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NEWS: Maio (30/05 - 05/06) - 22 Semana de 2021


A Swarm of Ransomware Attacks Highlights the Need for High-Quality Threat Detection at the Start of the Attack Chain - Slash Next

After a data breach, there are ways to protect online personal data - Komo News

Apparent ransomware attack targets Cox Media Group, owner of Fox 13 in Memphis - Commercial Appeal

Colorado agencies, schools, companies gird themselves against cyberattacks: “Something big on the horizon” - The Denver Post

Cyberattack on food supply followed years of warnings - Politico

‘DarkSide’ Hackers Used Leaked VPN Credentials to Compromise ‘Colonial Pipeline’ - TechNadu

FBI says it is investigating about 100 types of ransomware - The Edge Markets

Fujifilm hit by ransomware attack, shuts down parts of its network globally - Tech HindustanTimes

Government officials raise alarm on ransomware - The Guam Daily Post

Hackers behind JBS ransomware have new extortion tactic - Fox Business

Justice Department has charged a Latvian woman it says helped develop Trickbot malware - The Verge

Ransomware attackers used compromised password to access Colonial Pipeline network - CNN Politics

Ransomware Group That Hacked St. Clair County Says It Stole 2.5 GB Of Personal Data - STLPR NPR

South Korea under mega cyber attacks in pandemic-driven online era - Morung Express

The curious story of the world’s first ransomware, its inventor, and the victim who managed to evade it - Explica CO

The U.S. now likens cyberattacks to terrorism. Here's what that could mean - CBC

Tokyo Olympics: Another setback, Tokyo Games organizers hit by data breach & info leak - Inside Sport

Tokyo Olympics Organizers Had Their Data Stolen by Hackers - TechNadu

U.S. gov’t probes major ransomware incident involving cryptocurrency - BitcoinerX


According to an estimate, India will have 900 million active internet users by 2025 - TDH

Aussie businesses blame skills and internet speeds for limiting IT use in 2019-20 - ZDNet

Changes in the privacy landscape through the pandemic - Help Net Security

Chinese APT ‘SharpPanda’ Developed Custom Backdoor to Spy on Asian Governments - TechNadu

Chrome 91 will warn users when installing untrusted extensions - ZDNet

CIS Community Defense Model v2.0 is coming this summer - Help Net Security

Critical vulnerabilities identified in CODESYS ICS automation software - Help Net Security

Cyberattacks target the anywhere workforce, legacy security systems can’t provide protection - Help Net Security

Future of work driven by employees having the ability to work anywhere - Help Net Security

Higher encryption adoption driven by rising data breach threats - Help Net Security

Meat giant JBS now fully operational after ransomware attack - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft to Add End-to-End Encryption on Teams Calls in July 2021 - TechNadu

Minister apologises after NDIA shared details of a victim with her perpetrator - ZDNet

New macOS Malware ‘Hydromac’ Discovered in Flashcard App Data - TechNadu

Old ‘Necro Python’ Bot Upgraded With Monero Mining and 10 New Exploits - TechNadu

Quantum computing: How should cybersecurity teams prepare for it? - Help Net Security

The bitcoin sector in India is developing a “legitimacy plan” - TDH

The dark web index 2021, report - Security Affairs

Trend Micro details CVE-2021-30724 privilege escalation flaw in macOS, iOS - Security Affairs

US Supreme Court limits scope of CFAA and rules bribing cops for data is not hacking - ZDNet

What happens after a malicious email reaches employees’ inboxes? - Help Net Security

WhatsApp tricking users into adopting its new privacy policies: says Govt - TDH

White House urges private sector to enhance their ransomware defenses - Help Net Security


AMT Games data breach: Millions of Users’ Messages, Account IDs, and IP Addresses Exposed - Security Affairs

‘AMT Games’ Exposed Millions of Players’ Data via an Unprotected Database - TechNadu

ARIN will take down its RPKI for 30 minutes to test your BGP routes - Bleeping Computer

Cisco fixes High-severity issues in Webex, SD-WAN, ASR 5000 software - Security Affairs

Cloud Complexity Rattles Enterprise Security Efforts - Security Boulevard

Cyber Defense Magazine – June 2021 has arrived. Enjoy it! - Security Affairs

FBI attributes JBS ransomware attack to REvil - ZDNet

FBI confirmed that JBS was hit by the REvil ransomware gang - Security Affairs

Flaws in Realtek RTL8170C Wi-Fi module allow hijacking wireless communications - Security Affairs

It’s time to stop ransomware in its tracks - Help Net Security

Making transparency a norm in cybersecurity - Help Net Security

Malware-related attacks jump by 54% - Help Net Security

‘Mangamura’ Operator Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison - TechNadu

Microsoft Office 365 a Major Supply Chain Attack Vector - Security Boulevard

Minister apologises for myGov breach of Redress Scheme survivor's information - ZDNet

Need an AppSec Program Fast? Get with the Platform! - Security Boulevard

NYPD Uses Over 15,280 Cameras to Spy on People and Track Some of Them Persistently - TechNadu

Pay-Per-Click Ads on Google Search Lead Serving Info-Stealers - TechNadu

Reimagining enterprise cryptography: How to regain control in a fragmented environment - Help Net Security

Remote working security concerns still lingering - Help Net Security

The everywhere workplace is here to stay - Help Net Security

Threat intelligence: The biggest blind spot for CISOs - Help Net Security

WhatsApp backtracks on app limitations if you refuse new privacy terms - ZDNet


Adapting the network for a remote working future - Help Net Security

AI-based diagnostic processes that safeguard data privacy - Help Net Security

All payment modalities, from UPI to cash, saw a drop in May - TDH

Banking Fraud up 159% as Transactions Hit Pre-Pandemic Volumes - InfoSecurity

Critical 0day in the Fancy Product Designer WordPress plugin actively exploited - Security Affairs

Cybercriminals Hold $115,000-Prize Contest to Find New Cryptocurrency Hacks - The Hacker News

Cybersecurity: Why a culture of silence and driving mistakes underground is bad for everyone - ZDNet

‘DDoS Guard’ Hacked, Database and Source Code Made Available for Purchase - TechNadu

Departamento de Justiça dos EUA confisca endereços de sites usados por hackers russos que se passaram por agência do governo - G1Tecnologia

Exploit broker Zerodium is looking for Pidgin 0day exploits - Security Affairs

FUJIFILM shuts down network after suspected ransomware attack - Bleeping Computer

Hacker forum contest gives $100K for new ways to steal digital assets - Bleeping Computer

‘Have I Been Pwned’ Code Base Now is an Open Source - TDH

Kali Linux 2021.2 released: Kaboxer, Kali-Tweaks, new tools, and more! - Help Net Security

Kali Linux 2021.2 released with new tools, improvements, and themes - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft acquires ReFirm Labs to boost its IoT security offerings - ZDNet

Most people do not approve of companies profiting from their data - ZDNet

Operation HAECHI-I intercepts $83M in online financial crimes - Help Net Security

Paytm Payments Bank to issue physical visa debit cards - TDH

‘Project WEB’ data hack leads ro exposure of data from various Japanese govt. offices - TDH

RBA to step up cyber resilience with new identity and access management system - ZDNet

Researchers Uncover Hacking Operations Targeting Government Entities in South Korea - The Hacker News

REvil Ransomware Ground Down JBS: Sources - ThreatPost

Russian underground forums launch competitions for cryptocurrency, NFT hacks - ZDNet

Scripps Notifying 147K People of Data Breach - InfoSecurity

Sextortion Lands Inmate in Federal Prison - InfoSecurity

Teen Crashes Florida School District’s Network - InfoSecurity

‘Thallium’ Continues Targeting South Korean Government and Key Entities - TechNadu

The most important point in a cyberattack is the moment before it happens - Help Net Security

This is how attackers bypass Microsoft's AMSI anti-malware scanning protection - ZDNet

US schools land IBM grants to protect themselves against ransomware - ZDNet

US seizes 2 domains used by APT29 in a recent phishing campaign - Security Affairs

XSS vulnerability found in popular WYSIWYG website editor - ZDNet


Asian cybercrime takedown leads to intercept of $83 million in financial theft - ZDNet

Canberra considers its digital ID for use in verifying age before accessing porn - ZDNet

Cybersecurity industry analysis: Another recurring vulnerability we must correct - Help Net Security

Do you trust Amazon to share your internet connection with others? How to opt out - ZDNet

Endpoint complexities leaving sensitive data at risk - Help Net Security

EUCC receives first EU cybersecurity certification scheme - Help Net Security

Hacker Stole Exposed ‘’ Databases and Is Now Selling Them Online - TechNadu

How do I select a data analytics solution for my business? - Help Net Security

JBS attack has likely a Russian origin- Security Affairs

Malware Can Use This Trick to Bypass Ransomware Defense in Antivirus Solutions - The Hacker News

Man Charged With Possession of Child Abuse Material After Uploading It to Google Drive - TechNadu

New Actors Appear in the Threat Landscape While Old Ones Change Platform or Branding - TechNadu

Prometheus and Grief – two new emerging ransomware gangs targeting enterprises. Mexican Government data is published for sale - Security Affairs

Report: Danish Secret Service Helped NSA Spy On European Politicians - The Hacker News

Russian hacker Pavel Sitnikov arrested for distributing malware via Telegram - Security Affairs

SEC charges US promoters for marketing alleged BitConnect cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme - ZDNet

Security leaders more concerned about legal settlements than regulatory fines - Help Net Security

Stanadyne’s “PurePower Technologies” Hit by the Conti Ransomware Group - TechNadu

Sweden’s Public Health Agency Shuts Down Online Diseases Database Following Hacking Attempt - TechNadu

The human cost of understaffed SOCs - Help Net Security

This Android trojan malware is using fake apps to infect smartphones, steal bank details - ZDNet

‘UC Browser’ Found to Be Peeking Into Its Users’ Activities Even When in Incognito - TechNadu

US: Russian threat actors likely behind JBS ransomware attack - Bleeping Computer

US seizes domains used by APT29 in recent USAID phishing attacks - Bleeping Computer

US Seizes Domains Used by SolarWinds Hackers in Cyber Espionage Attacks - The Hacker News


4 Ways CISOs Can Strengthen Their Security Resilience - Security Boulevard

A New Bug in Siemens PLCs Could Let Hackers Run Malicious Code Remotely - The Hacker News

Best practices for securing the CPaaS technology stack - Help Net Security

Brazil approves stricter legislation to tackle online crime - ZDNet

Can Your Business Email Be Spoofed? Check Your Domain Security Now! - The Hacker News

Cloudflare Under Pressure to Unmask the Operators of 24 Pirate Sites - TechNadu

COVID-19 – Phishing attacks target employees that come back to the office - Security Affairs

Denmark intel helped US NSA to spy on European politicians - Security Affairs

Experts devised a new attack to bypass Microsoft PatchGuard - Security Affairs

Food giant JBS Foods shuts down production after cyberattack - Bleeping Computer

Food Processing Giant JBS Foods Shuts Down Production Due to Cyberattack - TechNadu

Gaining Insights Is Fundamental for API Security - Security Boulevard

Hi-5 With A CISO Mário Fernandes, Banco BPI - Security Boulevard

How colocation can improve TCO for the enterprise - Help Net Security

HowTo: Secure Your Applications in a Dynamic, Cloud Native Environment - InfoSecurity

Imperva’s WAF Gateway 14.4 Protects Enterprises for the Post-COVID Era - Security Boulevard

JBS USA cyber attack affecting North American and Australian systems - ZDNet

Lawsuit filed against Apple on false accusations for thefts in Apple store - TDH

Microsoft wants to unite APAC governments with cybersecurity council - ZDNet

On the Taxonomy and Evolution of Ransomware - ThreatPost

Organizations have seen an increase in device encryption - Help Net Security

Rethinking SIEM requires rethinking visibility - Help Net Security

SeKVM: Securing virtual machines in the cloud - Help Net Security

Swedish Health Agency shuts down SmiNet after hacking attempts - Bleeping Computer

The value of SD-WAN connectivity - Help Net Security

Two More American Police Departments Hacked by Cyber-Gangs - TechNadu

Two New Attack Techniques Discovered to Alter Certified PDFs - CISO Mag

U.S. Critical Infrastructure: Addressing Cyber Threats and the Importance of Prevention - Security Boulevard

Your Amazon Devices to Automatically Share Your Wi-Fi With Neighbors - The Hacker News

Windows 10 KB5003214 update causes taskbar display glitches - Bleeping Computer


As COVID cases rise, so did hospital hacks in France - Borneo Bulletin

Attacks On Healthcare Sector Are On The Rise - Forbes

Beware of patriotic-themed scams on Memorial Day - OA Online

Celebrating 3 years of GDPR - A look at the present and future - GeekTime

Cybersecurity Activists move to court in an attempt to seek justification on management of rising data hack loss - TDH

‘Digitalization further exposes banks to cybersecurity risks’ - Philstar Global

Don't blame crypto for ransomware - Cointelegraph

Dozens of Stormont mobile phones and laptops reported lost or stolen in recent years - Belfast Live

Facefish Backdoor delivers rootkits to Linux x64 systems - Security Affairs

Five scams happening in Worcester that you need to be aware of - Worcester News

How hackers exploited Microsoft and Google to send millions of malicious messages - ITP Net

HSE confirms first of its data hack incidents that is yet under investigation - TDH

Interpol has intercepted $83 million in illicit funds transferred from victims to the accounts used by crooks - Security Affairs

Interpol intercepts $83 million fighting financial cyber crime - Bleeping Computer

Let's Reminisce: What is 'ransomware' - North Texas e-News

Malware: A new email scam is stealing your passwords - The Press Stories

Phony charity targets Uighurs - Tech Gaming Report

SentinelLabs uncovers threat group using ransomware to carry out espionage in Israel - Israel Defense

These 2 attacks allow to alter certified PDF Documents - Security Affairs

'They hit you hard': How DarkSide became powerhouse of ransomware attacks - Business Standard

Your money or your data! Counting the costs of ransomware - Schools Week

Watch out: These unsubscribe emails only lead to further spam - Bleeping Computer

NEWS: Maio (23/05 - 29/05) - 21 Semana de 2021

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