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NEWS: Janeiro (17/01 - 23/01) - 3 Semana de 2021

NEWS: Janeiro (24/01 - 30/01) - 4 Semana de 2021


ADT employee pleads guilty for accessing cameras installed by the company - Security Affairs

Experts Detail A Recent Remotely Exploitable Windows Vulnerability - The Hacker News

Facebook users were mass-logged out Friday by configuration change - Bleeping Computer

MrbMiner cryptojacking campaign linked to Iranian software firm - Security Affairs

Rogue CCTV technician spied on hundreds of customers during intimate moments - ZD Net

Russian government warns of US retaliatory cyberattacks - Bleeping Computer

SonicWall firewall maker hacked using zero-day in its VPN device - Bleeping Computer

SonicWall says it was hacked using zero-days in its own products - ZD Net


5 Questions to Ask When Adopting a New SaaS Tool - Security Boulevard

Adult Streaming Site MyFreeCams Was Hacked and 2 Million User Records Are on Sale Now - TechNadu

Bolstering healthcare IT against growing security threats - Help Net Security

Drupal fixed a new flaw related PEAR Archive_Tar library - Security Affairs

Financial institutions must prepare for increased risk of financial crime - Help Net Security

KnowBe4 finds work-from-home-related phishing email attacks on the rise - Back End News

Ministry of Post warns of phishing scam - KHMER Times

Missing Link in a 'Zero Trust' Security Model—The Device You're Connecting With! - The Hacker News

More Malware May Be Lurking on Govt School Laptops - InfoSecurity Magazine

Organizations struggle to maintain application security across platforms - Help Net Security

Payments Through iOS Apps in Europe to Become More Secure - TechNadu

Retail and hospitality sector fixing software flaws at a faster rate than others - Help Net Security

UK Government Distributes Malware-Ridden Laptops to Students - TechNadu

What Are the 5 Elements of Trustworthy Digital Transformation? - Security Boulevard

Windows RDP servers are being abused to amplify DDoS attacks - ZD Net


Agility is one of the characteristics of resilient organizations but few European companies are truly agile - Continuity Central

Cisco fixed multiple flaws in Cisco SD-WAN products and Smart Software Manager Satellite Web UI - Security Affairs

Financial institutions can strengthen cybersecurity with SWIFT’s CSCF v2021 - Help Net Security

Google’s Project Zero Team Details Patched Bugs in Duo, Signal, JioChat, FB Messenger - CISO Magazine

How a blockchain startup is reducing identity thefts and frauds - Express Computer

India-WhatsApp letter game on amid data security concerns - Express Computer

Interpol: Dating App Victims Lured into Investment Scams - InfoSecurity Magazine

Microsoft to Launch Enforcement Mode to Address Critical “Zerologon” Flaw - CISO Magazine

Most CISOs believe that human error is the biggest risk for their organization - Help Net Security

New Global Impact Report shines more light on rapid expansion of RPA - Express Computer

Ransomware provides the perfect cover - Help Net Security

Spoofed Asian Bank App Tricks People to “Invest” Thousands - TechNadu

Will APIs be the gateway to effective cyber attacks in 2021? - Continuity Central


6,600 data breaches recorded in Ireland in last 12 months - Tech Central IE

A Chinese hacking group is stealing airline passenger details - ZD Net

AnyVan Confirms Data Breach Weeks after Customer Records Are Put Up For Sale on Hacking Forum - Hot For Security

Companies turning to MSPs as attack vectors get more sophisticated - Help Net Security

Does your cloud stack move faster than your cloud security solutions? - Help Net Security

FireEye Releases ‘Azure AD Investigator’ to Know SolarWinds Hacking Techniques - CISO Magazine

Google Details Patched Bugs in Signal, FB Messenger, JioChat Apps - The Hacker News

Google says consent over every aspect of data processing would be burdensome - ZD Net

List of DNSpooq vulnerability advisories, patches, and updates - Bleeping Computer

Malwarebytes Finds SolarWinds Actors Accessed Parts of Its Network - TechNadu

OpenWRT Reveals Forum Data Breach; Users Advised to Reset Passwords - Hot For Security

Projeto de lei quer que redes sociais coletem CPF e impressão digital - Tecnoblog

Protecting the remote workforce to be enterprises’ prime focus in 2021 - Help Net Security

Research team develops fast and affordable quantum random number generator - Help Net Security

Trump decrees American cloud providers need to maintain records on foreign clients - ZD Net


560 Healthcare Providers Fell Victim to Ransomware Attacks in 2020 - Health IT Security

Are you vetting your MSSPs? - Help Net Security

Atlanta Synagogue Reports Cyber-Attack - InfoSecurity Magazine

Australia's tangle of electronic surveillance laws needs unravelling - ZD Net

Balancing Security and User Behavior in Remote Work - Security Boulevard

Bringing Source Code Security Up to Speed - Security Boulevard

Cloud Config Error Exposes X-Rated College Pics - InfoSecurity Magazine

Country-wide phishing reports up 75% in 2020 - Security Brief

Danish Police Arrests Operators of “Last Pirate Sites” in the Country - TechNadu

Database Containing the Data of Company Executives Posted on the Dark Web - TechNadu

Deploying AI-powered cybersecurity directly on drones - Help Net Security

Depop: 'I felt so violated when my account was hacked' - BBC News

DNSpooq bugs let attackers hijack DNS on millions of devices - Bleeping Computer

EU set to rule on 2018 WhatsApp-Facebook data sharing case - Sify Con

Excellus Health Plan to pay $5.1M fee over data breach that impacted 9.3M: HHS - Fierce Heathcare

FBI warns of ongoing corporate vishing attacks - IT Pro

Fourth malware strain discovered in SolarWinds incident - ZD Net

FreakOut malware exploits critical bugs to infect Linux hosts - Bleeping Computer

How to defend against today’s top 5 cyber threats - Help Net Security

Is MDR Cybersecurity Training an Oxymoron? - Security Boulevard

Optus warns not to punish whole economy for tech giant sins in Privacy Act changes - ZD Net

Rethinking Active Directory security - Help Net Security

Visibility, control and governance holding back cloud transformation - Help Net Security


Demystifying 'zero trust' and its role in cybersecurity - Security Brief

Details on the New NIST Requirement for RASP and IAST - Security Boulevard

Enterprises move on from legacy approaches to software development - Help Net Security

Entrust acquires HyTrust, with aim to improve data encryption solutions - Security Brief

GDPR: German laptop retailer fined €10.4m for video-monitoring employees - ZD Net

Google Delists 164 “CopyCatz Apps” for Spreading Malicious Ads - CISO Magazine

Hackers Calling Fair Game on Healthcare Institutions - Security Boulevard

Hackers Demonstrate Lack of Basic Security on a Moscow University Website - TechNadu

How do I select a fraud detection solution for my business? - Help Net Security

Leaked COVID19 Vaccine Data “Manipulated” to Mislead Public - InfoSecurity Magazine

Malware incidents on remote devices increase - Help Net Security

Managing Identities and Entitlements to Secure the Public Cloud - Security Boulevard

Multiple backdoors and vulnerabilities discovered in FiberHome routers - ZD Net

Over 22 bn records exposed in data breaches in 2020: Report - Express Computer

Phishing banks on victims’ vulnerability, say experts - DT Next

President Biden’s Peloton exercise equipment under scrutiny - Security Affairs

Public cloud IT infrastructure revenue increasing - Help Net Security

Singapore tightens cyber defence guidelines for financial services sector - ZD Net

The ‘DarkSide’ Operators Respond to the Release of a Decryptor - TechNadu

Vulnerability management isn’t working for cloud security: Here’s how to do it right - Help Net Security

Xiaomi denies any ties with Chinese military - ZD Net


Almere man arrested for stealing €130,000 in phishing scam - NL Times

Apple Removes macOS Feature That Allowed Apps to Bypass Firewall Security - The Hacker News

British Home Secretary under pressure after data breach | Free press - The Courier

Case: A Year in Review in Light of 6 AMLD and OFAC - Finance Magnates

Critical flaws in Orbit Fox WordPress plugin allows site takeover - Security Affairs

EMA said that hackers manipulated stolen documents before leaking them - Security Affairs

Hackers leak trucker, rail worker medical records - Freight Waves

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo grew by 62% in 2020 - Bleeping Computer

Windows 10 bug causes a BSOD crash when opening a certain path - Bleeping Computer

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Apenas um amante da tecnologia e da Segurança da Informação. Hacker ? Até que prove ao contrário não.. Profissional ? Sim.. Mais de 20 anos no mercado de Segurança da Informação sempre atuando em grandes Empresas.


Levantando a bandeira de que hacker é um profissional e especialista naquilo que ele faz. Hacker é um especialista, um pesquisador, um profissional como outro qualquer.

Skatista, músico e fotógrafo de instagram nas horas vagas....

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