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NEWS: Julho (10/07 - 16/07) - 28 Semana de 2022

Cyber Security and Information Security News - Daily Updates !! Weekly Review


California legal system exposes details of concealed firearms permit holders

Cyber Attack Threat In North Korea Reaches Its Peak

Email scams are getting more personal

Hackers are targeting industrial systems with malware

Hackers pose as journalists to breach news media org’s networks

In 2022, what are the bitcoin scams that need to be avoided?

Lagarde, the target of a cyber-attack after receiving a fake SMS from Angela Merkel

Phishing emails may target shoppers with post-Prime Day offers

Rhode Island sewer-system operator hit by cyber attack

Scam warning: Britons lose £8,855 to credit card payment fraud - 'Act with caution!'

Shanghai data breach exposes suppression of 'white-hat' security research in China

Smart device warning: Homes 'exposed' to more than 12,000 attacks per week

The story of Creeper: the one considered to be the first computer virus on the internet, but with nuances

Tiny Mantis Botnet Can Launch More Powerful DDoS Attacks Than Mirai

US Warns of Risk of Hiring N. Korean IT Workers

VN has lowest rate of financial cyber-attacks in Southeast Asia

Warning over fake energy bills as scammers target consumers amid cost of living crisis

What is phishing: Types of attacks and how to prevent them

Why is the public sector a prime target for cybercriminals?


A new group on the ransomware scene? BianLian claims to have hacked Mooresville Schools

Arquivos da CIA: quem é Joshua Schulte, hacker condenado por um dos maiores vazamentos da história

Attackers scan 1.6 million WordPress sites for vulnerable plugin

Baton Rouge General Medical Center ransomware attack has caused patients to be diverted to other hospitals, lost records, and lab services down — source

BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) countries decide to fight cyber-attacks

Chinese authorities summon Alibaba executives over data breach

Cyber Security Deal Tracker Market and Deal Tracker as a Service Market Outlook to 2027 By Size & Share, Companies Strategy, Latest Trends & Drivers, Growth Drivers, Investment Environment, Market Positioning of Vendors till 2027

Cyber security: Nigeria improving on global ranking – Pantami

Experts warn of attacks on sites using flawed Kaswara Modern WPBakery Page Builder Addons

Exploring Intelligent Ways to Redefine Defence Cybersecurity

Falling Cryptocurrency Market Stalling Cybercrime Activity

Financial Firms Failing to Fix Authentication Breaches

Firms Not Planning for Supply Chain Threats

Google: Poor Software Fixes Cause Half of all Zero-Days

Holy Ghost ransomware operation is linked to North Korea

How to address the ongoing risk of Log4j exploitation and prepare for the future

New Cache Side Channel Attack Can De-Anonymize Targeted Online Users

North Korean Hackers Targeting Small and Midsize Businesses with H0lyGh0st Ransomware

Outsourcing security is the only solution for many smaller teams

Q-Day: The problem with legacy public key encryption

Ransomware attacks on educational institutions shoot up sharply: Sophos’ report

RedAlert, LILITH, and 0mega, 3 new ransomware in the wild

Telangana: From 2022-23, these three government colleges will offer Cyber Security courses

TEXEM UK warns of emerging cyber-security threats in Nigeria

The proliferation of money mules and how behavioral biometrics can combat this form of fraud

This tiny botnet is launching the most powerful DDoS attacks yet

Tor Browser now bypasses internet censorship automatically

University of Windsor restores ‘vast majority’ of systems after security breach


1.9 Million Healthcare Records Breached in Ransomware Attack

10,000 organisations targeted by phishing attack that bypasses multi-factor authentication

A Simple Formula for Getting Your IT Security Budget Approved

Amazon-related phishing sites approach 900 on Amazon Prime Day

Apetito, Exela and G4S among seven alleged victims of ransomware gang Hive

Bandai Namco finally confirms massive cyber attack as ransomware outfit claims responsibility

‘BazarCall’ Malware Uses Call Centers to Target Small Businesses: CFC

BlackCat Ransomware Group Deploys Brute Ratel Pen Testing Kit

Businesses are adding more endpoints, but can’t manage them all

Conventional cybersecurity approaches are falling short

Counteracting Nation-State-Sponsored Cyberattack Groups

Cyber Essential’s Password-Based Authentication Requirements

Data Breaches Linked to Ransomware Declined in Q2 2022

Data of Nearly 2M Patients Exposed in Ransomware Attack on Healthcare Debt Collection Firm

Data Security's Secret: Data As An Asset

Deakin Uni Students Suffer Smishing Attack, Data Breach

Experts concerned about ransomware groups creating searchable databases of victim data

Fewer Fall Victim to Data Breaches as Attackers Switch to Business in 2022

Former CIA Engineer Convicted of Leaking 'Vault 7' Hacking Secrets to Wikileaks

French telecom operator La Poste Mobile suffers a Lockbit ransomware attack

HavanaCrypt ransomware poses as a Google software update app

How attackers abuse Quickbooks to send phone scam emails

ICO Calls for Review of Government “Private” Messaging

Is Cryptocurrency's Crash Causing Headaches for Ransomware Gangs?

Itapemirim é alvo de ataque hacker que pede R$ 250 milhões em Bitcoin

Journalists Emerge as Favored Attack Target for APTs

Journalists increasingly targeted with phishing attacks, while news media also used as lures

LendingTree class action alleges data breach exposed data of 200K customers

‘Lives are at stake’: hacking of US hospitals highlights deadly risk of ransomware

Mantis botnet behind the record-breaking DDoS attack in June

Microsoft: 10,000 Organizations Targeted in Large-Scale Phishing Campaign

Microsoft Details App Sandbox Escape Bug Impacting Apple iOS, iPadOS, macOS Devices

Microsoft is telling Mac users to get patching. Here's why

NATO Announces Virtual Rapid Response Cybersecurity Capability

New Retbleed speculative execution CPU attack bypasses Retpoline fixes

Only 26% of small businesses see cyber security as a ‘top priority’

Pakistani Hackers Targeting Indian Students in Latest Malware Campaign

PayPal phishing kit added to hacked WordPress sites for full ID theft

PayPal-themed phishing kit allows complete identity theft

Ransomware activity rose by 21% in Q2 - Report

Ransomware attack on US healthcare debt collector exposes 1.9m patient records

Ransomware attacks surge in education sector

Security Awareness and Training Crucial to Preventing Healthcare Phishing Attacks

Shanghai data breach details confirmed

Singapore talks up OT security, looks to add medical devices to labelling scheme

State-Backed Hackers Targeting Journalists in Widespread Espionage Campaigns

State-Sponsored Hackers Targeting Journalists

Tenet Healthcare Sued Over Data Breach; San Francisco Settles Data Breach Lawsuit

The future of SOCs: Automation where it matters

The industrial internet of things is still a big mess when it comes to security

The Top 7 Signs of a Phishing Scam

The Uber Tapes: can a data breach be ethical?

Twitter outage shows "Something went wrong" error message

Uniswap V3 LPs Lose Millions in Fake Token Phishing Attack

What these two companies learned from their cyberattack experiences

Will FIDO passwordless authentication save cyber security?


$8 million stolen in large-scale Uniswap airdrop phishing attack

A ransomware attack on a debt collection firm could be one of 2022’s biggest health data breaches

Afni, Inc. Announces Data Breach

Amazon Prime Day Shoppers Must Be Aware of Phishing: 897 Sites Are Live Imitating the Retail Giant

Android security: How this new malware has become a top smartphone threat

Australian university suffers data breach of 47,000 students

Bandai Namco says customer data may be at risk after ransomware attack

Best practices for cyber resilience

British Jeweller Graff Pays $7.5M to Cyber Hackers; Files Lawsuit Against Insurer

Check Point names most wanted malware

CSC Reports Spike in Fake Baby Formula, Semiconductor Domains

Cyber attackers strike flood monitoring system in Goa, India

Cyber Warfare Enters the Mainstream: Businesses Could Be Caught in Crossfire Without Preparation

Dark Data Management: Mitigating the Risks of the Invisible

Data breach at CHRISTUS Spohn detected

Data Breach Lawsuit: Gaming Company Razer Sues Capgemini for $7 Million Razer claims app

Data Privacy a Growing Consideration for Biometrics in IAM

Data-wiping attacks are on the rise

Education institutions increasingly being hit with ransomware: Report

Elden Ring publisher hit by ransomware attack

‘Employ Florida’ Website Is Live Again After Major Cyber Attack Took It Down for 2 Weeks, Delaying Unemployment Claims

Feds Offer $5 Million for Information on North Korean Cyber Threats

Hackers increasingly targeting schools with ransomware, report says

HavanaCrypt Ransomware Masquerades as a Fake Google Update

Highmark Health, WellDyneRx, Others Report Healthcare Data Breaches

HMRC phishing scams and how to avoid them

How CIOs Can Prepare for Increasing Cybersecurity Threats in 2022

How to protect your small business from scammers

Human error remains a key challenge in Fintech security

Identifying blind spots: OT infrastructure vulnerability

Identity Theft Resource Center H1 2022 Data Breach Report Shows Decrease in Compromises and Victim Rates

Increased ransomware attacks on educational institutions

Internet Searches Reveal Surprisingly Prevalent Ransomware

Large-Scale Phishing Campaign Bypasses MFA

Maintaining Health Data Security, Resilience With Autonomous Governance

Mangatoon data breach: 23m user accounts stolen from poorly-secured Elasticsearch database

Marriott Hotels suffers another data breach

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 86 flaws, four critical, one being used in attacks

Microsoft warning: This phishing attack can skip your defenses and has hit 10,000 firms already

Microsoft Warns of Large-Scale AiTM Phishing Attacks Against Over 10,000 Organizations

NCSC and ICO tell solicitors to rethink advice

New 'Retbleed' Speculative Execution Attack Affects AMD and Intel CPUs

New UEFI firmware flaws impact over 70 Lenovo laptop models

Over 4,000 confirmed ransomware incidents in 2021, task force says

Phone, email and Social Security numbers may have been stolen from Mooresville schools

Ransomware Activity Resurges in Q2

Researchers Uncover New Variants of the ChromeLoader Browser Hijacking Malware

San Francisco city, county medical data privacy $400K class action settlement

Schools among those hit hardest by ransomware

Summer Is Here, But Here’s Why It’s Not Time To Let Your Guard Down

Survey Surfaces Raft of Industrial IoT Security Challenges

The enemy of vulnerability management? Unrealistic expectations

The weaponizing of smartphone location data on the battlefield

U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Vows to Crack Down on Illegal Use and Sharing of Citizens' Sensitive Data

Who are the best fraud fighters?

Why Hackers are Increasingly Targeting Digital Supply Chains


3 Critical Elements Of Effective Insider Risk Managemen

7 Effective Tips for Ransomware Negotiations

A look at the bring your own browser (BYOB) approach

A robust cybersecurity framework is necessary for UAE’s SME sector to thrive: Real Secure

Aerojet Rocketdyne Pays $9m Settlement Over Whistleblower Allegations

Are your site’s tracking technologies breaking the law?

As cyber threats evolve and persist, a pressing need to build greater resilience

Associated Eye Care Partners Issues Notifications About December 2020 Data Breach

Atacantes distribuem ransomware HavanaCrypt disfarçado de atualizações do Google

Australian maximum-security prison suffers a destructive cyber attack

Avoiding Death by a Thousand Scripts: Using Automated Content Security Policies

Bandai Namco, publicadora de Elden Ring, pode ter sido vítima de ataque ransomware

Bandai Namco Reportedly Subjected to Ransomware Attack

Better security helps employees to innovate

Biggest Security Concerns Around NFTs

British watchdogs warn on cyber-attack ransoms

Business lessons learned from the Colonial Pipeline attack

CFC warns of new ‘BazarCall’ ransomware attacks

Confronting the Cybersecurity Compliance Challenge

Criminals are now posing as security companies to trick you into installing malware

Cyber attacks on the rise

Cyber Insurers Looking for New Risk Assessment Models

Cybersecurity, data protection and inadequate IT budgets are top of mind for IT professionals

Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks Quarterly Review: Q2 2022

Debt-Collection Company Reports Data Breach Impacting 657 Providers

Digital security expert in cyber attack warning for Dundee residents

Disneyland Instagram, Facebook Accounts Defaced

Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco reportedly hit by ransomware attack

Expert warns of rising threat of cyber attacks on physical infrastructure

French telecoms operator La Poste Mobile hit by a ransomware attack

FTC official vows to ‘crack down’ on companies misusing consumer health data

Getting A Head Start Against A Ransomware Attack

Hackers stole $620 million from Axie Infinity via fake job interviews

House appropriators back more than $15 billion for cybersecurity

How Cyberattacks Threaten E-commerce Businesses in 2022

How to develop successful incident response plans

How War Impacts Cyber Insurance

Implementing a cyber security-first culture for the modern workplace

Internet of Things Threats and Risks to Be Aware of

IT giant restores systems after ‘malware attack’ crippled operations

Lithuanian Energy Firm Disrupted by DDOS Attack

Majority Want Limitations on Social Media Content

Mangatoon data breach exposes data of 23M accounts

Microsoft: Phishing bypassed MFA in attacks against 10,000 orgs

More than $4.7M stolen in Uniswap fake token phishing attack

New Department of Justice (DoJ) Strategic Plan Targets Cyberattacks, Ransomware

New ‘Luna Moth’ hackers breach orgs via fake subscription renewals

‘Nobody is holding them back’ — North Korean cyber-attack threat rises

Personal data of nearly 146,000 customers exposed in the Aon hack

Police warn Ontario residents about Rogers outage phishing scam

Protect and survive: dealing with adversarial nation states

Ransomware and backup: Overcoming the challenges

Ransomware Attacks on Education Institutions Increase, Sophos Survey Shows

Ransomware is hitting one sector particularly hard, and the impact is felt by everyone

Ransomware pay-outs by cyber insurers in the last two years averages £3.2m: Panaseer

Readout of National Cyber Director Chris Inglis’s Travel to Israel and Europe

Researchers defeat facial recognition systems with universal face mask

Singapore doubles down on OT security

Spike in Amazon Prime Scams Expected

Texas health system data breach compromises info of 15,000 patients

Thales to buy OneWelcome for €100 mn in cyber security push

TikTok Postpones Privacy Policy Update in Europe After Italy Warns of GDPR Breach

Uniswap User Loses $8M Worth of Ether in Phishing Attack

United Kingdom Cyber Security Market Report 2022: Rising Instances of Cybercrime and Cyberattacks Fueling Growth -

Using the Power of AI/ML in Cybersecurity

Verdantix urges building facility managers to secure building systems against cyber-attacks

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCU Health) Notifies Patients of Transplant Donor, Recipient PHI Data Breach

Would Cyber Security 1 (STO:CYB1) Be Better Off With Less Debt?


7 steps to switch your organization to a zero trust architecture

A fake job offer via LinkedIn allowed to steal $540M from Axie Infinity

Anubis Networks is back with new C2 server

APCIA: 8 cybersecurity best practices for 2022

Associated Eye Care Discloses Impact From 2020 Netgain Ransomware Attack

Bandai Namco é alvo de ataque hacker e tem dados roubados

BlackCat (aka ALPHV) ransomware is increasing stakes up to $2.5 million in demands

BlackCat (aka ALPHV) Ransomware is Increasing Stakes up to $2,5M in Demands

BlackCat Ransomware Increases Demands Up to $2.5m

Brazen crooks are now posing as cybersecurity companies to trick you into installing malware

CEO of Dozens of Companies Charged in Scheme to Traffic An Estimated $1bn in Fake Cisco Devices

Cloud-based Cryptocurrency Miners Targeting GitHub Actions and Azure VMs

Competição de “hackers do bem” abre inscrições no Rio de Janeiro

Cyber attack on Ignitis Group dies down

Cyber insurance: Tips for keeping the right level of cover

Cyber Security in Robotic Market 2022 Exclusive Forecast Report 2028|McAfee, Aujas Cybersecurity, TUV Rheinland

CyManII releases roadmap to protect manufacturers from cyber-attacks

Dealing with threats and preventing sensitive data loss

‘Dirty dancing’ in OAuth: Researcher discloses how cyber-attacks can lead to account hijacking

Distributed Remote Workforce and Security Implications

Dubai simulates global cyberattack scenario

EDF Under Scrutiny Over Cybersecurity Record

Especialista aponta as principais formas de ação dos hackers para invadir as contas dos gamers

Experts warn of the new 0mega ransomware operation

Google Cloud: When it comes to cyber risks, we're all in it together

Health Aid of Ohio Settles Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit

Health facilities in Bahrain ‘must abide by strict cybersecurity rules’

Hive Ransomware Takes a Coding Twist from Go to Rust

How to auto block macros in Microsoft Office docs from the internet

How to opt out of T-Mobile's creepy ad tracking campaign

HowTo: Level Up MSPs’ Cybersecurity

Ignitis Group hit by DDoS attack as Killnet continues Lithuania campaign

Legal firm launches investigation into Elephant Insurance data breach

Linode + Kali Linux: Added security for cloud instances

Microsoft says decision to unblock Office macros is temporary

Microsoft: Windows Autopatch is now generally available

Nearly all governmental websites serve cookies or third-party trackers

Project slashes cost of OT cybersecurity for UK SMEs

PyPI Repository Enforces 2FA for Critical Python Projects

Python programming: PyPl is rolling out 2FA for critical projects, giving away 4,000 security keys

Ransomware Attack Hits French Telecoms Firm

Revealed: More than 200 data breaches at Aberdeenshire Council

Take your cyber security strategy to the next level with iSSC’s managed security services

Tem um smartphone Android antigo? Atenção: este malware rouba o seu dinheiro sem que se aperceba

The History and Evolution of Zero Trust

The impact of DNS attacks on global organizations

What It Takes to Tackle Your SaaS Security

Who is who in the cybercriminal world?

Why China’s Massive Data Leak Is So Chilling

Why We Need Accountability For Effective Cybersecurity Frameworks

Wibmo ties up with Microsoft to secure tech stack, adopts Zero Trust strategy


Cleveland Native Publishes Unique and Exciting Cyber Security Book, ‘RELAX: A Guide to True Cyber Security’

College probe after personal details of hundreds emailed out by mistake

CPWD faces cyber attacks, reiterates guidelines to employees

Cybersecurity is in hot demand. There's some challenges the government may face

Data leak of a billion Chinese nationals questions Xi’s ‘so-called’ claims of data security

EDF cyber security ‘shortfalls’ see energy giant placed under further monitoring

Experts stress importance of ensuring cybersecurity

Hackers Used Fake LinkedIn Job Offer to Hack Off $625M from Axie Infinity

Hangzhou hosts cyber security forum with view towards Asian Games

India: Beware of phishing attacks in name of unpaid electricity bills

New Research Proves Most Government Websites Are Filled With Third-Party Tracking Cookies

North Korea Attacks Health Sector With Maui Ransomware

North Zonal Council Meeting: Amit Shah says cyber attack has deep national security impact, orders new panel to tackle it

Oferta de trabalho falso está por trás do hack de US$ 600 milhões

Ransomware Experts Believe More Businesses Are Paying to Get their Data Back

Russia, China, North Korea and Iran lead in supporting aggressive cyber attackers, says HolistiCyber CEO

Sabah aims to become cyber-security centre of excellence

UAE Cybersecurity Council issues warning on electronic fraud, phishing attacks

Watch out for these devious scams on Amazon Prime Day 2022

What Is the Lazarus Group? Is It Really Comprised of North Korean Hackers?

NEWS: Julho (03/07 - 09/07) - 27 Semana de 2022

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