnout, but the attacks keep coming - ZD Net

Experts Sound Alarm On New Android Malware Sold On Hacking Forums - The Hacker News

Five emerging fraud threats facing businesses in 2021 - Help Net Security

It’s time for a national privacy law in the US - Help Net Security

macOS malware used run-only AppleScripts to avoid detection for five years - ZD Net

Microsoft Defender for Linux now has endpoint detection and response security - ZD Net

Mimecast discloses Microsoft 365 SSL certificate compromise - Bleeping Computer

Mimecast says hackers abused one of its certificates to access Microsoft accounts - ZD Net

New Sunspot malware found while investigating SolarWinds hack - Bleeping Computer

Reserve Bank of New Zealand investigates illegal access of third-party system - ZD Net

Reserve Bank says it wasn’t directly targeted in cyber attack - News Room

Securing the connected home: A joint task for homeowners and their ISP - Help Net Security

SolarWinds hack investigation reveals new Sunspot malware - Help Net Security

Third malware strain discovered in SolarWinds supply chain attack - ZD Net

This Android malware claims to give hackers full control of your smartphone - ZD Net

Top videoconferencing attacks and security best practices - Help Net Security

Ubiquiti warns customers about potential data breach - Help Net Security

Warning — 5 New Trojanized Android Apps Spying On Users In Pakistan - The Hacker News


2 in every 3 Perth businesses will be a victim of cybercrime this year in 2021 - Ein News

28th January: Save the Date. Save the Data! - Kratikal Blog

Are hackers targeting your computer? 3 things you must do to protect yourself - ABC 15

Cybersecurity sales: Do you have what it takes to succeed? - Help Net Security

DarkSide ransomware decryptor recovers victims' files for free - Bleeping Computer

Experts found gained access to the Git Repositories of the United Nations - Security Affairs

Firefox to block Backspace key from working as "Back" button - ZD Net

High Court Rules Against Government Bulk Hacking - InfoSecurity Magazine

Mac malware uses 'run-only' AppleScripts to evade analysis - Bleeping Computer

Over 100,000 UN Employee Records Accessed by Researchers - InfoSecurity Magazine

Parler é hackeado e revela dados de usuários; localização de publicações - TecMundo

Researchers Find Links Between Sunburst and Russian Kazuar Malware - The Hacker News

Singapore Witnessed a Sudden Surge in the Bank-Related Phishing Scam - E Hacking News

SQL injection: The bug that seemingly can’t be squashed - Help Net Security

SolarWinds Hack Potentially Linked to Turla APT - ThreatPost

Source code for malware that targets Qiui Cellmate device was leaked online - Security Affairs

Strike a chord: What cybersecurity can learn from music - Help Net Security

United Nations data breach exposed over 100k UNEP staff records - Bleeping Computer

US Announces Controversial State Department Cyber-Bureau - InfoSecurity Magazine

Windows 10 hardware security enabled by default on new Surface PC - Bleeping Computer


New Zealand Reserve Bank suffers data breach via hacked storage partner - Bleeping Computer

New Zealand central bank hit by a cyber attack - Security Affairs

TeamTNT botnet now steals Docker API and AWS credentials - Security Affairs

Week in review: Fileless malware, key risk areas in 2021, Patch Tuesday forecast - Help Net Security

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Apenas um amante da tecnologia e da Segurança da Informação. Hacker ? Até que prove ao contrário não.. Profissional ? Sim.. Mais de 20 anos no mercado de Segurança da Informação sempre atuando em grandes Empresas.


Levantando a bandeira de que hacker é um profissional e especialista naquilo que ele faz. Hacker é um especialista, um pesquisador, um profissional como outro qualquer.

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