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NEWS: Julho (04/07 - 10/07) - 27 Semana de 2021

Cyber Security News !!!!


Beware: Hacked verified Twitter accounts of journalists used for phishing attacks on others, several become victims - OPIndia

Biden asks Putin to crack down on Russian-based ransomware gangs - Bleeping Computer

Biden urges Russia to act against ransomware attacks - Daiji World

"Cyber disruption" stops websites of Iranian ministry - Devdiscourse

Interpol Calls For New Ransomware Mitigation Strategy - BankInfoSecurity

Iran Says Transportation Ministry Hit By Cyberattack - Radio Free Europe

Kaseya warns customers of ongoing malspam campaign posing as security updates - Security Affairs

Mint Mobile hit by a data breach after numbers ported, data accessed - Bleeping Computer

Ransomware rattles cyber insurance market - Fox Business

Who Will Insure the Cyber Insurers? - The Fintech Times


85% of organizations are yet to hit the cloud native technologies adoption milestone - Help Net Security

Bug bounties: Here's how much Microsoft paid out to security researchers last year - ZDNet

Cisco fixes High Severity issue in BPA and WSA - Security Affairs

Colorado becomes latest state to pass data privacy law - ZDNet

Cryptomining Scam Apps, ‘Stealer’ Trojans Culled from Google Play - Security Boulevard

Critical Flaws Reported in Philips Vue PACS Medical Imaging Systems - The Hacker News

Critical infrastructure Bill has a government 'step in' powers labelling problem - ZDNet

File security violations within organizations have spiked 134% as the world reopened for business - Help Net Security

Fraudulent content has a direct impact on consumer loyalty - Help Net Security

Hackers use a new technique in phishing attacks to disable Macro security warnings in weaponized docs - Security Affairs

Insurance firm CNA discloses data breach after March ransomware attack - Security Affairs

Kaseya warns of phishing campaign pushing fake security updates - Bleeping Computer

Magecart Hackers Hide Stolen Credit Card Data Into Images for Evasive Exfiltration - The Hacker News

Microsoft: PrintNightmare security updates work, start patching! - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft says that the emergency patch recently released correctly fix the PrintNightmare flaw - Security Affairs

New SaaS Security Report Dives into the Concerns and Plans of CISOs in 2021 - The Hacker News

Ransomware: Banning victims from paying ransoms might reduce attacks, but it won't stop them - ZDNet

Scam artists exploit Kaseya security woes to deploy malware - ZDNet

Texas resident jailed for role in $2.2 million romance, business email scams - ZDNet

The Chris Krebs case for including election systems as critical infrastructure - ZDNet

These phishing emails want to deliver password-stealing malware to energy companies and their suppliers - ZDNet

Three security lessons from a year of crisis - Help Net Security

What you need to know about transatlantic data transfers - Help Net Security


3 tips for balancing data security and usability - Help Net Security

80% of Firms That Paid Off Ransomware Attack Suffered Another [Report] - Thomas

A Growing Dilemma: Whether to Pay Ransomware Hackers - VOA News

Air India Sued With Rs 30 Lakh Lawsuit Over Data Breach Of 45 Lakh Passengers - The Interview Times

Attacks on Kaseya Servers Led to Ransomware in Less Than 2 Hours - Dark Reading

Consumers trust organizations less after receiving scam messages claiming to represent them - Help Net Security

Everything to know about REvil, the group behind a big ransomware spree - Fortune

Hackers Use New Trick to Disable Macro Security Warnings in Malicious Office Files - The Hacker News

How health tech can secure patient data post-CURES Act - Help Net Security

Latest ransomware attack prompts cybersecurity questions - Insurance Business

Logistics and utilities providers agree to help from ASD in the event of a cyber incident - ZDNet

Most disaster recovery solutions are not tested on a regular basis - Help Net Security

NSW Department of Education struck by cyber attack - ZDNet

Security vendors weigh in as fallout of Kaseya cyber attack continues - IT Brief Australia

Singapore sees spikes in ransomware, botnet attacks - ZDNet

What are the traits of individuals more likely to demonstrate trolling behaviors? - Help Net Security


China reportedly warns local tech companies of increased cybersecurity oversight - ZDNet

CISA Warns About Easily Exploitable RCE Flaws on Philips Vue PACS - TechNadu

Cloud Cryptomining Swindle in Google Play Rakes in Cash - Threathpost

Critical infrastructure cyberattacks signaling the importance of prioritizing security - Help Net Security

Dozens of Vulnerable NuGet Packages Allow Attackers to Target .NET Platform - The Hacker News

Hacker leaks info of pro-Trump GETTR members online - Security Affairs

How to stop accruing technical debt and reduce cybersecurity risks - TechRepublic

Identity management and zero trust: Where to get started - Help Net Security

Install immediately: Microsoft delivers emergency patch for PrintNightmare security bug - ZDNet

Ivacy VPN + TechNadu Present the ‘Deal of the Year’ – Save Up to 87% on a 5-Year VPN Plan! - TechNadu

Kaspersky Password Manager caught out making easily bruteforced passwords - ZDNet

Kaspersky Password Manager Was Generating Easily Guessable Passwords - TechNadu

Kremlin Hackers Reportedly Breached Republican National Committee - InfoSecurity

Microsoft's incomplete PrintNightmare patch fails to fix vulnerability - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft issues emergency patch to fix PrintNightmare vulnerability - HackRead

Microsoft: PrintNightmare now patched on all Windows versions - Bleeping Computer

Microsoft rolled out emergency update for Windows PrintNightmare zero-day - Security Affairs

Not like TV: Unisys on convincing the masses biometrics isn't about surveillance - ZDNet

Online brands prioritizing speed over security - Help Net Security

Over 170 Scam Cryptomining Apps Charge for Non-Existent Services - InfoSecurity

Ransomware: US warns Russia to take action after latest attacks - ZDNet

Researchers uncovered the network infrastructure of REVil – The notorious ransomware group that hit Kaseya - Security Affairs

Should Kaseya pay REvil ransom? Experts are torn - ZDNet

SideCopy cybercriminals use new custom Trojans in attacks against India's military - ZDNet

‘’ Targeted by ACE in a New Round of Seizures - TechNadu

Suspected hacker Dr HeX arrested over cybercrime, bank fraud impacting thousands - ZDNet

Tens of thousands scammed using fake Android cryptomining apps - Bleeping Computer

The Rise of Initial Access Brokers - InfoSecurity

This serious Wi-Fi bug can break your iPhone, but here's how to protect yourself - ZDNet

Tor Browser adds new anti-censorship feature, V2 onion warnings - Bleeping Computer

UK Information Commissioner launches probe into private email use at Department of Health - ZDNet

US: We May Take Unilateral Action Against Russian Cyber-Criminals - InfoSecurity

What are the most common cybersecurity challenges SMEs face today? - Help Net Security

White House urges mayors to meet with state cybersecurity officials on ransomware - ZDNet

White House urges mayors to review local govts’ cybersecurity posture - Bleeping Computer

WildPressure APT Emerges With New Malware Targeting Windows and macOS - The Hacker News


1M ransomware attacks, hackers demand $70M - The Siasat Daily

BA Settles with Data Breach Victims - InfoSecurity

Buyer’s guide: Questions to ask when evaluating third-party security management platforms - Help Net Security

Cyber insurance failing to live up to expectations - Help Net Security

Cybersecurity posture confidence high, yet incidents are increasing too - Help Net Security

FBI seeks info on compromised systems after ransomware supply chain attack - Fox29

Hacker’s Mom Puts End to 10-Month Cyber-bullying Campaign - InfoSecurity

How can a business ensure the security of their supply chain? - Help Net Security

How do I select a mobile threat defense solution for my business? - Help Net Security

How to improve your organization’s Active Directory security posture - Help Net Security

Interpol Arrests Moroccan Hacker Engaged in Nefarious Cyber Activities - The Hacker News

Japan Looks to Boost Military Cyber Experts Amid Security Threat - InfoSecurity

Japan to bolster national cybersecurity defence with 800 new hires: Report - ZDNet

Kaseya hack floods hundreds of companies with ransomware - Tech Crunch

Kaseya ransomware supply chain attack: What you need to know - ZDNet

Kaseya Rules Out Supply-Chain Attack; Says VSA 0-Day Hit Its Customers Directly - The Hacker News

Kaseya: Up to 1,500 Organizations Hit in Ransomware Attack - Gov Info Security

Official Formula 1 App Hacked - InfoSecurity

Operation Lyrebird: Group-IB assists INTERPOL in identifying suspect behind numerous cybercrimes worldwide - Security Affairs

QNAP addressed a critical flaw that allows compromising NAS devices - Security Affairs

Ransomware hackers lower demand to $US50m - Camden Advertiser

Reaction to Social Engineering Indicative of Cybersecurity Culture - Security Boulevard

REvil Group Demands $70 Million for 'Universal Decryptor' - InfoSecurity

SonicWall addresses critical CVE-2021-20026 flaw in NSM devices - Security Affairs

South Korea: More ransomware attacks reported this year - The Korea Times

Suspected Cyber-Criminal "Dr Hex" Tracked Down Via Phishing Kit - InfoSecurity

Tech Giants Threaten to Leave Hong Kong Over New Privacy Law - TechNadu

White House reaching out with assistance to latest ransomware victims - The Fiji Times

Windows 11 upgrades: Why security is going to be the key driver - ZDNet


$70 Million Demanded As REvil Ransomware Attackers Claim 1 Million Systems Hit - Forbes

App Stores Remove Ride-Hailing Giant Didi Chuxing - InfoSecurity

Attackers strike with another supply chain ransomware attack - IT Online

Australia: Many farmers unprepared for cyber attacks - Camden Haven Courier

Bitcoin cyber attacks surge following rising demand and increasing price of bitcoin - Help Net Security

British firms were among millions targeted by Russian hackers REvil who are demanding $70MILLION ransom, experts confirm as the UK government launches an investigation into biggest global ransomware attack on RECORD - Daily Mail Online

CISA, FBI share guidance for victims of Kaseya ransomware attack - Bleeping Computer

Didi barred from China appstores amidst government cybersecurity review - ZDNet

Gang behind huge cyber-attack demands $70m in Bitcoin - BBC News

Hackers ‘demand US$70 million’ after mass ransomware attack - South China Morning Post

Hackers exigem US$ 70 milhões para liberar dados após ciberataque a empresa nos EUA - G1

HCL and Fiskars Group announce a strategic partnership for digital transformation - Express Computer

Healthcare Ransomware Attack Targets Practice Management Vendor - Health IT Security

In private conversation, hackers behind ransomware outbreak lower demand to $50 mln - Reuters

Kaseya ransomware attack: US launches investigation as gang demands giant $70 million payment - ZDNet

Kaseya ransomware supply chain attack: What you need to know - ZDNet

Kaseya Was Working on Patches Before Ransomware Attack - Data Breach Today

Organizations increasingly reluctant to pay ransomware demands - Help Net Security

Platform or roaming FIDO2 authenticators: Which one is right for your workforce? - Help Net Security

QNAP fixes critical bug in NAS backup, disaster recovery app - Bleeping Computer

Ransomware Group REvil Strikes Again, Demands $70M in Bitcoin From 200 US Firms - Coindesk

REvil ransomware asks $70 million to decrypt all Kaseya attack victims - Bleeping Computer

Russian-speaking hackers claim major ransomware attack which has hit hundreds of US companies - Sky News

Scale, details of massive ransomware attack emerge - Jamaica Observer

TrickBot Botnet Found Deploying A New Ransomware Called Diavol - The Hacker News

US Spy Agencies Investigate Kaseya Supply Chain Attack - InfoSecurity

US water company WSSC Water hit by a ransomware attack - Security Affairs


9 apps with 6M installs stole Facebook logins of Android users - HackRead

Barracuda adquire Skout Cybersecurity - CISO Advisor

Biden Orders Investigation of Kaseya Ransomware Attack - Data Breach Today

Biden orders probe of latest ransomware attack - Reuters

Congressman Eric Swalwell Raises Alarm Over Crypto's Role in Ransomware Attacks - U Today

Coop supermarket closes hundreds of stores after Kaseya supply chain ransomware attack - Security Affairs

Cyber ​​Center warns of massive ransomware attack - The Press Stories

Hackers spread backdoor after compromising the Mongolian CA MonPass - Security Affairs

Kaseya estava corrigindo zero day usado no ataque - CISO Advisor

Kaseya Ransomware: 'Largest Attack I've Witnessed So Far' - Data Breach Today

Kaseya VSA ransomware attack: Biden orders probe - RNZ

Kaseya was fixing zero-day just as REvil ransomware sprung their attack - Bleeping Computer

Major ransomware attack against U.S. tech provider forces Swedish store closures - Reuters

Massive ransomware attack potentially hit 1,000 businesses in US, Europe - I24 News

Microsoft Urges Azure Users to Update PowerShell to Patch RCE Flaw - The Hacker News

Possibly hundreds of IT company clients affected by international cyberattack - NL Times

Ransomware attack during holiday weekend could impact thousands - Fox 26 News

REvil gang exploited a zero-day in the Kaseya supply chain attack - Security Affairs

REvil is increasing ransoms for Kaseya ransomware attack victims - Bleeping Computer

Russian ransomware attack under way, Centre for Cybersecurity warns - The Brussels Times

WEC: No data compromised in ransomware attack - News 4

NEWS: Junho/Julho (27/06 - 03/07) - 26 Semana de 2021