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NEWS: Maio/Junho (29/05 - 04/06) - 22 Semana de 2022

Cyber Security and Information Security News - Daily Updates !!


2 MAYC and 8 Cool Cats NFTs Stolen From Yet Another Phishing Scam Victim

66% of Critical Incidents in Government Sector in 2021 were Targeted Attacks – Report

An actively exploited Microsoft 0-day flaw still doesn’t have a patch

Anonymous Hacktivists Leak 1TB of Top Russian Law Firm Data

Apple blocked 1.6 millions apps from defrauding users in 2021

Atlassian Releases Patch for Confluence Zero-Day Flaw Exploited in the Wild

Beware WhatsApp Users! New Scam Can Seize Your Account After One Phone Call

Bored Ape Yacht Club, Otherside NFTs stolen in Discord server hack

Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority hit by ransomware attack

Costa Rica 'at war' with Russian hackers, experts warn other countries

Cyber attack still hinders council services almost six months after Russian hackers hit Gloucester

Exiled Iran group claims Tehran hacking attack

Facebook has HIDDEN list you need to check now – you may be a hacker target

Hacker Used ‘Social Media Data Leak’ to Steal USD 660K in Crypto from 90 Victims - Police

How to Protect Your CRM from Hackers

Investigating the cyber crime scene

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) introduces more measures to fight digital banking scams

Montreal's Grande Bibliothèque Has Shut Down Some Services After A Data Breach

Operations at Mexican Hon Hai plant gradually return to normal after cyberattack

Portugal: CTT scam warning

Pro-Indian ATP Attempts Phishing Attacks Against Pakistani Military, Government

Ransomware hits military supplier CMC Electronics

SMSFactory Android malware sneakily subscribes to premium services

The explosion of digital identities and growth of cybersecurity debt

TOTS, Inc. Notifies Patients of Cyber Attack

What We Can Learn from the American Dental Association Ransomware Attack

Why hybrid work is leading to cybersecurity mistakes

Why Students Are at Risk of Data Breaches (and How to Protect Them)


40% of enterprises don’t include business-critical systems in their cybersecurity monitoring

94% increase in ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations

A snapshot of India’s Cyber Threat Landscape

Alarming Cyber Statistics For Mid-Year 2022 That You Need To Know

Attackers are leveraging Follina. What can you do?

Attackers Weaponize Vulnerabilities Days After Publishing

Australian pension provider falls for a phishing email, leaks PII of 50k members

Authorities Take Down SMS-based FluBot Android Spyware

Best way to protect your company’s information services? Have a plan in place first

Caja declares an institutional state of emergency due to hacks

Can Technological Advancement Fade Out VPN Usage in Cybersecurity?

Chicago Public Schools reports data breach five months after incident

Chinese LuoYu Hackers Using Man-on-the-Side Attacks to Deploy WinDealer Backdoor

City of Alexandria investigating system hack

Combatting the malicious and unwitting insider threat

Cost of living scam: Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail email users should be wary of HMRC fraudsters

Data breach a major concern as universities struggle with cyber threats

Data Breaches Reported by Alameda Health System, Aon, and Capsule Pharmacy

Emotet Proved Too Effective for Threat Actors to Abandon

East Tennessee Children's Hospital faces lawsuit after data breach

Endpoint Protection for Cloud-Native Workloads

Even Russia's Evil Corp now favors software-as-a-service

Fake Updates Continue To Be A Digital Risk: What To Do?

FBI Thwarted ‘Despicable’ Cyberattack on Boston Children’s Hospital

Five Steps to a Secure Cloud Architecture

Five ways to promote employee cyber awareness

Forescout’s Vedere Labs reveals first proof of concept of ransomware for IoT (R4IoT)

Foxconn Confirms Ransomware Hit Factory in Mexico

GitLab Issues Security Patch for Critical Account Takeover Vulnerability

Health PEI employee data breached after laptop theft

Healthcare Cybersecurity: The Challenges of Protecting Patient Data

Healthcare organizations face rising ransomware attacks – and are paying up

Healthcare sector hit by ransomware onslaught

How Russian-Ukraine war changed the cyber threat landscape: ESET Threat Report

How USB Drives Can Be a Danger to Your Computer

Icare data breach due to ‘human error’, agency says

Importance of Cybersecurity in the Education Sector

Iran capital municipality computer system briefly hacked

Karakurt Team hits North America and Europe with data theft and extortion

Losses to cryptocurrency scams top $1B, FTC reports

Louisiana authorities investigating ransomware attack on city of Alexandria

Malware is now spreading via weaponized files circulating in data lakes, file shares

Microsoft Blocks Iran-linked Lebanese Hackers Targeting Israeli Companies

Microsoft disrupts Bohrium hackers’ spear-phishing operation

More than half of British Columbians are concerned about their data being hacked while online

Most software supply chains are vulnerable: CIO study

Nearly 75% of companies suffer downtime due to DNS attacks

New Research Shows Nearly Four out of Five (79%) Organizations Faced Ransomware Attacks within the Last Year

New York Districts Warn About Mail Scam Alleging Data Breach

Novartis says no sensitive data was compromised in cyberattack

Old Hacks Die Hard: Ransomware, Social Engineering Top Verizon DBIR Threats – Again

Personal Data Breach – Implications and Consequences

Pivotal Homes reports ‘ransomware attack’ weeks before liquidation

Protecting the Three Dimensions of the Data Lifecycle

Protecting Your Business From Cyberthreats: A Guide For 2022

Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Almost Doubled Last Year

Ransomware coming for IoT devices, researchers warn

Researchers Uncover Malware Controlling Thousands of Sites in Parrot TDS Network

Scammers taking advantage of hype over NFTs

Senators push for more frequent medical device cybersecurity guidance from FDA

Shutterfly, Inc. Provides Notice of Data Breach to Additional Employees

Telegram’s Blogging Platform Comes Under Attack By Phishing Actors

These Sinister Android Trojans Target Financial Apps With Over 1 Billion Downloads

Three Pillars For The C-Suite Playbook On Data Privacy: A Cyber Asset Perspective

Unpatched Atlassian Confluence zero-day exploited, fix expected today (CVE-2022-26134)

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2022

Vulnerability in DNA Sequencing Device Spotlights Health Care’s Weak Cyber Infrastructure

WatchDog hacking group launches new Docker cryptojacking campaign

Will a passwordless system give big tech companies too much power? The FIDO Alliance tries to make passwords obsolete


5 Bold Cybersecurity Predictions for 2022 and Beyond: Take Note

Access brokers help boost cyber crime profits

After Microsoft And Nvidia, This Major Apple Supplier Became Ransomware Target

Aligning Leadership On Cybersecurity

As Eye Care Leaders drama unfolds, what can providers do about misbehaving vendors?

Chinese LuoYu hackers deploy cyber-espionage malware via app updates

Clipminer malware gang stole $1.7M by hijacking crypto payments

Connected digital tech means infinite attack surface

Conti Leaks Reveal Ransomware Gang's Interest in Firmware-based Attacks

Conti ransomware group targeted Intel firmware tools

Costa Rica public health service ransomware attack

Critical flaw found inside the UNISOC smartphone chip

Cyber attacks in the manufacturing sector

Cyber-Attacks on Industrial Assets Cost Firms Millions

Department of Justice (DOJ) Role to Contain the Explosion of Ransomware

Digital and automated systems are targets of cyber attacks in 2022

Digital Identity: It’s Way More Important Than You Thought

Elasticsearch databases are being hit hard by ransom attacks

Email scam warning issued as fraudsters impersonate government and make enticing offer

Empathy: The Overlooked Ingredient in Cybersecurity

Evil Corp hackers evolve ransomware tactics to dodge US sanctions

Evil Corp switches to LockBit ransomware to evade sanctions

Five Ways Shippers Can Shore Up Cybersecurity

Follina abuses Microsoft Office to execute remote code

Foxconn confirms ransomware attack disrupted operations at Mexico factory

Foxconn confirms ransomware attack disrupted production in Mexico

Government Should Notify Data Breach Victims

Hackers Accessed Car Owners’ Personal Information in General Motors Credential Stuffing Attack

HanesBrands Suffers Ransomware Attack

Hong Kong: Beware of Fake Chatbot Phishing Attacks

How Business Insurance Can Protect Your Company After a Cyberattack

How Cloud SaaS Security Assessment Helps You Tackle Security Threats

How to ensure your printer or device is secure

How to Prevent Ransomware: 5 Common Behaviors to Hunt

Illumio calls for change as ransomware attacks cost Australian Businesses on average $250,000

INKY Identifies Telegraph as Platform for Phishing Campaigns

International Authorities Take Down Flubot Malware Network

Iran: Exiled MEK claims hacked 5,000 Tehran security cameras, dozens of municipality websites

Karakurt alert latest indicator that feds are worried about spin-off ransomware groups

Language-based BEC attacks rising

Majority of CIOs say their software supply chains are vulnerable, execs demand action

Martin University Announces Data Breach

Massive shadow code risk for world’s largest businesses

Microsoft blocks Polonium hackers from using OneDrive in attacks

Microsoft Office apps are vulnerable to IDN homograph attacks

New Research Shows Nearly Four out of Five (79%) Organizations Faced Ransomware Attacks within the Last Year

New York City Department of Education Bans Use of “Illuminate” Software Following Enormous Data Breach

Ontario Cannabis Store data breach raises credibility, security concerns

Owner of Dodge’s Southern Stores, D&H Company, Reports Data Breach Impacting Over 35k Consumers

Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Organizations Increased 94%, According to Sophos

Ransomware gang now hacks corporate websites to show ransom notes

Researchers Demonstrate Ransomware for IoT Devices That Targets IT and OT Networks

Retailers amongst most targeted by cybercriminals

Rising Trends of Cyberattacks in Nigeria

Russia, backed by ransomware gangs, actively targeting US, FBI director says

Russian Hacking Gang Evil Corp Shifts Its Extortion Strategy After Sanctions

SAG-AFTRA Alerts Pensioners To Data Breach Of Horizon Actuarial Services That Might Affect Their Personal Information

Scammers Target NFT Discord Channel

SideWinder Hackers Use Fake Android VPN Apps to Target Pakistani Entities

Singapore mandates 'kill switch' for banks as safeguard against online scams

Solving the Gen-N Security Dilemma

Somerset County still 'working through' ransomware attack with temporary solutions

The Day that Passwords Died (It’s coming soon, really!)

The EU’s Apple App Store crackdown ‘will fuel cyber attacks’

The Zero Trust Approach to Data Management

This Runescape phishing scam could leave you seriously out of pocket

Top 10 Android banking trojans target apps with 1 billion downloads

Top Techniques for Cybersecurity Mitigation in an Organization

Zscaler ThreatLabz 2022 Ransomware Report Reveals Record Number of Attacks and Nearly 120% Growth in Double Extortion Ransomware

What Is a Phishing Attack and How To Stop It

Why SMEs Should Worry About Cybersecurity in 2022


Bad news: The cybersecurity skills crisis is about to get even worse

Connecticut Becomes Fifth US State to Enact Consumer Privacy Law

Contactless is reigning: Consumers can’t even remember their PIN

DDoS threats growing in sophistication, size, and frequency

Euro Cops Bust $47m Money Laundering Operation

Europol Confirms Takedown of SMS-based FluBot Spyware

FluBot Android Spyware Taken Down in Global Law Enforcement Operation

FluBot takedown: Law enforcement takes control of Android spyware’s infrastructure

Hackers roubam contas do WhatsApp usando truque de encaminhamento de chamadas; como evitar

How cybercriminals are targeting executives at home and their families

Nearly Three-Quarters of Firms Suffer Downtime from DNS Attacks

New Unpatched Horde Webmail Bug Lets Hackers Take Over Server by Sending Email

New XLoader Botnet Version Using Probability Theory to Hide its C&C Servers

Paving your path to SASE: 4 tips for achieving connectivity and security

Singapore aims to drive digital trust with $36.3M research facility

Twice as Many Healthcare Organizations Now Pay Ransom

Why cloud security matters and why you can't ignore it

YODA Tool Found ~47,000 Malicious WordPress Plugins Installed in Over 24,000 Sites


57% of all digital crimes in 2021 were scams

50,000 super fund members impacted by data breach

Cyber Defense Confidence Ebbs as Ransomware Attacks Multiply

Cyber Security in Universities: The Top Threats and How to Defend Against Them

Cybercrime complexity drives changes in the CISO role

Digital commerce fraud: What it is and how to stop it

Energy giants sign Cyber Resilience Pledge

Four cryptocurrency cybersecurity risks and how to avoid them

'GoodWill' ransomware: How it entraps victims with unusual demand

Hacker invade painel de publicidade e exibe vídeo pornô em Montes Claros: 'Sensação é de indignação', lamenta dona da empresa

Hackers Selling US Colleges VPN Credentials on Russian Forums- FBI

How Enterprises can Protect Their Digital Assets in 2022

How Metaverse Phishing Scams Work and How to Stay Safe

India Home To Fourth-Highest Number Of Cybercrime Victims In The World: FBI

Is your business cyber secure?

It takes a community to fight cyber crime

Legacy Fraud Techniques No Match For Cybercriminals Using ‘Weaponized’ Identity Credentials

Microsoft shares mitigation for Office zero-day exploited in attacks

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) case management system provider breached

Ransomware: Organizations are at risk today than ever

Ransomware attacks stabilise in April - NCC Group

Secure your data online with these 8 foolproof ways and stay safe on the web

Security underpins digital transformation

Seven warning signs you need to upgrade your endpoint security

SideWinder Hackers Launched Over a 1,000 Cyber Attacks Over the Past 2 Years

Software Supply Chain Attacks are Skyrocketing

Study highlights a ‘dangerous disconnect’ within UK businesses when it comes to cyber resilience

The State of Cyber Resilience: no progress in executive confidence

There is no good digital transformation without cybersecurity

This zero-day Windows flaw opens a backdoor to hackers via Microsoft Word. Here's how to fix it

Three BEC Suspects Arrested in “Killer Bee” Sting

Turkish Airline Exposes Flight and Crew Info in 6.5TB Leak

UK Privacy Tsar: Stop Excessive Data Collection from Rape Victims

What AI can (and can't) do for organisations' cyber resilience

Zero-day bug exploited by attackers via macro-less Office documents (CVE-2022-30190)

Zero-trust-washing: Why zero trust architecture is the framework to follow


5 key frauds in the travel and tourism industry

6 Steps to Ensure Cyber Resilience

10 Email Server Security Best Practices to Secure Your Email Server

$39.5 billion lost to phone scams in last year

50k customers caught up in Spirit Super phishing attack

AgTech revolution leaving sector prone to cyber risks

AI-ransomware attacks are creating havoc in different industries—maybe there is time limit for AI expertise

Anonymous Claims Attacks Against Belarus for Involvement in Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Biometric Mobile Payments Set to Exceed $1 Trillion by 2027

Check your Google NOW – someone might be watching everything you do

Comissão do TSE conclui testes em urnas e recomenda maratona hacker e mais publicidade para boletins

Corporate Divorce: How Companies Can Prevent Multimillion-Dollar Data Breaches

Cyber cover worth paying for? 58% say yes, survey finds

Cyberattacks on Australian Healthcare Doubles

Cybersecurity tools you should be aware in 2022

Department of Justice (DOJ) Says Cardiologist Created, Distributed Ransomware

EnemyBot Linux Botnet Now Exploits Web Server, Android and CMS Vulnerabilities

EnemyBot malware adds new exploits to target CMS servers and Android devices

Fastly Study Shows Large Amount Of Aussie IT Companies Are Operating Under Threat Of Cyber Attack

GoodWill Ransomware victims have to perform socially driven activities to decryption their data

Hacker Stole Verizon Employee Data, Holds It For $250,000 Ransom

Hackers Found Selling Stolen University Credentials

Health care must bolster privacy, security efforts

Here Is The Importance Of Using Two-Factor Authentication

How Costa Rica found itself at war over ransomware

How the shutdown of a small college brings home the danger of ransomware attacks

How To: Eradicate Plaintext Data Breaches

How Wildcard Hacktivists and ‘Robin Hood’ Ransomware Groups Amplify Cyber Risk

Is 3rd Party App Access the New Executable File?

Italy on alert over Killnet cyber attack threat

Italy warns organizations to brace for incoming DDoS attacks

JBS Foods cyber attack highlights industry vulnerabilities to Russian hackers

Key takeaways from Verizon's 2022 data breach report

Look out for this malware that is targeting web browsers like Chrome

Microsoft to Roll Out Security Details to Older Azure Users

Mobile Threat Volumes Slump 58% in a Year

Moving toward a more adaptable and tech-driven compliance function

Multiple Microsoft Office versions impacted by an actively exploited zero-day

New Microsoft Office zero-day used in attacks to execute PowerShell

New WhatsApp OTP Scam Allows Scammers to Hijack Your Accoun

Online Bodyguards: The Security Behind Online Casinos

Putin horror warning over 'own goal' attack on UK coming back to haunt Kremlin

Ransomware attacks still the #1 threat to businesses and organizations

Singapore’s OCBC told to reserve extra $240m after phishing scam

SMEs under cyber attack

The evolving cybersecurity needs of organisations across the UK

The Growing Importance Of Endpoint Security In The Post-Covid World

The Importance of Securing Operational Technology

The Navarrese city councils have been down for 13 days: a ransomware has left the entire administration as it was 20 years ago

Third of UK Firms Have Experienced a Security Breach Since 2020

UK government seeks views on cloud, datacenter security

US Academic Credentials Displayed in Public and Dark Web Forums

Zero-Day ‘Follina’ Bug Lays Older Microsoft Office Versions Open to Attack

Watch Out! Researchers Spot New Microsoft Office Zero-Day Exploit in the Wild


5 Cybersecurity Tips You Should Follow

A unified cybersecurity strategy is the key to protecting businesses

Bangladesh: Orgs paid hackers around Tk 7cr to get data back

Cybersecurity: Companies brace for more cyber attacks

Data leaks on the increase, says Belgium’s Data Protection Authority

EnemyBot malware adds exploits for critical VMware, F5 BIG-IP flaws

FBI claims VPN credentials of US universities are being sold on Russian cybercrime forums

Five ways hackers gain access to your phone and what you can do to prevent them

Gmail and Outlook alert: Police warning about energy rebate emails

Hacker Gets “Scammed” as Solana Community Gets Back Stolen Collectibles

How Failing to Prioritize Cyber Security can Hurt Your Company

India: A sneak peek into a global factory of phishing websites that even impersonate the Finance Ministry

JCOPE issues notice following cyber security attack

Mobile trojan detections rise as malware distribution level declines

National Cyber Security Agency holds awareness workshop

New Ransomware Asks for Acts of Kindness to Get your Files Back!

New Snake Keylogger Campaign Drops Malware Via Malicious PDF Files

New Yorker imprisoned for role in carding group behind $568M damages

Pro-Russian hacker group KillNet plans to attack Italy on May 30

Ransomware attacks on US hospitals put patients at risk

Ransomware Continues as the Top Threat, Telecommunications Is Most Affected Industry

Ransomware Goes to Business School

Ransomware Threats Are Becoming Bigger: According To A Report By Microsoft

Spirit Super (TasPlan) Data Breach

There are worrying gaps in cybersecurity training in law firms

This is how cybercriminals’ ‘customer support’ works if you pay a ransom but still have trouble getting your PC back

Top 10 Best Indian Universities Offering Cybersecurity Degree

Top 10 Tips For Safe Online Banking

US man sentenced to 4 years in prison for his role in Infraud scheme

NEWS: Maio (22/05 - 28/05) - 21 Semana de 2022

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