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Notícias Dezembro - 19/12/2020 - 26/12/2020


Apple’s iCloud Service Going Through Overload-Induced Downtime - TechNadu

Apple iCloud outage prevents device activations, access to data - Bleeping Computer

Aurora woman loses $250K to online dating scam; FBI shares red flags - National Cyber Security News

Chrome Extensions Abused for View Count Inflation - TechNadu

CloudPassage adds Google Cloud Platform support for Halo Cloud Secure - National Cyber Security News

Encrypting data is the key to a peaceful New Year - Digital Journal

‘Freedom Finance’ Admits Catastrophic Data Leak - TechNadu

GoDaddy apologized for insensitive phishing email sent to its employees offering a fake bonus - Security Affairs

Hackers Russos roubaram dados de clientes privados e estatais da Microsoft - Estadão

Koei Tecmo discloses data breach after hacker leaks stolen data - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft Warned CrowdStrike of Possible Hacking Attempt - Data Breach Today

REvil gang threatens to release intimate pictures of celebs who are customers of The Hospital Group - Security Affairs

“Rudderless” QAnon may reinvent itself after US election, warn experts - ARS Technica

SolarWinds releases updated advisory for new SUPERNOVA malware - Bleeping Computer

The Emotet botnet is back and hits 100K recipients per day - Security Affairs

The NCA Announced the Arrest of 21 Customers of “WeLeakInfo” - TechNadu

TruKno TTP based Threat Intelligence Platform - E Hacking News

Wait prolongs for high security number plates - National Cyber Security News

Want to really understand how bitcoin works? Here’s a gentle primer - ARS Technica


Agencies propose computer-security incident notification rule - National Cyber Security News

AI-driven sensor can monitor brain serotonin levels in real time - Express Computer

Analysis: Supply Chain Management After SolarWinds Hack - Data Breach Today

China begins anti-trust probe into e-commerce giant Alibaba - Express Computer

CrowdStrike releases free Azure security tool after failed hack - Bleeping Computer

DDoS amplify attack targets Citrix Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) - Security Affairs

Fake Amazon gift card emails deliver the Dridex malware - Bleeping Computer

Massive cyberattacks that shook the world in 2020 - Express Computer

Microsoft Warns CrowdStrike of Hackers Targeting Azure Cloud Customers - The Hacker News

North Korea-linked Lazarus APT targets the COVID-19 research - Security Affairs

Police Arrest 21 WeLeakInfo Customers Who Bought Breached Personal Data - The Hacker News

Sepa subject of 'significant cyber attack' - BBC

SUNBURST SolarWinds BackDoor : Crime Scene Forensics Part 2 (continued) - Security Boulevard

Tank Track Skateborad - HackaDay

The Russian cryptocurrency exchange Livecoin hacked on Christmas Eve - Security Affairs

URL Spoofing: Interview With Bug Bounty Hunter Narendra Bhati - E Hacking News


5G Technology and Cybersecurity for Utilities - T&D World

Attackers Abusing Citrix NetScaler Devices to Launch Amplified DDoS Attacks - The Hacker News

Best of 2020: The SolarWinds Supply Chain Hack: What You Need to Know - Security Boulevard

Citrix confirms ongoing DDoS attack impacting NetScaler ADCs - Bleeping Computer

Clumio Launches RansomProtect, the Industry’s First Air-Gapped Ransomware Protection - Express Computer

Credential Phishing Attack Impersonating USPS Targets Consumers Over the Holidays - E Hacking News

Cybersecurity safety platforms for video conferencing trending amid pandemic - Fox56 Wolf

DOJ Officials Shut Down Spoofed Domains of Moderna and Regeneron - Hot For Security

Google Chrome is testing larger cache sizes to increase performance - Bleeping Computer

Google Discloses Poorly-Patched, Now Unpatched, Windows 0-Day Bug - The Hacker News

Google Explains the Root Cause of the 47 Minutes Global Outage of its Services - CISO Magazine

Google reveals unpatched 0day vulnerability in Microsoft’s API - HackRead

Government Security Experts Issue Farmers with New Advice - InfoSecurity Magazine

Hands-On: Kali Linux on the Raspberry Pi 4 - ZD Net

Misconfigured AWS Bucket Exposes Hundreds of Social Influencers - InfoSecurity Magazine

Network operator spend on multi-access edge computing to reach $8.3B by 2025 - Help Net Security

New Lawsuit Takes Aim at Ring After Smart Doorbell Hijacking - InfoSecurity Magazine

Nintendo Went Mission-Impossible on Homebrew Hacker in 2013, Alleged Leaked Documents Show - Hot For Security

North Korean state hackers breach COVID-19 research entities - Bleeping Computer

Punjab National Bank introduce PNB e-Credit Card - Express Computer

Ransomware: what is your data worth? - ITPro Portal

Russian crypto-exchange Livecoin hacked after it lost control of its servers - ZD Net

SolarWinds: Hacked firm issues urgent security fix - BBC

SolarWinds Hackers "Impacting" State and Local Governments - InfoSecurity

The Three Characteristics of a Defensible Security Program - InfoSecurity Magazine

U.S. cybersecurity: Preparing for the challenges of 2021 - Help Net Security

Zero Trust network will be key to achieving cybersecurity resilience: IEEE - Express Computer

Windows Zero-Day Still Circulating After Faulty Fix - ThreatPost

What Is a Smurf Attack? - TechNadu

White Ops Acquired by Goldman Sachs - InfoSecurity Magazine


7 ways malware can get into your device - We Live Security

72% of Covid-related cyberattacks coming via fake emails - Express Computer

Android Users Affected by Ransomware Disguised as Cyberpunk 2077 - Techviral

Apple começa a enviar iPhones “especiais” para pesquisadores de segurança - Canal Tech

As technology develops in education so does the need for cybersecurity - Help Net Security

Automated Penetration Testing – Can it Replace Humans? - InfoSecurity Magazine

Cellebrite claims to be able to access Signal messages - Security Affairs

Christmas tech gifts pose cybersecurity risks - ProofPoint - Security Brief

Comms Alliance argues TSSR duplicates obligations within Critical Infrastructure Bill - ZD Net

Corporate Endpoint Security: How to Protect Yourself from Fileless Threats and Detect Insiders - InfoSecurity Magazine

Cyber Insurance Market Expected to Surge in 2021 - InfoSecurity Magazine

Cybersecurity: Defend your business, people and data from evolving cyberattacks - Financial Express

Darkweb VPN Service ‘Safe-Inet’ Seized by the German Police - TechNadu

DHS warns against using Chinese hardware and digital services - ZD Net

Does the U.S. Need a National Cyber Strategy? - Security Boulevard

DRI International publishes 6th Annual Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report - Continuity Central

Emotet Returns for Christmas With a New Bag of Tricks - TechNadu

Emotet Returns to Hit 100K Mailboxes Per Day - ThreatPost

Facebook Soon to Add Support for Hardware Security Keys - TechNadu

Future-proofing data against hackers - Security Magazine

Here are some of the best cyberSecurity courses of 2020 - Bleeping Computer

How pandemic lessons can be used to improve workplace recovery planning - Continuity Central

How to Defend Against Malware, Phishing, and Scams During COVID-19 Crisis - The Hacker News

Indian pharma firms at high ransomware attack risk in 2021: Report - Business Standard

Leaky Server Exposes 12 Million Medical Records to Meow Attacker - InfoSecurity Magazine

Malicious files detected every day increases by 5.2% in 2020, Kaspersky finds - BackEnd News

New NIST guide helps healthcare orgs securely deploy PACS - Help Net Security

Only 30% prepared to secure a complete shift to remote work - Help Net Security

Ransomware: Attacks could be about to get even more dangerous and disruptive - ZD Net

Ransomware: what is your data worth? - ITPro Portal

Rapid website-blocking power for violent material proposed for eSafety Commissioner - ZD Net

Research: nearly all of your messaging apps are secure - Security Affairs

Russia’s hack attack demands a reckoning - The Press Democrat

Securing Crypto Exchanges To Prevent Over-regulation - Information Security Buzz

Skipton Building Society prevents £61m in fraud during 2020 - Telegraph & Argus

Tech’s bigger role in pharma industry demands stronger security measures - Help Net Security

The Brussels effect comes for Big Tech - National Cybersecurity News

The Cyber Safety Threats We’ll Face: Predictions For Online Safety In 2021 - Scoop Business

The Many Ways Disinformation And Cybercrime Can Infiltrate Your Business - Forbes

Top 10 cyber security stories of 2020 - Computer Weekly

UK organisations using SolarWinds Orion platform should check whether personal data has been affected - ICO UK

US: Buying Chinese Tech is a “Grave Threat” to Your Data Security - InfoSecurity Magazine

US govt seeks to make cryptocurrency transactions traceable - ITNews

Web Page Layout Can Trick Users into Divulging More Info - InfoSecurity Magazine

You’ve heard of Software as a Service – now get ready for Ransomware as a Service - ITWire

You Hear That? It’s Cloudflare’s DDoS Protection Working as Expected Against an Acoustics Inspired Attack - TechNadu


2021 - The year of data extortion - DCD

3 Cybersecurity Measures to Ensure Safety in 2021 - Entrepreneur

3 most frequent phishing attacks and how to protect against them - The Cybersecurity Place

A Second Hacker Group May Have Also Breached SolarWinds, Microsoft Says - The Hacker News

Australia must do more to prepare for a SolarWinds-style supply-chain attack - The Strategist

BCI publishes 2021 conference and exhibition schedule - Continuity Central

Big Tech Joins Up to Ransomware Task Force - InfoSecurity Magazine

CFOs optimistic, expect the economy to improve in 2021 - Help Net Security

Corporate Cybersecurity Defenses Outgunned by Cybercriminals - CIO Insight

Cybercriminals' Favorite Bulletproof VPN Service Shuts Down In Global Action - The Hacker News

Cyberpunk 2077 Mobile Is Obviously Malware That You Shouldn’t Download - Lowyat Net

Cybersecurity errors at Nakatomi - Kaspersky Daily

'Do not use the link': Warning over scam emails - Eastern Daily Press

Farmers get their own security advice as cyberattacks increase - ZD Net

Forward Air’s cyberattack backing up shipments at key market: airports - Freight Waves

Google research looks at continuity and resilience in the retail sector - Continuity Central

Hackers Targeted Senior U.S. Treasury Officials in Data Breach - Bloomberg

Hacking and ransomware are key tools for criminals right now - IT Pro Portal

How Should CISOs Combat Rising "Soft" Attacks? - InfoSecurity Magazine

How the Pandemic Encouraged Businesses to Adopt a Zero Trust Model - Dev Discourse

How to combat future cyberattacks following the SolarWinds breach - TechRepublic

How to Mitigate the Risk of Social Engineering and BEC Attacks - The Cybersecurity Place

Identity Verification: How to improve digital adoption & trust - Cybersecurity Insiders

Intel, Cisco, VMware also part of big SolarWinds hack, suffered data breach, says report - Business Insider

IoT Cybersecurity Tips for Stay-At-Home Workers - National Cybersecurity News

iPhone Calendar Events spam is back: Here’s how to get rid of it - HackRead

Israeli cyber experts uncover massive attack on 85,000 MySQL servers - The Jerusalem Post

Joker’s Stash Carding Site Taken Down - ThreatPost

Just 8% of Firms Offer Regular Security Training - InfoSecurity Magazine

Microsoft and McAfee headline newly-formed 'Ransomware Task Force' - ZD Net

Microsoft and McAfee wants to kill off ransomware forever - TechRadar Pro

Monitoring Microservices on AWS with Thundra: Part I - Security Boulevard

Operational planning simulation for defense against an attacking drone swarm - Help Net Security

Police Seize VPN Service Beloved by Cyber-criminals - InfoSecurity Magazine

Privacy watchdog releases damning report into massive Desjardins data breach - Finextra News

QNAP fixes high severity QTS, QES, and QuTS hero vulnerabilities - Bleeping Computer

Ransomware attacks a pressing threat to world in 2021 - Tawian News

Ransomware attacks on healthcare, pharma sectors seen rising in 2021 - The Economic Times

Report: 2020 Sees Spikes in Mobility, Fintech Fraud - Security Boulevard

Roanoke College delays spring semester after cyberattack - Bleeping Computer

Safe-Inet, Insorg VPN services shut down by law enforcement - Bleeping Computer

Safeguarding your digital life is critical - Gulf Business

Scam emails which appear to be parcel delivery company DPD which then attempt to steal bank details - The Northern Echo

SolarWinds hackers breached US Treasury officials’ email accounts - Bleeping Computer

Spotify reset passwords following data breach - System Tek

Steps IT pros can take to prioritize interpersonal needs - Help Net Security

Tech Giants Support Facebook in Case Against Spyware Maker - InfoSecurity Magazine

The 4 Key Security Gaps Every Security Team Needs To Close In 2021 - Information Security Buzz

The realities of ransomware: Five signs you’re about to be attacked - Saudi Gazette

Tech Giants Lend WhatsApp Support in Spyware Case Against NSO Group - ThreatPost

Three reasons why context is key to narrowing your attack surface - Help Net Security

Trukno: "On A Mission To Deliver Cyber Intelligence, Not Cyber News" - E Hacking News

TSYS staff in Belfast and Derry told personal data at risk after ransomware attack - The Irish News

Twitter GDPR enforcement dispute resolved by EDPB - Pinsent Masons

Two groups might have breached SolarWinds Orion software- Microsoft - HackRead

Understanding fraud trends during the coronavirus pandemic - Arabian Business Opinion

'Vacina' contra covid-19 é vendida por camelôs no Rio de Janeiro - TecMundo

VMware and Cisco also impacted by the SolarWinds hack - Security Affairs

Zero Trust: Not Just for Humans, but Also Machines - Security Boulevard

Watch out for identity theft this holiday season, experts warn - CBC

What can we learn from the SolarWinds Breach? - Security Boulevard

What is SecOps? Everything you need to know - Search Security Tech Target

What your data security team can expect in 2021: 5 key trends - TechBeacon

Where to Focus Security Resources Mid- and Post-Pandemic - InfoSecurity Magazine

Why insider threat presents a big risk to financial services organisations - Enterprise Times

Why sharing passwords with your partner is a HUGE mistake - Body and Soul

Worldwide new account fraud declined 23.2% in 2020 - Help Net Security


2021 New Year Resolutions for Web Application Security - Security Boulevard

3 most frequent phishing attacks and how to protect against them - Augusta Free Press

5 key Security Tech trends that must be at the heart of every organization’s security strategy - CRN India

5G connections reach 229 million, adoption 4x as fast as LTE - Help Net Security

6 Significant Cloud Security Threats - Security Boulevard

72% Of COVID-19-Related Cyberattacks Take Place Via Spear Phishing: Report - Mashable India

A second hacking group has targeted SolarWinds systems - National Cyber Security News

Addressing the Manufacturing Threat Landscape - InfoSecurity Magazine

As COVID-19 Rages, Intel Invests in Health-Check Kiosk Provider - Security Boulevard

Businesses at risk from holiday shopping cybercrime - Intelligent CIO

Casual Pirate Insistently Targeted by American Filmmaker - TechNadu

Clop ransomware gang paralyzed flavor and fragrance producer Symrise - Security Affairs

Common Security Misconfigurations and Their Consequences - The Hacker News

COVIDSafe Herald update hits app stores as researchers point out unfixed regressions - ZD Net

Critical bugs in Dell Wyse ThinOS allow thin client take over - Bleeping Computer

Crypto wallet data breach compromises hundreds of thousands of users - Techradar Pro

CyberPunk 2077 mobile game found to be malware - Techradar Pro

Cybersecurity: The hidden costs of cybercrime - MSN The Financial Express

Data breaches could become the new PPI in 2021: Clyde & Co’s Seaton Gordon - Reinsurance News

Dating App ‘Bumble’ files IPO, Looking for $6-$8 Billion Valuation – Dating Scams 101 - National Cyber Security

Did ET finally call us? - Hackaday

Disruption in 2020 paves the way for threat actors in 2021 and beyond - Help Net Security

Don't let miscommunication lead to lapses in cybersecurity - Tech Republic

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange hacked, loses 5% of total assets - Bleeping Computer

FBI’s dark web investigations hampered by inefficiencies, overlapping objectives of different units - The Daily Swig

Five ways COVID-19 will change cybersecurity - Help Net Security

Former Zoom PRC liaison wanted on harassment-related charges over disrupting Tienanmen remembrance calls - ZD Net

From BIAS to Sweyntooth: Eight Bluetooth Threats to Network Security - InfoSecurity Magazine

Hacked networks will need to be burned 'down to the ground' - Economic Times Telecom

Healthcare organizations to increase hybrid cloud deployments - Help Net Security

How do I select a data control solution for my business? - Help Net Security

How do we stop cyber weapons from getting out of control? - ZD Net

How to Detect Spyware and Protect Yourself Against It - Hacked

How to Mitigate the Risk of Social Engineering and BEC Attacks - Channel Futures

Huntsville schools: Social Security numbers at risk in ransomware attack - Alabama News

IBM buys cloud managed services provider Nordcloud - ZD Net

Iranian hacker group claims to have penetrated IAI - Israel Hayom

Israeli Cyber Experts Uncover Massive Attack on 85,000 MySQL Servers - The Medialine

‘Ledger’ Customer Database Appeared on ‘RaidForum’ - TechNadu

Ledger User Database Dumped Online, Targeted Phishing Attacks Expected? - Crypto Potato

Major data breaches that happened during the Covid 19 pandemic - Express Computer

Naked Security Live – Watch out for Messenger scams - Sophos

New SUPERNOVA backdoor found in SolarWinds cyberattack analysis - Bleeping Computer

New US Bill Will Punish Foreign Firms’ IP Theft - InfoSecurity Magazine

NSO’s ‘Pegasus’ Deployed Against 36 Journalists in the Middle East - TechNadu

Phishing Campaign Uses New York Department of Labor Logo and Pandemic Aid Info to Steal Private Information - Hot For Security

Phishing scam asking recipients to validate information appears to target TDLR licensees - KBTX-TV

Physical addresses of 270K Ledger owners leaked on hacker forum - Bleeping Computer

Principles of Effective Cybersecurity Wargames - InfoSecurity Magazine

Ransomware evolved: Protecting against exfiltrated data threats - ITP Net

Second hacking team was targeting SolarWinds at time of big breach - ITNews

Shadow IT Adds to Remote Work Security Risks - Security Boulevard

Sniff, there leaks my BitLocker key - F-Secure Labs

SolarWinds/SUNBURST Backdoor, Third-Party and Supply Chain Security - Security Boulevard

Stolen Card Prices Soar 225% in Two Years - InfoSecurity Magazine

Telemed Poll Uncovers Biggest Risks and Best Practices - ThreatPost

The most common banking scams of 2020 - My Broadband

The scariest security horror stories of 2020 - ITPro

Thousands of Student Records Remain Unrecoverable after Baltimore County Public Schools Ransomware Attack - Hot For Security

Today’s Mobile Workforce: Don’t Compromise on Cybersecurity - InfoSecurity Magazine

Trucking giant Forward Air hit by new Hades ransomware gang - Bleeping Computer

Zero-day exploit used to hack iPhones of Al Jazeera employees - Security Affairs

Wonder Woman Forces AT&T & Roku To End Their Petty Squabbles - Techdirt


8 jogos que se passam no Natal [ou quase isso] - tecnoblog - TECNOLOGIA

At Least 200 Victims Identified in Suspected Russian Hacking - Bloomberg

Banks need to carry out phishing exercise regularly to evaluate and correct the glitches - Times Now New

China steals data from Google Servers - Cybersecurity Insiders

Close to 200 organizations allegedly hacked by Russia: cybersecurity firm - MSN

Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Work - Careers in Government

Darlington firm's top three cyber breaches of 2020 - The Northern Echo

Donald Trump downplays 'cyber hack' against US government which also affected UK - Sky News

DVLA warning to drivers over dangerous scams thousands have already fallen for - Liverpol Echo

EFF denounces Facebook’s ‘laughable campaign’ against Apple’s anti-tracking features - National Cyber Security News Today

Flavors designer Symrise halts production after Clop ransomware attack - Bleeping Computer

GenRx Pharmacy reveals data security incident - InfoTechLead

Is Windows Defender Good Enough to Protect Your PC? - Robot Net

Kennesaw strengthens cyber-security software - AJC Atlanta News

Ledger data breach: Hacker leaks stolen database on hacker forum - HackRead

Microsoft discovers SECOND hacking team dubbed 'Supernova' installed backdoor in SolarWinds software in March - as Feds say first Russian 'act of war' cyber attack struck at least 200 firms and US federal agencies - Daily Mail Online News

New Windows 10 tool lets you group your taskbar shortcuts - Bleeping Computer - TECNOLOGIA

Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2021 - About Manchester

Restructuring of networks amid pandemic made India vulnerable to ransomware - Business Standard

Russia’s hacking frenzy is a reckoning - ARS Technica

Shipping Scams Up 440% Amid Record Online Shopping - WebProNews

SolarWinds Hack: Cisco And Equifax Amongst Corporate Giants Finding Malware... But No Sign Of Russian Spies - Forbes

Trezor warns of phishing attack targeting users - Coin Geek

US gives nod to $1.9 bn fund to replace Huawei, ZTE telecom equipment: Report - Hindustan Times