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Cyber Security and Information Security News - Daily Updates !!


3,464,756 Malware Installation Packages Targeted Mobile Users in 2021

Canada issues alert on new malware targeting Ukraine. Here’s what that means

Canadian companies at risk from Russia cyberattacks in retaliation from sanctions

Concern as South Africa features in top 10 list of countries hardest hit by cybercrime

Credit card fraud: ‘How could scammers use it before I did?’

Cyber volunteers mobilise to attack Russia with Ukraine backing

Cybersecurity experts warn against cyber attacks; what to look out for

Doxing Attacks: From Hacker Tool to Societal Problem

Dridex Malware Deliver Entropy Ransomware to Target Exchange Server and Computers

How potential Russian cyberattacks could affect Americans and how to prepare

Iran-backed hackers now active to deliver ransomware globally

Lack of mobile cybersecurity awareness creates new avenues for cyberattacks: McAfee

‘Netwar’ Could Be Even Worse Than Cyberwar

Nvidia Investigates Potential Ransomware Incident

OpenSea Investigates Phishing Attack

Penetration Testing vs. Vulnerability Testing

Rebellion of users who are attacked by hackers

Russian cyber attacks on NZ expected to increase

Social Media Hijacking Malware Spreading Through Gaming Apps on Microsoft Store

SockDetour Backup Backdoor Targets US Defense Contractors

The DeadBolt ransomware assault on Asustor NAS equipment is pricey

The ultimate guide to secure passwords

Trading Standards warning to public over scam Amazon emails

U.S. should prepare for Russian cyber warfare

Warning of six new holiday scams and rip-offs as travel opens up again

What Asian businesses should consider before buying cyber insurance


6 hospitals, health systems hit by cybersecurity breaches in February

AHA warns of potential increase in Russian cyberthreats

Anonymous Hacking Group Declares “Cyber War” Against Russia

Anonymous hacktivists, ransomware groups get involved in Ukraine-Russia conflict

As Russia wages cyber war against Ukraine, here’s how Australia (and the rest of the world) could suffer collateral damage

Asustor NAS devices fall prey to costly DeadBolt ransomware attack

Biden Mulls “Massive” Cyber Strikes on Russia – Report

BlackByte Ransomware Group Attacked at Least Three Critical Infrastructure Companies and the San Francisco 49ers

CISA adds two Zabbix flaws to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog

CISA warns of actively exploited vulnerabilities in Zabbix servers

Citibank customers targeted by wide-ranging phishing campaign

Companies spending $6M on ransomware mitigation: Is it working?

Cuba Ransomware Exploits Microsoft Exchange Flaws

Cyber Attack Targeting Australia’s Social Security System Accidentally Improves User Experience

Cybercriminals seeking more than just ransomware payment

Cybersecurity burnout is real. And it's going to be a problem for all of us

Data Breach Alert: Advantage Title & Escrow, LLC

Data Breach Alert: DNA Solutions, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Injured Workers Pharmacy

Data leaks and shadow assets greatly exposing organizations to cyberattacks

Devastating breaches apparently still not enough for organizations to prioritize endpoint security

Four Practical Steps To Eliminate Shadow IT Permanently

GPU giant Nvidia is investigating a potential cyberattack

Hacking forum allegedly seized by authorities

Healthcare Entity Reports Another Big Hacking Incident

How Critical Infrastructure Providers Can Securely Connect OT to the Cloud

How financial services can secure data and build trust in today’s modern environment

How Russia's invasion of Ukraine threatens the IT industry

IBM Warns Ransomware Follows Cloud Migration

Iran's hackers are using these tools to steal passwords and deliver ransomware, say FBI and CISA

Iran's MuddyWater Hacker Group Using New Malware in Worldwide Cyber Attacks

Jester Stealer malware adds more capabilities to entice hackers

Local experts keep wary eye on potential cyberattacks

Making The World A Safer Place Through (Cyber) Hygiene

Microsoft Exchange Bugs Exploited by ‘Cuba’ Ransomware Gang

Microsoft: January Windows Server updates cause Netlogon issues

Microsoft: Resetting Windows devices might not wipe all data

Montana Medical Center Faces Hacking Incident Impacting 214K

New BlackBerry Report Shows How Cyber Criminals Are Becoming More Effective and Dangerous

New Malware Capable of Controlling Social Media Accounts Reportedly Infects 5,000+ Machines

NHS urges orgs to apply security update for Okta Client RCE bug

NVIDIA investigating cybersecurity incident

Organizations spend $6M to combat ransomware: Report

Phishing Attacks Hit a Record High in the Fourth Quarter, the APWG Says

Phishing Hits All-Time High in December 2021; Attacks Triple Since Early 2020

POSB Scam Asks Customers To Take ‘Survey’ Via Phishing Link, Bank Says Email Not Legit

Putin Warns Russian Critical Infrastructure to Brace for Potential Cyber Attacks

Ransomware gangs, hackers pick sides over Russia invading Ukraine

Ransomware Used as Decoy in Destructive Cyberattacks on Ukraine

Russia Is Using Cyberattacks to Undermine Ukraine’s Defence Capabilities

Russia-linked hacker gang launches ranswomware attack on McDonald's: CISA issue 'shields up' alert for ALL American companies to 'prepare for disruptive cyber activity'

Russian invasion raises concerns about cyber attacks

SANS Outlines Critical Infrastructure Security Steps as Russia, U.S. Trade Cyberthreats

Swedish camera giant Axis still recovering from cyberattack

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his sibling are being scrutinized for supposed insider exchanging

The impact of API security on how consumers view brands

These companies are the most impersonated in email phishing campaigns

Trickbot Group’s AnchorDNS Backdoor Upgrades to AnchorMail

TrickBot malware operation shuts down, devs move to stealthier malware

Ukraine calls for volunteer hackers to protect critical infrastructure: report

Ukraine links phishing targeting military to Belarusian hackers

Ukraine targeted by hacker attack that wiped out computer data | Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine web blackouts flash worries of a more extensive power outage

US and UK details a new Python backdoor used by MuddyWater APT group

US microchip powerhouse Nvidia hit by cyber attack

US Russia actually fastened by International Space Station during Ukraine’s struggle

Visual Voice Mail on Android may be vulnerable to eavesdropping

What a Russian cyberattack on the U.S. could look like and how it could affect you

White House denies reports of 'cyber attack menu' against Russia

Zenly Bugs Exposed Users to Data Loss and Account Takeover


Advisories To Increase Website Security After Russian Attack

Asia most targeted region in 2021, taking on one in four cybersecurity attacks

Attackers used Dridex to deliver Entropy ransomware, code resemblance uncovered

Banks warn customers to be alert against imitators who seek digital access codes

CISA Alerts on Actively Exploited Flaws in Zabbix Network Monitoring Platform

Cyber attacks on Ukraine: DDoS, new data wiper, cloned websites, and Cyclops Blink

Darktrace acquires attack surface analytics firm Cybersprint

Data breaches rise but fewer occur in federal agencies

Data protection remains a challenge for nearly 90% of organisations – report

From Pet Systems to Cattle Farm — What Happened to the Data Center?

DHL tops phishing index

GCHQ launches cyber attack guidance for construction firms

How Log4Shell remediation interfered with organizations’ cybersecurity readiness

How mobile app usage data could reveal a person’s identity

How to keep pace with rising data protection demands

Implementing effective ways to exchange sensitive information using encryption

Law enforcement Officers Busted Phishing Group That Uses 40 Websites to Steal Credit Card Data

Log4j had roughly 50 times the amount of activity as ProxyLogon, according to Fortinet

Logan Health Medical Center Cyberattack Affects More Than 213,000 Patients

New Flaws Discovered in Cisco's Network Operating System for Switches

Notifications Recently Sent to Alert Individuals About September 2020 and February 2021 Cyberattacks

Notorious TrickBot Malware Gang Shuts Down its Botnet Infrastructure

October Cyberattack Cost Sinclair $63 Million, According To Its 4Q Report

Official website of Russian Parliament, MoD and Kremlin go offline

One-Size-Fits-All Solutions Fail to Keep Pace With Rising Payments Fraud

Ransomware 2021 - the year and trends in review

Ransomware wreaked havoc last year, manufacturing was most targeted

Russia could use cryptocurrency to blunt the force of US sanctions

Salesforce paid more than $2.8 million in 2021 bug bounties, $12.2 million since 2015

Security organisations form Nonprofit Cyber coalition

SockDetour backdoor used in attacks on defense contractors, says Unit 42

Spotting red flags: How investors can trade cryptocurrency and NFTs safely

Telstra reminds organisations that managing cyber risks is not having 'bank-level security'

This new ransomware has been spotted in two very different attacks, say researchers

TrickBot Gang Likely Shifting Operations to Switch to New Malware

Ukraine invasion: How a digital cold war with Russia threatens the IT industry

Want to boost you cybersecurity? Here are ten steps you can take to improve your defenses now

Warning — Deadbolt Ransomware Targeting ASUSTOR NAS Devices

Your Phone Carrier Is Selling Your Personal Data. Here's How to Tell It to Stop


4 Assumptions Preventing Effective API Protection

5 Held in Ukraine Over Phishing Scam With 70,000 Victims

A comparison of NDR solutions: Deep packet inspection (DPI) vs. metadata analysis

Anatomy of top-tier suspected NSA backdoor code

Announcing the AppSec Ambassador Program

Are separate SIEMs for threat hunting a good idea?

BEC-as-a-Service Campaigns Drive Surge in Email Fraud

Children Can Access Sexual Material on the Metaverse

Chinese Experts Uncover Details of Equation Group's Bvp47 Covert Hacking Tool

Combining True MDR & SOC for Robust Cybersecurity

Consumers don’t mind handing out their data for better user experience

Covid-19 cost tracker update

Crisis comms survey

Cybersecurity and Operational Resilience in 2022

Cybersecurity: Board of Director Litigation Risk

DeadBolt ransomware now targets ASUSTOR devices, asks 50 BTC for master key

Developers Need Security Training

Dridex Malware Deploying Entropy Ransomware on Hacked Computers

Entropy ransomware linked to Evil Corp's Dridex malware

EU Deploys Cyber Response Unit to Ukraine

Everyone Wants a Seat at the Table: CISO + CIO Roles Evolve

FTC: Americans report losing over $5.8 billion to fraud in 2021

Hackers are targeting this 'easy target'. Here's how to protect yourself

Help Net Security: Healthcare Cybersecurity Report has been released

Horde Webmail Software is affected by a dangerous bug since 2012

How configuration assessments help improve cyber defenses

How to Prepare as Russia-Ukraine Situation Escalates

LockBit, Conti most active ransomware targeting industrial sector

Lose your keys to your Phantom crypto wallet? 1Password has you covered

Malware authors target rivals with malicious npm packages

Microsoft adds GCP to Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud can now protect Google Cloud resources

NCSC Issues First-Ever Cybersecurity Guidance for the Construction Industry

New York to Get Statewide Cybersecurity Center

Nigerian hacker pleads guilty to stealing payroll deposits

Oklahoma Cops Say Rape Victims' Data May Have Been Leaked

Police Seize $22 Million From Online Safe and USB Sticks

Prioritizing Privacy Programs Based on the NIST Privacy Framework

Proof of Concept: Is the New Age of Cyber War Here?

Ransomware extortion doesn't stop after paying the ransom

Researchers shared technical details of NSA Equation Group’s Bvp47 backdoor

Sophos linked Entropy ransomware to Dridex malware. Are both linked to Evil Corp?

The Price set on Ransomware – Avoiding the Cyber Sucker Punch