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NEWS: Junho/Julho (27/06 - 03/07) - 26 Semana de 2021

Cyber Security News !!!!


Android Apps with 5.8 million Installs Caught Stealing Users' Facebook Passwords - The Hacker News

Coop supermarket closes 500 stores after Kaseya ransomware attack - Bleeping Computer

Cyberattack shuts Swedish supermarket giant - Bangkok Post

Diavol ransomware appears in the threat landscape. Is it the work of the Wizard Spider gang? - Security Affairs

Hundreds of businesses, from Sweden to US, affected by cyberattack - The Straits Times

Insurers warned against cyberattacks - The Manila Times

Kaseya Supply-Chain Attack Hits Nearly 40 Service Providers With REvil Ransomware - The Hacker News

Kaseya VSA supply-chain ransomware attack hit hundreds of companies - Security Affairs

Latest ransomware attack appears to hit hundreds of American businesses - The Guardian

Nearly 200 companies targeted by cyber attacks in the United States - New Magazin research

Ransomware Attack on Florida IT Firm Hits 200 Companies - The Epoch Times

Ransomware Hits Hundreds of US Companies, Security Firm Says - Edge Media Network

Russia-linked group hacks 200 businesses with ransomware - Windsor Star

US chemical distributor shares info on DarkSide ransomware data theft - Bleeping Computer

Windows 11 Security Stink Reveals Massive Microsoft Ransomware Red Herring - Forbes


1 Thing Most Cyber Breaches Have in Common: Lack of Education - CNYBJ

Actively exploited PrintNightmare zero-day gets unofficial patch - Bleeping Computer

Babuk ransomware returns to target corporate networks - ITPro

Bengaluru cyber security firm claims data breach in Tamil Nadu PDS - The Indian Express

CISA Offers New Mitigation for PrintNightmare Bug - ThreatPost

Cyber attackers up the ante on embattled IT teams - ComputerWeekly

Cybercrime demands a new approach to cloud security - Techradar Pro

DC and Marvel superheroes top breached password lists - Tech Republic

Decision makers divided about cloud technology adoption - Help Net Security

Diavol ransomware linked to Trickbot botnet - ITPro

EA Ignored Vulnerabilities For Months Despite Warnings And Breaches - Digit

Firmware vulnerabilities in Netgear routers created network security risk - The Daily Swig

How facial recognition solutions can safeguard the hybrid workplace - Help Net Security

How mobile operators view security in the 5G era - Help Net Security

How the increase in work from home will impact corporate cybersecurity - ITPro Portal

International Action Cuts Off Access to VPN Service Used By Ransomware Groups - GTSC

Is your smartphone really safe from hackers? Here’s how to be sure - Metro

LinkedIn data breach: Data of 700 million users put for online sale - Technowize

Major South African Insurance Company Suffers Data Breach - Softpedia News

Microsoft adds second CVE for PrintNightmare remote code execution - ZDNet

Microsoft warns of critical PowerShell 7 code execution vulnerability - Bleeping Computer

Mongolian Certificate Authority Hacked to Distribute Backdoored CA Software - The Hacker News

Most enterprises started a modernization program due to the pandemic - Help Net Security

New Mirai-Inspired Botnet Could Be Using Your KGUARD DVRs in Cyber Attacks - The Hacker News

Police warn Worcestershire residents about scam calls that appear genuine - Evesham Journal

Practicefirst Notifies Affected Individuals of Data Incident - Cision PR Newswire

Privacy Takes a Hit In the High Court - Security Boulevard

Ransomware gangs are taking aim at 'soft target' industrial control systems - ZDNet

Record Year for Investigators in Healthcare Fraud Cases - InfoSecurity

Russia's APT28 Blamed for Brute Force Campaign Using Kubernetes - InfoSecurity

Single page web applications and how to keep them secure - Help Net Security

Smart Home Experiences Over 12,000 Cyber-Attacks in a Week - InfoSecurity

The Countdown Towards Zero Trust and MFA - InfoSecurity

The Ransomware Attack Is Blocking Health Care And Hospitals In Ireland - Swords Today

UK NCSC, US Agencies, Warn Of Russian Cyber Campaign - Silicon

US Department of Homeland Security toasts success of warp-speed drive to diversify cybersecurity workforce - The Daily Swig

US insurance giant AJG reports data breach after ransomware attack - Bleeping Computer

What people don’t know about negotiating a cyber attack ransom - Insurance Business

Why Healthcare Keeps Falling Prey to Ransomware and Other Cyberattacks - ThreatPost


3 Steps to Strengthen Your Ransomware Defenses - The Hacker News

9 Trojan Apps With 5.8 Million Downloads Discovered on Play Store - TechNadu

Chinese hacking group impersonates Afghan president to infiltrate government agencies - ZDNet

CISA: Disable Windows Print Spooler on servers not used for printing - Bleeping Computer

Criminal VPN Service Dismantled by Global Police - InfoSecurity

Employers permanently moving to a more flexible work model - Help Net Security

Enhancing cloud security with a two-step cryptography technique - Help Net Security

eSafety says tweeting commisioner will not qualify as a formal Online Safety Act request - ZDNet

Exploit for Critical Windows Flaw Is Out but a Fixing Patch Isn’t - TechNadu

Facebook Sues 4 Vietnamese for Hacking Accounts and $36 Million Ad Fraud - The Hacker News

First-of-its-Kind SASE Accreditation Course Launched - InfoSecurity

Freshly scraped LinkedIn data of 88,000 US business owners shared online - Security Affairs

Google Chrome will get an HTTPS-Only Mode for secure browsing - Bleeping Computer

Gozi Virus Arrest Made in Colombia - InfoSecurity

Hackers breached a data server of the University Medical Center - Security Affairs

IndigoZebra APT Hacking Campaign Targets the Afghan Government - The Hacker News

Industrial facilities progressively at risk of data theft and ransomware attacks - Help Net Security

Infosec Community Posts Solidarity Bikini Pics After Twitter Troll Outburst - InfoSecurity

Microsoft found auth bypass, system hijack flaws in Netgear routers - Security Affairs

NSA: Russian GRU hackers use Kubernetes to run brute force attacks - Bleeping Computer

PrintNightmare: Windows Zero-Day Accidentally Disclosed by Chinese Researchers - InfoSecurity

Protecting your organizations against BEC and other email attacks - Help Net Security

Putin Orders Twitter to Open Russian Office - InfoSecurity

Resilience by design: What security pros need to know about microlearning - Help Net Security

Rethinking Application Security in the API-First Era - The Hacker News

Robinhood ordered to pay $70 million over ‘harm’ caused to ‘millions' of traders - ZDNet

Secure AI is the foundation of trustworthy AI - Help Net Security

Twitter now lets you use security keys as the only 2FA method - Bleeping Computer

US CISA releases a Ransomware Readiness Assessment (RRA) tool - Security Affairs

WhatsApp Introducing “View Once” Feature for Disappearing Messages - TechNadu


An organization’s security posture will benefit from increased coordination - Help Net Security

‘Byju’ User Details Leaked Online Due to Server Misconfiguration - TechNadu

Chief Compliance Officers must embrace new leadership responsibilities - Help Net Security

Data Breaches Rise as Organizations Shift to the Cloud - Security Boulevard

Facebook Is Suing Account Hackers and Advertisement Scammers - TechNadu

GitHub Launches 'Copilot' — AI-Powered Code Completion Tool - The Hacker News

IBM expands its 5G partnerships with Verizon and Telefonica by leveraging cloud and AI - TDH

JFrog acquires Vdoo to provide security from development to device - ZDNet

Latest Phishing Campaign Steals Jobs Portal User Credentials - TechNadu

Linkedin undergoes Data breach, Personal Details of 92 percent people being sold online - TDH

Major threats to cloud infrastructure security include a lack of visibility and inadequate IAM - Help Net Security

McDonald’s Says It Collects No Biometric Information on Drive-Thrus - TechNadu

Microsoft offered a reward of over Rs 22 lakh to an Indian teenager for discovering a flaw in the Azure cloud system - TDH

New data security rules instituted for US payment processing system - ZDNet

Researchers Leak PoC Exploit for a Critical Windows RCE Vulnerability - The Hacker News

Researchers Say ‘Voila’ App Is Safe to Use but Not Free of Risks - TechNadu

REvil’s Linux Version Targets VMware ESXi Virtual Machines - Security Boulevard

Russian-based DoubleVPN seized by law enforcement - Security Affairs

Singapore startup touts need to mitigate risks, automate cloud security - ZDNet

SMBs willing to spend more money to protect their data - Help Net Security

SolarWinds hackers remained hidden in Denmark’s central bank for months - Security Affairs

This VPN service used by ransomware gangs was just taken down by police - ZDNet

Threat modeling needs a reset - Help Net Security

XDR: Security’s new frontier - Help Net Security


4 Warning Signs of an Insecure App - Security Boulevard

Canberra dishes out AU$8 million to boost Aussie cyber skills - ZDNet

Cisco security devices targeted with CVE-2020-3580 PoC exploit - Help Net Security

Cobalt Strike Usage Explodes Among Cybercrooks - ThreatPost

Consumers neglecting mobile security despite growing number of threats - Help Net Security

Data for 700M LinkedIn Users Posted for Sale in Cyber-Underground - ThreatPost

Details of RCE Bug in Adobe Experience Manager Revealed - ThreatPost

Digital transformation needs data integrity to be successful - Help Net Security

DoubleVPN servers, logs, and account info seized by law enforcement - Bleeping Computer

Drip, drip, drip of hacker data continues ransomware trauma for Tulsa - Verdict

Experts developed a free decryptor for the Lorenz ransomware - Security Affairs

GitHub paid out over $500K through its bug bounty program for 203 flaws in 2020 - Security Affairs

Google now requires app developers to verify their address and use 2FA - The Hacker News

Google outlines new security practices for Nest devices - ZDNet

Google Play developer accounts to require 2FA and a physical address - ZDNet

How Offensive AI Can Disarm Cybersecurity - Security Boulevard

IBM Kestrel threat hunting language granted to Open Cybersecurity Alliance - ZDNet

Microsoft's Halo dev site breached using dependency hijacking - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft successfully hit by dependency hijacking again - Bleeping Computer

New API Lets App Developers Authenticate Users via SIM Cards - The Hacker News

New ransomware highlights widespread adoption of Golang language by cyberattackers - ZDNet

Ransomware: Paying up won't stop you from getting hit again, says cybersecurity chief - ZDNet

Regula: Open source policy engine for IaC security - Help Net Security

Researchers design new techniques to bolster computer security - Help Net Security

Russian hackers had months-long access to Denmark's central bank - Bleeping Computer

Survey finds massive gap in awareness of cyberattacks - ZDNet

Understanding Global IoT Security Regulations - Security Boulevard

Unpatched Virtual Machine Takeover Bug Affects Google Compute Engine - The Hacker News

Unstructured data still overshared inside and outside organizations - Help Net Security

Zero day malware reached an all-time high of 74% in Q1 2021 - Help Net Security

Windows 11 includes the DNS-over-HTTPS privacy feature - How to use - Bleeping Computer


A closer look at Google Workspace privacy and data security - Help Net Security

Apple is pursuing notable Chinese product leakers ahead of its debut - TDH

Aqua Security: 50% of new Docker instances attacked within 56 minutes - VentureBeat

Cyber insurance isn't helping with cybersecurity, and it might be making the ransomware crisis worse, say researchers - ZDNet

DMARC: The First Line of Defense Against Ransomware - The Hacker News

EA ignored domain vulnerabilities for months despite warnings and breaches - ZDNet

Former Health Secretary Faces Probe Over Use of Personal Emails - InfoSecurity

GitHub bug bounties: payouts surge past $1.5 million mark - ZDNet

Hackers Trick Microsoft Into Signing Netfilter Driver Loaded With Rootkit Malware - The Hacker News

Hackney Council and Its Citizens Are Still Hostages to Cyberattack Situation - TechNadu

How IoT is keeping businesses connected in an expanding network - Help Net Security

Kentucky Healthcare System Exposes Patients’ PHI - InfoSecurity

Leaked Windows 11 screenshots show new File Explorer, Settings app - Bleeping Computer

Many companies believe it is important to protect employee privacy, yet few are effective in doing so - Help Net Security

Mercedes Benz Data Leak Includes Card and Social Security Details - InfoSecurity

Microsoft Edge Bug Could've Let Hackers Steal Your Secrets for Any Site - The Hacker News

Microsoft investigates threat actor distributing malicious Netfilter Driver - Security Affairs

Microsoft Says ‘NOBELIUM’ Hackers Are Still Actively Targeting American Firms - TechNadu

Microsoft support agent and some basic customer details hit by SolarWinds attackers - ZDNet

Ministry of Defence employee charged in child pornography case - ZDNet

Navigating the complexity of ransomware negotiations - Help Net Security

Own an old WD My Book Live? Disconnect it from the internet right now - ZDNet

Reported HMRC-Branded Phishing Scams Grew by 87% During COVID-19 - InfoSecurity

Seamless EU-UK Data Flows to Continue Following Adequacy Decisions - InfoSecurity

Sensitive Defense Documents Found at Bus Stop - InfoSecurity

Six typosquatting packages in PyPI repository laced with crypto miner - Security Affairs

SMEs strongly positioned in the data protection sector - Help Net Security

The builder for Babuk Locker ransomware was leaked online - Security Affairs

The Builder of the ‘Babuk Locker’ Ransomware Has Leaked Online - TechNadu

The IBBI Has Leaked the Data of Companies Undergoing Insolvency Procedures - TechNadu

USB threats could critically impact business operations - Help Net Security

Zero-day Exploit Found in Adobe Experience Manager - InfoSecurity

YouTube blocked testimonials about missing Uyghurs in China: Report - ZDNet


Biden Administration Aims to Tackle Cybersecurity After Pipeline Hack - Communal News

Cisco ASA vulnerability actively exploited after exploit released - Bleeping Computer

Crackonosh Monero miner made $2M after infecting 222,000 Win systems - Security Affairs

Cryptomining highest in terms of attempted attacks - Borneo Post Online

Cybersecurity issues put Peloton in the news ... again - The Palm Beach Post

Electronic medical records back online after ransomware attack at The Villages hospital - Villages News

Families being notified following data breach of yearbook, graduation apparel supplier - WBay

How IoMT can protect healthcare from cyber attacks - Healthcare

Mercedes-Benz’s data breach compromised crucial data of 1000 customers - Techstory

Microsoft says new breach discovered in probe of suspected SolarWinds hackers - Zee Business

Political campaigns worry they're next for ransomware hits - The Hill

Pro-Palestinian hackers steal info on hundreds of thousands of Israeli students - The Times of Israel

Protect your small business from ransomware attacks - Daily Inter Lake

Stay Safe from Snapchat 2FA Text Message Scam - The Teal Mango

Vigilantes fighting online scams may be doing more harm than good - Scroll

Warning: Fake SMS containing malware is in circulation - Social Post

Western Digital My Book Live hard drives remotely wiped by hackers - HackRead

NEWS: Junho (20/06 - 26/06) - 25 Semana de 2021

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