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DAILY NEWS: Abril (23/04 - 29/04) - 17 Semana de 2023

Cyber Security and Information Security News --- Daily Updates !! Weekly Resume


Amnesty International Australia Suffered a Data Breach in December, but Says Everything is Now Fine

ChatGPT is Back in Italy After Addressing Data Privacy Concerns

ChatGPT-4 Phishing Websites and Other Threats

CISA Warns of Critical Flaws in Illumina's DNA Sequencing Instruments

Cyber attack: UPSRTC set to refund tickets booked online

Diocese of Las Vegas impacted by data breach

Five simple ways to avoid cyber financial fraud

Royal Navy investigates after official documents 'found in Wetherspoons'

South Carolina county gov’t hit with ransomware attack

"Tamagotchi dos hackers": desbloqueia celulares, abre carros e muda preços em posto de gasolina; conheça o Flipper Zero

This Simple GMail Scam can Cost You a Lot of Money


3CX data breach shows organizations can’t afford to overlook software supply chain attacks

5 ways threat actors can use ChatGPT to enhance attacks

5G surpasses expectations, becomes a global game-changer

Ahsan Iqbal for prompt measures to evolve effective cyber-security system

American Bar Association’s Data Breach Exposes User Credentials of 1.4 Million Members

Android Apps Fail to Protect User Data During Device Transfer

APAC data centre operators face increasing number of cybersecurity threats

Attention Online Shoppers: Don't Be Fooled by Their Sleek, Modern Looks — It's Magecart!

Bitmarck: Cyber attack on IT service provider of health insurance companies

California Health Plan Reports Data Breach Tied to Fortra GoAnywhere Hack

Capita Confirms Data Stolen in Recent Cyberattack

China presents an ‘unparalleled’ cyber threat, says FBI

CISA warns of critical bugs in Illumina DNA sequencing systems

Cold storage giant Americold outage caused by network breach

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) criticized for allegedly delaying response to a major insider theft incident

Cosmos Bank Cyber Attack – 11 Accused in Cyber Fraud Case

Cyber-attackers are ‘logging in’ instead of breaking in: Report

Cyber insurance cannot replace robust cyber risk management

Cyber Security Headlines: New BellaCiao malware, PaperCut is Clop, Europe tech crackdown

Cybercrime group FIN7 targets Veeam backup servers

Cybersecurity researchers gain control of ESA nanosatellite in an ethical hacking exercise

Cybersecurity Trends in 2023

Data breach could affect up to 100,000 patients at Queensway Carleton Hospital

Data Breach Settlement: Manufacturing Company to Pay $1.75M to Employees

During Eid, Hackers Doubled Down On Phishing Mails In Pakistan

Examining What’s Next After the Briansclub Cyber Attack

Firmware Looms as the Next Frontier for Cybersecurity

First draft of controversial UN Cybercrime Treaty slated for June

From phishing to malware, 7 important cyber security terms everyone should know

Glasgow students warned to stay vigilant over common loan scam - how to avoid them

Global Cyber Attacks Rise by 7% in Q1 2023

Google Bans 173,000 Bad Developers in 2022

Google Dismantles CryptBot Info-stealing Malware Infrastructure That Hacked 670,000 Computers

Google strikes back at CryptBot malware operators with court order

Hackers swap stealth for realistic checkout forms to steal credit cards

Housing association’s surplus hit by contractor failure and cyber attack

How deepfakes ‘hack the humans’ (and corporate networks)

How Managed XDR Is Shaping The Cyber Landscape

How Rubrik Research Quantifies Current Cybersecurity Threats, Preparedness

How to avoid scams stay safe while playing online lottery games

How To Optimize Your Cybersecurity Strategy As An MSP

Improper Hard Drive Disposal Could Be a Million-Dollar Mistake

Incident of the Week: American Bar Association accused of data breach affecting 1.4 million people

Investigation into North Kingstown ransomware attack in full swing

Kaspersky Blocks Over 200M Illegal Crypto Mining: Reports

LockBit Leads as Rampant Ransomware Activity Continues

Lowell city government suffers cyberattack, shuts down computers

Macquarie applaud Australia’s concern for cybersecurity

Man Gets Four Years for Stealing Bitcoins Seized by Feds

Man used brother’s credentials to steal $4.8M seized Bitcoin

Medibank to implement ‘all recommendations’ from Deloitte external review into data breach

Medical notes found lying on a Telford path sparks inquiry

Minecraft Clones with 35 Million Installs Contained Adware

Ministry urges raising alert against cyber attacks during holidays

New Android Malware 'Daam' Discovered: Steals Sensitive Information and Spreads Ransomware

New Atomic macOS Malware Steals Keychain Passwords and Crypto Wallets

New Company Data Breach Timeline Launched: Twitter Is Largest Breach of 2023 So Far

New York AG Releases Data Security Guidelines on Consumer Personal Information Protection

‘Nigeria needs homegrown cyber security solution’

Oklahoma City University data breach potentially compromised data of thousands, class action claims

Ontario casino ransomware attack 'as bad as it gets,' expert says

Password reset woes could cost FTSE 100 companies $156 million each month

Phishing-resistant MFA shapes the future of authentication forms

Polygon-Based Lending Protocol Hacked With Losses in USDC, USDT

Protecting Patient Data: Why Quantum Security is a Must in Health Care

Protecting Patient Privacy: Top 5 AppSec Trends in Healthcare for

Ransomware Attack Disrupts IT Network at Hardenhuish School

Ransomware attacks are up significantly in the first months of 2023

Rapture, a Ransomware Family With Similarities to Paradise

Report Shows Malware Attacks on the Rise in Higher Education

RSA Conference 2023 – ICS/OT Cybersecurity Roundup

RTM Locker Ransomware Variant Targeting ESXi Servers

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department yet to recover from weeks-old malware attack

Some of April’s most active scams have included taxes and Mother’s Day

Stem the scams: Beware the bots to avoid being distraught

Streaming platform Kodi discloses data breach

Texas bank breach exposed thousands of Social Security numbers

The double-edged sword of generative AI

‘The more vulnerable you are the more likely of cyber attack’

The Real Threats and Opportunities of ChatGPT

There’s no such thing as Russian hacktivism, according to Ukraine official

Tonto Team Uses Anti-Malware File to Launch Attacks on South Korean Institutions

Top 5 Security Breaches

Tucson Unified School District’s Cyber Shutdown: District will need help, and millions of dollars, to rebound from ransomware attack

UnitedHealthcare warns members' information was exposed in data breach

ViperSoftX InfoStealer Adopts Sophisticated Techniques to Avoid Detection

Zyxel Firewall Devices Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution Attacks — Patch Now

Walmart, Amazon, Netflix, and MetaMask — Top Scams and Phishing Attempts This Week

What Happens to Your Data When You Die?

What Is Doxing?

What is Wiper Malware?

Why Your Detection-First Security Approach Isn't Working


5 most dangerous new attack techniques

9 Security Functions Your Organization Should Automate

46 percent of organizations faced synthetic identity fraud in 2022

A '!password20231#' password may not be as complex as you think

APT Groups Expand Reach to New Industries and Geographies

BlackBerry’s Cybersecurity Solutions Portfolio

Buyers Beware: Cybercriminals Target Your Online Credentials

Chinese hackers launch Linux variant of PingPull malware

Chinese influencing operations are on the rise, according to new report

CISOs struggle to manage risk due to DevSecOps inefficiencies

Clop and LockBit ransomware gangs behind PaperCut attacks, states Microsoft

Cost-of-living crisis may fuel rise in cyber crimes

CryptoRom: OkCupid scam cost Florida man $480k – we followed the money to Binance

Cybersecurity as a job-creator in the world of technology jobs

Drones will deliver medical supplies through this pioneering 5G service

eBook: Security Compliance for CISOs

Europa aprova criação de Lei de Solidariedade Cibernética

Generative AI and security: Balancing performance and risk

GitHub introduces private vulnerability reporting for open source repositories

Google Ads data: $4M stolen through crypto phishing URLs

Google banned 173K developer accounts to block malware, fraud rings

Google Gets Court Order to Take Down CryptBot That Infected Over 670,000 Computers

Google Goes After CryptBot Distributors

Hardenhuish School cyber attack update after IT hackers demand ransom

Hardenhuish School in Chippenham hit by cyber attack

How Companies Can Ace Cybersecurity Training

How Much is In-House PKI Management Truly Costing You?

How-To Guide to Help Strengthen Security Culture

Huawei promotes industry-wide collaboration and shared responsibility for cybersecurity

IIT-Kanpur launches cybersecurity skilling programme

Iranian Charming Kitten APT used a new BellaCiao malware in recent wave of attacks

(ISC)2 Urges Countries to Strengthen Collaboration on Cybersecurity Regulation

LimeRAT Malware Analysis: Extracting the Config

Linux version of RTM Locker ransomware targets VMware ESXi servers

Man Arrested for Selling Data on 300 Million Victims to Russians

Microsoft Blames Clop Affiliate for PaperCut Attacks

Microsoft Confirms PaperCut Servers Used to Deliver LockBit and Cl0p Ransomware

Microsoft fixes Outlook issue blocking access to emails, calendars

Microsoft: Windows 10 22H2 is the final version of Windows 10

New Atomic macOS info-stealing malware targets 50 crypto wallets

NordLocker Report: A new scary ransomware group is on the rise

Paperbug Attack: New Politically-Motivated Surveillance Campaign in Tajikistan

PaperCut vulnerabilities leveraged by Clop, LockBit ransomware affiliates

PhoneSploit-Pro - An All-In-One Hacking Tool To Remotely Exploit Android Devices Using ADB And Metasploit-Framework To Get A Meterpreter Session

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

RSAC: Cyber-Attacks on Civilian Infrastructure Should Be War Crimes, says Ukraine Official

RSAC: Experts Urge Applying Lessons Learned from Russia-Ukraine Cyberwar to Potential China-Taiwan Scenario

RSAC: Securing Software Supply Chains Requires Outside-the-Box Thinking

RTM Locker's First Linux Ransomware Strain Targeting NAS and ESXi Hosts

RTM Locker Ransomware Targets Linux Architecture

Second data breach probe in a month after sensitive medical notes found dumped in Telford by jogger

SLP Protocol Vulnerability Lets Attackers Launch Powerful 2,200x DDoS Attack

So long & thanks for all the phish: cybersecurity accelerator CyRise calls it quits

Supreme Court to Address Online Threats to Celebrities

The Expert View: In cyber-security, prevention is better than cure

The Top C++ Security Vulnerabilities and How to Mitigate Them

The true numbers behind deepfake fraud

VC Expert: Cybersecurity Industry Is Ready for New Players

Vietnamese Hackers Linked to 'Malverposting' Campaign

Were you caught up in the latest data breach? Here's how to find out

Why European Space Cybersecurity Matters

Why juice jacking is overhyped

Why Russia's cyber arms transfers are poor threat predictors


34% dos CEOs pagariam o resgate aos cibercriminosos para liberar sistemas e devolver dados

A Cyberattack Forced a Logistics Company to Temporarily Halt Operations

AaDya, a cybersecurity startup for small and midsized businesses, raises $5M

Advanced Cars May Face Greater Risk Of Hacking, Cybersecurity Experts Warn

Apache Superset Vulnerability: Insecure Default Configuration Exposes Servers to RCE Attacks

Are you ready for PCI DSS 4.0?

Arma dos MSPs na guerra contra o cibercrime: Recuperação Cibernética como Serviço

Black Basta ransomware group claims cyber attack on Yellow Pages Canada, leaks stolen data online

Browser Security Survey: 87% of SaaS Adopters Exposed to Browser-borne Attacks

Celebrity hacker revela cracker de senha em 24 placas GeForce RTX 4090

Chinese hackers use new Linux malware variants for espionage

Chinese Hackers Using MgBot Malware to Target International NGOs in Mainland China

CISOs: unsupported, unheard, and invisible

City council staff praised for passion and commitment after cyber attack

Conference reviews implementation of national cyber security and safety strategy

Corporate boards pressure CISOs to step up risk mitigation efforts

CPUs Intel estão vulneráveis a novo tipo de ataque cibernético

Cyber attacks on Latvian public sector quadrupled last year

Cyber security and analytics propel jobs boost in Scotland’s tech sector

Cybersecurity And The Human Factor: What Is Each Employee's Role?

Cybersecurity: Burnout Rampant as Over 50% Threaten to Leave Industry

Cybersecurity in France: Recen