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NEWS: Março (07/03 - 13/03) - 10 Semana de 2021

Cybersecurity News !!! Hacking is a Lifestyle .....


15-year-old Linux kernel bugs let attackers gain root privileges - Bleeping Computer

CEO of Sky Global encrypted chat platform indicted by US - Bleeping Computer

Ex-worker who was investigated over child sex offences accessed sensitive data 260 times in major breach - ABC News

Hundreds of Durham University accounts used to send phishing and other malicious emails - Palatinate

Microsoft Edge to use a four-week release cycle to sync with Chrome - Bleeping Computer

Ransomware Quoter targets financial, transport firms - Business line

Trend Micro blocked 16.7 million cloud-based email threats amid chaos of COVID-19 - Back end News


Borderline Unreasonable Electronic Device Searches - Security Boulevard

Can private data be recovered from “sanitized” images? - Help Net Security

Compromised devices and data protection: Be prepared or else - Help Net Security

Darkside 2.0 Ransomware Promises Fastest Ever Encryption Speeds - InfoSecurity

Encrypted Comms Firm Denies Police Cracked User Messages - InfoSecurity

Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Exchange Server hack - ZDNet

Google Chrome now gobbles up 20% less memory on Windows - Bleeping Computer

Hackers Are Targeting Microsoft Exchange Servers With Ransomware - The Hacker News

“Hacker Games” Launched to Encourage Development of Secure Coding Skills - InfoSecurity

Internet disruption in Russia coincided with the introduction of restrictions - Security Affairs

Malspam campaign uses icon files to delivers NanoCore RAT - Security Affairs

Microsoft Exchange attacks: Watch out for this new ransomware threat to unpatched servers - ZDNet

Microsoft Exchange Server hacks ‘doubling’ every two hours - ZDNet

Molson Coors Suffers Suspected Ransomware Attack - InfoSecurity

Most IT pros manage different versions of the same database - Help Net Security

Netflix Introduces Measures to Prevent Password Sharing - InfoSecurity

Netflix wants to stop you sharing your password - ZDNet

Okta invests in, partners with Immuta to secure cloud analytics - ZDNet

OVH data center fire likely caused by faulty UPS power supply - Bleeping Computer

Researchers Spotted Malware Written in Nim Programming Language - The Hacker News

Researchers warn of a surge in cyber attacks against Microsoft Exchange - Security Affairs

Rise in remote work leads to increase in IT security gaps - Help Net Security

The future of data privacy: confidential computing, quantum safe cryptography take center stage - ZDNet

Two new ways backup can protect enterprise SaaS data - Help Net Security

Uber, Lyft to share data on drivers banned for sexual, physical assault - ZDNet

Why SaaS Security Is So Hard - Security Boulevard


34,000 affected in New Hampshire hospital data breach - Becker's Health IT

7-Zip developer releases the first official Linux version - Bleeping Computer

85% of workers are looking forward to returning to the office - Help Net Security

Alert overload still plagues cybersecurity industry - Help Net Security

Another 210,000 Americans Affected by Netgain Ransomware Attack - InfoSecurity

Another Accellion Hack! Flagstar Bank’s Customer Data Breached - CISO Mag

Australia's answer to thwarting ransomware is good cyber hygiene - ZD Net

Bulgarian Police Report Boom in Phishing Attacks, Rock Star among Victims - Novinite

CAPCOM Warns Against Fake Resident Evil Village Phishing Emails - WCCFTech

Dashlane is giving its one-click password changer a big upgrade - The Verge

Defending enterprise systems during a pandemic - Help Net Security

Exchange PoC Released and APTs Gather Around Vulnerable Servers Like Piranhas - TechNadu

Exchange Server security patch warning: Apply now before more hackers exploit the vulnerabilities - ZD Net

F5 addresses critical vulnerabilities in BIG-IP and BIG-IQ - Security Affairs

India and China’s Conflict Goes Cyber - Security Boulevard

Molson Coors discloses cyberattack disrupting its brewery operations - ZD Net

NanoCore RAT Scurries Past Email Defenses with .ZIPX Tactic - ThreatPost

New Firefox version fixes Linux crashes, Apple Silicon hangs - Bleeping Computer

NSW Police to use SMS geo-targeting tool to find 'high-risk' missing persons - ZD Net

Passing a compliance audit in the cloud doesn’t have to be hard - Help Net Security

Researcher Publishes Code to Exploit Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities on Github - Vice

Senators concerned 'hacking' Bill powers could be used beyond intended scope - ZD Net

Sky ECC denies police have ‘cracked’ encrypted messaging platform - ZD Net

The Future of Cyberwarfare - Security Boulevard

The impact of the pandemic on digital transformation and data access - Help Net Security

The Mystery of Mobdro’s Shutdown Clears up as Spanish Polish Announce Arrest - TechNadu

The ‘TA800’ Group Is Using a New Initial Access Tool Called ‘NimzaLoader’ - TechNadu


2020 was a ‘record-breaking’ year in US school hacks, security failures - ZD Net

2021 Hacker Report: Hackers are not just driven by money - Help Net Security

372% increase in healthcare bot traffic could tamper with booking vaccine dates - Help Net Security

A flaw in The Plus Addons for Elementor WordPress plugin allows sites takeover - Security Affairs

‘Automatic Call Recorder’ App Exposed Thousands of Conversation Clips - TechNadu

Critical Pre-Auth RCE Flaw Found in F5 Big-IP Platform — Patch ASAP! - The Hacker News

Cyber criminals targeting hospitals are 'playing with lives' and must be stopped, report warns - ZD Net

Europol 'unlocks' encrypted Sky ECC chat service to make arrests - Bleeping Computer

F5 urges customers to patch critical BIG-IP pre-auth RCE bug - Bleeping Computer

FIN8 Hackers Return With More Powerful Version of BADHATCH PoS Malware - The Hacker News

How to mitigate security risks as cloud services adoption spikes - Help Net Security

Is Cybersecurity More Difficult Than Going to Mars? - Security Boulevard

Linux Foundation unveils Sigstore — a Let's Encrypt for code signing - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft expands AccountGuard ahead of elections, deepens Yubico partnership - ZD Net

More hacking groups join Microsoft Exchange attack frenzy - Bleeping Computer

Most decision makers plan to increase spending on cybersecurity this year - Help Net Security

Norway parliament data stolen in Microsoft Exchange attack - Bleeping Computer

OVHcloud data centers engulfed in flames - ZD Net

OVH data centers suffered a fire, many popular sites are offline - Security Affairs

Rapid digital transformation makes an application strategy a business imperative - Help Net Security

Researchers Unveil New Linux Malware Linked to Chinese Hackers - The Hacker News

The Russian State Slows Twitter Down and Threatens With Full Blocking - TechNadu

White hat hackers gained access more than 150,000 surveillance cameras - Security Affairs

Windows 10 crashes when printing due to Microsoft March updates - Bleeping Computer


49% of female cybersecurity pros say the pandemic had a positive impact on their career - Help Net Security

9 Android Apps On Google Play Caught Distributing AlienBot Banker and MRAT Malware - The Hacker News

A great deal of employees have inappropriate access to sensitive data - Help Net Security

Apple fixes CVE-2021-1844 RCE that affects iOS, macOS, watchOS, and Safari - Security Affairs

Bug bounties: More hackers are spotting vulnerabilities across web, mobile and IoT - ZD Net

GitHub fixes bug causing users to log into other accounts - Bleeping Computer

iPhone, iPad and Mac security: Apple releases fixes for bug that could allow code execution via malicious web content - ZD Net

Keeping your serverless architecture secure - Help Net Security

Malicious apps on Google Play dropped banking Trojans on user devices - ZD Net

Microsoft Exchange attacks: Now Microsoft rushes out a patch for older versions of Exchange - ZD Net

Microsoft Exchange Hackers Also Breached European Banking Authority - The Hacker News

Microsoft Exchange server hack: Banking agency on 'heightened alert' after cyberattack - ZD Net

Microsoft releases ProxyLogon updates for unsupported Exchange Servers - Bleeping Computer

Nine Apps on the Play Store Contained the ‘Clast82’ Trojan Dropper - TechNadu

Only 12% of enterprises have fully embraced SASE - Help Net Security

Secure Offboarding Best Practices - Security Boulevard

Security bug hunters focus on misconfigured services, earn big rewards - Bleeping Computer

SUPERNOVA backdoor that emerged after SolarWinds hack is likely linked to Chinese actors - Security Affairs

UnityMiner cryptocurrency malware hijacks QNAP storage devices - ZD Net


280 Days to Fix a Vulnerability in Production - Security Boulevard

Aqua Security Details Docker Hub, Bitbucket Cryptojacking Attack - Security Boulevard

Airlines warn passengers of data breach after aviation tech supplier is hit by cyberattack - ZD Net

CISA takes over .GOV top-level domain (TLD) administration - Bleeping Computer

CrowdStrike Global Threat Report Highlights Key Trends in eCrime and Nation-State Activity - Express Computer

Crypto-Miner Campaign Targets Unpatched QNAP NAS Devices - ThreatPost

Digital-first lifestyle opens consumers to potential risks during tax season - Help Net Security

Do I need a VPN if I have https? A reader question, answered - ZD Net

eSafety defends detail of Online Safety Bill as the 'sausage that's being made' - ZD Net

European Banking Authority discloses Exchange server hack - Bleeping Computer

Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Exchange Server hack - ZD Net

Flagstar Bank Admits the Accellion Incident Affected Them as Well - TechNadu

Flagstar Bank customer data breached through Accellion hack - ZD Net

Flagstar Bank hit by data breach exposing customer, employee data - Bleeping Computer

Google Chrome to block port 554 to stop NAT Slipstreaming attacks - Bleeping Computer

Hackers compromised Microsoft Exchange servers at the EU Banking Regulator EBA - Security Affairs

Hackers hiding Supernova malware in SolarWinds Orion linked to China - Bleeping Computer

How do I select a SOAR solution for my business? - Help Net Security

Iranian Hackers Using Remote Utilities Software to Spy On Its Targets - The Hacker News

Keep Your Eye on the Camera - Security Boulevard

Linus Torvalds warns: Watch out for this unusually nasty bug in Linux 5.12 rc1 - ZD Net

Malware Can Exploit New Flaw in Intel CPUs to Launch Side-Channel Attacks - The Hacker News

Microsoft 365 adds 'External' email tags for increased security - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft Exchange Cyber Attack — What Do We Know So Far? - The Hacker News

Microsoft Exchange zero-day attacks: 30,000 servers hit already, says report - ZD Net

Microsoft updated MSERT to detect web shells used in attacks against Microsoft Exchange installs - Security Affairs

Newest Intel Side-Channel Attack Sniffs Out Sensitive Data - ThreatPost

Number of ransomware attacks grew by more than 150% - Help Net Security

Researchers Discover New Ways to Launch Side-Channel Attacks Against Intel CPUs - TechNadu

‘Sarbloh’ Ransomware Targets Specific Political Entities in India - TechNadu

Security awareness programs: The difference between window dressing and behavior change - Help Net Security

Snort Vulnerability Leads Various Cisco Products Exposed to Vulnerabilities - E Hacking News

Starting your cybersecurity career path: What you need to know to be successful - Help Net Security

Supernova malware clues link Chinese threat group Spiral to SolarWinds server hacks - ZD Net

The Key to Firmware Security in Connected IoT Devices | Keyfactor - Security Boulevard

The launch of Williams new FW43B car ruined by hackers - Security Affairs

Trends that will influence remote work in 2021 and beyond - Help Net Security

Unpatched QNAP devices are being hacked to mine cryptocurrency - Bleeping Computer

Work from home? Things I wish someone had told me before I started - ZD Net


Arizona Eyecare Practice Hit by Ransomware Attack - Invision

Cyber menace of 'initial access brokers' seen as growing - Israel Defense

Fake Google reCAPTCHA Now Rampant! How Hackers Attack Victims - Tech Times

Five practices to protect your smartphone - Explica

How to Avoid Online Payment Fraud While Using UPI Apps, E-Wallets - Gadgets 360

How to lock in password safety - Independente IE

How to use Google's 'Chrome Labs' to test new browser features - Bleeping Computer

How Your Instagram Account Can Be Hacked and How To Stop It - Make Use Of

Microsoft's MSERT tool now finds web shells from Exchange Server attacks - Bleeping Computer

Phishing Attack Uses Fake Google reCAPTCHA - Banking Info Security

Royal Mail issues new scam warning to UK customers - News Shopper

Use of Ransomware: a crime that has paid off - Somag News

NEWS: Fevereiro/Março (28/02 - 06/03) - 9 Semana de 2021

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