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NEWS: Julho (25/07 - 31/07) - 30 Semana de 2021

Cyber Security News !!!


8 biggest scams you need to watch out for - Kim Komando

Attackers Have Successfully Hit the Nation’s Largest Corporations – Their Onslaught on SMBs Will be Worse – Are You Prepared? - Industry Analysts

BBB Scam Alert: Watch out for fraudulent QR codes - The Charlotte Weekly

BlackMatter ransomware gang rises from the ashes of DarkSide, REvil - Bleeping Computer

Cyber battles in US: Could online attacks spark a war? - RTE

Data breach could mean compromised personal information for some Cayuga Medical patients - Finger Lakes 1

FBI warns investors of fraudsters posing as brokers and advisers - Bleeping Computer

Five common misperceptions about business cyberattacks - Techradar

'I took it quite personally': Queensland business describes second cyberattack in five years - 9News

Many Popular Dash Cams Aren’t Having Any Consideration for Data Privacy and Security - TechNadu

Protecting Your Business Data - Techbullion

‘Sandhills’ Mental Health Center Breached and Patient Data Now Auctioned on the Dark Web - TechNadu

Transform SR Holding Management LLC Identifies and Addresses Data Security Incident - AIThority

U.S. DoJ Concludes that ‘Solarwinds’ Hackers Accessed Emails of 27 State Attorneys - TechNadu

What is an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)? How Do You Solve It? - PVP Live

Wiper Malware Threat Looms Over Tokyo Olympics - Kratikal Blogs

Zimbra Webmail Platform Vulnerabilities Discovered That Could Compromise Mail Servers - LHN


200 companies targeted by a cyber attack - Rebel Yell

A New Wiper Malware Was Behind Recent Cyberattack On Iranian Train System - The Hacker News

Barracuda Research Reveals How Email Attacks are Evolving and Who is Being Targeted the Most - XaaS Journal

CISA launches vulnerability disclosure platform for federal agencies - Bleeping Computer

Cloud and security are top priorities for MSPs - Help Net Security

Cyberresilience: Your Data Insurance Policy - Security Boulevard

Dozens of active Cozy Bear C2 servers for data-stealing malware identified - Computing CO

Emails Lead to Fake Call Center Discussions that End With a ‘BazaLoader’ Infection - TechNadu

Evolving cybercrime and data security challenges - Financial Express

Experts Uncover Several C&C Servers Linked to WellMess Malware - The Hacker News

Florida Health Practice Target of Cyberattack, PHI Exposed - Helth IT Security

Global cyberattacks soar by 29% - IT Online

How To Prevent A Data Breach In Your Company - Forbes


5 School Cloud Ransomware And Lateral Phishing Facts For K-12 IT Security Teams - Managed Methods

Average total cost of a data breach increased by nearly 10% year over year - Help Net Security

Beware of crypto exchange scams - Avast Blog

BRI Life Customer Data Breach Caused by Hacking Activity - Tempo CO

China ‘crossed line’ with email cyber attack, cyber security tsar says - Financial Review

China ‘found faulty locks and propped open the doors’ in Microsoft attack: ASD - The Age

Chipotle’s Mail Service Hacked and Recipients Served a Plate of “Phish” - TechNadu

Chipotle’s marketing account hacked to send phishing emails - Bleeping Computer

CISA’s Top 30 Bugs: One’s Old Enough to Buy Beer - Threatpost

City of Grass Valley Among Latest Local Governments Hit By Cyberattack - CBS Sacramento

Covid Passport Scheme Suffers Data Breach - Teiss

Cyber experts warn of ransomware risks during Tokyo Olympics - NU Property Casualty 360

Dark web ads offering corporate network access increase seven-fold - Help Net Security

Data Breaches Cost Companies Average $4.2 Million - Silicon Valley Daily

‘Death Kitty’: The ransomware that may be linked to the Transnet hack - The South African

Defend Against Ransomware With Relationship-Driven Incident Response - CSO USA

Defunct Marketing Company Leaked the Sensitive Data of Over 300,000 People - TechNadu

Entertainment tech provider D-Box recovering from ransomware attack - The Daily Swig

Hackers used never-before-seen wiper in recent attack on Iranian train system: report - ZDNet

How can secure KVM technology help eliminate security risks? - Help Net Security

Insurer: Size of Claims Paid for Ransomware Attacks Declines - Gov Info Security

IT employment rose for the 11th consecutive month - Help Net Security

IT staffers receive an average of 40 targeted phishing attacks in a year; reports Barracuda Researchers - Express Computer

Lack of email validation and opt-in processes hinder organizations from achieving compliance - Help Net Security

MassHealth Members Impacted by Health Data Breach - Health IT Security

McAfee: Babuk ransomware decryptor causes encryption 'beyond repair' - ZDNet

Microsoft: Zero Trust security just hit the mainstream - ZDNet

New Android Malware Uses VNC to Spy and Steal Passwords from Victims - The Hacker News

New destructive Meteor wiper malware used in Iranian railway attack - Bleeping Computer

Phishing Actors Spoofing ‘WeTransfer’ to Steal ‘Office 365’ Credentials - TechNadu

Ransomware can penetrate quickly, significantly damaging an organization - Help Net Security

Ransomware hackers are getting greedier — here's what it costs to get your data back - Laptop Mag

Ransomware: These are the two most common ways hackers get inside your network - ZDNet

Scammers target Olympic Games fans - ITWeb

SonicWall: Record 304.7 Million Ransomware Attacks Eclipse 2020 Global Total in Just 6 Months - Response Source

The evolution of spear phishing and who criminals are targeting - TechRepublic

These Were the Top Most Exploited Flaws That You Need to Patch Immediately - TechNadu

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Hit with Ticket Holder Data Breach - Tech CO

Top 30 Critical Security Vulnerabilities Most Exploited by Hackers - The Hacker News

Uber Breached Australians' Privacy Following 2016 Attack - Softpedia News

UC San Diego Health Breach Tied to Phishing Attack - Threatpost


Biden: Major cyber attack could lead to a 'real shooting war' - ZDNet

BlackMatter ransomware group claims to be Darkside and REvil succesor - Security Affairs

Chinese Hackers Implant PlugX Variant on Compromised MS Exchange Servers - The Hacker News

Confidence redefined: The cybersecurity industry needs a reboot- Help Net Security

Consumers are increasingly concerned about online security and imminent attacks - Help Net Security

Critical Microsoft Hyper-V bug could haunt orgs for a long time - Bleeping Computer

EFF Sues U.S. Postal Service for Running Social Media Spying Operation - TechNadu

Enterprise data breach cost reached record high during COVID-19 pandemic - ZDNet

Exposing the latest cloud threats affecting enterprises - Help Net Security

FBI reveals top targeted vulnerabilities of the last two years - Bleeping Computer

Get patching: US, UK, and Australia issue joint advisory on top 30 exploited vulnerabilities - ZDNet

Hackers breach UC San Diego hospital, gaining access to SSNs and medical info of patients, employees, and students - ZDNet

Hackers Posed as Aerobics Instructors for Years to Target Aerospace Employees - The Hacker News

How Iranian Actors Targeted Aerospace Defense Contractor Through a Fake Social Media Persona - TechNadu

How security leaders can build emotionally intelligent cybersecurity teams - Help Net Security

How to Set Up a VPN on an ASUS Router - TechNadu

IBM Cost of a Data Breach study: average Cost of Data Breach exceeds $4.2M - Security Affairs

Microsoft adds Safe Links phishing protection to Microsoft Teams - Help Net Security

New RaaS Called ‘BlackMatter’ Emerges to Fill the Gap Left by REvil and DarkSide - TechNadu

Northern Ireland's COVID certification service suspended after data leak - Bleeping Computer

One third of cybersecurity workers have faced harassment at work or online - this initiative aims to stamp it out - ZDNet

Russian-Speaking Forum ‘RAMP’ Fostering New RaaS Launches and Affiliates - TechNadu

These hackers built an elaborate online profile to fool their targets into downloading malware - ZDNet

Trending cybercrimes and the big impact of lesser-known breaches - Help Net Security

UBEL is the New Oscorp — Android Credential Stealing Malware Active in the Wild - The Hacker News

Where does the SME fit into a supply chain attack? - Help Net Security

Why you need to urgently update all your iPhones, iPads, and Macs - NOW! - ZDNet


36% of organizations suffered a serious cloud security data leak or a breach in the past year - Help Net Security

After ransomware attack: Anhalt-Bitterfeld asks the Bundeswehr for help - Market Research Telecast

Apple Patches Actively Exploited Zero-Day in iOS, MacOS - Threatpost

Apple Releases Urgent 0-Day Bug Patch for Mac, iPhone and iPad Devices - The Hacker News

Average time to fix high severity vulnerabilities grows from 197 days to 246 days in 6 months: report - ZDNet

CISOs operating blind, with limited visibility and control - Help Net Security

Consumer attitudes towards various digital identity authentication methods - Help Net Security

Consumer expectations of digital services increased since early 2020 - Help Net Security

Crisis communications for a hostile cyber landscape - Insurance Business

Cybercrime and hacking by hostile states demands a 'Digital Geneva Convention' – Stewart McDonald MP and Alyn Smith MP - The Scotsman

Google announces new bug bounty platform - ZDNet

Hackers Turning to 'Exotic' Programming Languages for Malware Development - The Hacker News

Health related patient data emerges on the dark web - Digital Journal

How Network Segmentation Can Protect Supply Chains from Ransomware Attacks - The State Of Security

How to create a positive and effective cybersecurity environment instead of a shame culture - TechRepublic

How to prevent corporate credentials ending up on the dark web - Help Net Security

HP finds 75% of threats were delivered by email in first six months of 2021 - ZDNet

Is Japan ready to face mounting cyber threats during the Olympics? - TechWire Asia

Kaseya recovers data stolen in ransomware attack with mysterious decryption tool - Coin Telegraph

LockBit ransomware now encrypts Windows domains using group policies - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft warns of credential-stealing NTLM relay attacks against Windows domain controllers - TechRepublic

Phishing Used to Get PII, not Just Ransomware - Security Boulevard

Several Bugs Found in 3 Open-Source Software Used by Several Businesses - The Hacker News

Tech support scams among top phishing attacks - Security Brief

The City of Thessaloniki in Greece is Being Extorted by the ‘Grief’ Ransomware Group - TechNadu

The Cyber Apocalypse Never Came. Here’s What We Got Instead - Politico

Turning the tide on surging account takeovers in the media industry - Help Net Security

Update Your Apple Device Now to Plug a Critical and Actively-Exploited Zero-Day - TechNadu


Avoid sophisticated phishing attacks by slowing down, getting trained, says FortiGuard Labs - Silicon Angle

AvosLocker Ransomware Gang Recruiting Affiliates, Partners - GovInfo Security

BIMI: A Visual Take on Email Authentication and Security - The Hacker News

Criminals target Discord to spread malware - ITPro

Crypto-ransomware connection draws U.S. Senate scrutiny - Forkast

Data-localization policies are spreading rapidly around the world - Help Net Security

DDoS protection major concern for ME service providers - TradeArabia

Em 4 anos, ciberataques conseguirão matar pessoas? - CISO Advisor

For Hackers, APIs are Low-Hanging Fruit - Security Focus

How to develop a skilled cybersecurity team - Help Net Security

How to Mitigate Microsoft Windows 10, 11 SeriousSAM Vulnerability - The Hacker News

How Uber’s 2016 Data Breach Took a Wrong Turn - CISO Mag

Ignore API security at your peril - Help Net Security

Microsoft: Here's how to shield your Windows servers against this credential stealing attack - ZDNet

Microsoft publishes mitigations for the PetitPotam attack - Security Affairs

Microsoft Warns of LemonDuck Malware Targeting Windows and Linux Systems - The Hacker News

New PetitPotam NTLM Relay Attack Lets Hackers Take Over Windows Domains - The Hacker News

Ransomware: Here's how much victims have saved in ransom payments by using these free decryption tools - ZDNet

‘Savory Spice’ Breached and Customer Credit Card Details Compromised - TechNadu

Signal fixes bug that sent random images to wrong contacts - Bleeping Computer

The knowledge gap around runtime security and the associated risks - Help Net Security

The True Impact of Ransomware Attacks - Threatpost

Twitter handle swatter jailed after victim dies following home raid - ZDNet

Verifiable credentials are key to the future of online privacy - Help Net Security

WhatsApp chief says government officials, US allies targeted by Pegasus spyware - ZDNet


Australian Commissioner rules Uber interfered with the privacy of 1.2 million app users - Taxi Point

Australian Companies Are Sitting Ducks for Ransomware Attacks - Tech Bullion

Blaming China is handy when trying to keep telco infrastructure away from Beijing - ZDNet

BSides Vancouver 2021 – Christian Miles’ ‘Attack Of The Graph: Visual Tools For Cyber Analysis’ - Security Focus

BSides Vancouver 2021 – Vigneshwar Sethuraman’s ‘A Study On Intrusion Detection Systems With A Practical Experiment On Snort’ - Security Focus

Child tax credit 2021: IRS warns of scammers impersonating agency to help sign up, speed up payments - EyeWitness News

Cyber attackers could weaponise tech to kill humans by 2025: Gartner - Business Line

Experts weigh in on Clubhouse Data Leak, call it fake - Money Control

First came the ransomware attacks, now come the lawsuits - The Washington Post

More cybersecurity graduates needed to tackle more valuable crimes than drug trafficking - Illinois News Live

Nearly 38% of financial malware attacks in UAE aimed at corporate users in 2021 - N Business

New crypto malware targeting Windows, Linux systems: Microsoft - Telangana Today

Nigeria, others record increase in financial malware – Report - Punchng

Olympic Games the new hotspot for cybercriminals - Telangana Today

Sony has issued a PS5 and PS4 warning, urging PSN users to take precautions to secure their accounts - Brinkwire

Spain in world’s top 20 countries most affected by phishing attacks - Euro Weekly News

There has been no data breach, says Clubhouse - The Tribune

NEWS: Julho (18/07 - 24/07) - 29 Semana de 2021

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Levantando a bandeira de que hacker é um profissional e especialista naquilo que ele faz. Hacker é um especialista, um pesquisador, um profissional como outro qualquer.

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